Why Does My Geek Bar Pulse Taste Burnt and How to Solve?

Geek Bar Pulse burnt taste

The Geek Bar Pulse has become a popular choice among vapers, offering a convenient and enjoyable vaping experience. However, many users have encountered the frustrating issue of a burnt taste while using their device. This unpleasant flavor can quickly ruin an otherwise satisfying vaping session, leaving users wondering what caused the problem and how to resolve it. This comprehensive guide aims to provide a thorough understanding of the various factors that contribute to a burnt taste in the Geek Bar Pulse and offer practical solutions to help users get their device back to delivering the smooth, flavorful hits they crave.

Causes of Burnt Taste in Geek Bar Pulse

1. Overuse and Overheating

One of the most common reasons for a burnt taste in the Geek Bar Pulse is overuse, which can cause the coil inside the device to overheat. Much like leaving a toaster on for too long results in burnt toast, an overheated coil can scorch the vape juice, resulting in an unpleasant burnt flavor.

2. Poor Quality Vape Juice

The quality of the e-liquid used plays a crucial role in the overall vaping experience. Low-grade or expired vape juices can contain impurities or contaminants that burn unevenly, leading to a burnt taste. Using high-quality, fresh e-liquid from reputable brands is essential for maintaining a pleasant flavor profile.

Poor Quality Vape Juice

3. Incorrect Inhalation Technique

The way a user inhales can also contribute to a burnt taste in the Geek Bar Pulse. Taking excessively forceful or frequent puffs can flood the coil with more vape juice than it can effectively vaporize, causing the excess liquid to burn. Users should practice taking slower, gentler puffs to avoid overloading the coil and producing a burnt flavor.

4. Coil Material Issues

The quality and condition of the coil material inside the Geek Bar Pulse can significantly impact the device’s performance. Low-quality or damaged coil materials may not heat evenly, creating hot spots that burn the e-liquid and produce a disagreeable taste. Using devices with high-quality coils and replacing them when necessary can help prevent this issue.

5. Overcharging and Battery Issues

Leaving the Geek Bar Pulse charging beyond the recommended time, especially for extended periods, can lead to overheating of the battery and, subsequently, the coil. This excess heat can cause the vape juice to vaporize unevenly, resulting in a burnt taste. Users should follow the manufacturer’s charging guidelines and avoid overcharging their devices to prevent this problem.

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6. High Frequency of Use

Using the Geek Bar Pulse excessively within a short timeframe can strain the coil, causing it to heat up rapidly and repeatedly. This constant heating can degrade the coil’s performance, leading to a burnt taste. Taking short breaks between vaping sessions can help prevent overheating and extend the coil’s lifespan.

7. High Ambient Temperature

Vaping in warm environments can exacerbate heating issues, as the high surrounding temperatures place an additional burden on the coil. Using the Geek Bar Pulse in these conditions can lead to quicker burnout and a burnt taste. It’s best to avoid vaping in excessively hot environments to minimize this risk.

8. Improper Storage

Storing the Geek Bar Pulse in unfavorable conditions, such as in direct sunlight or excessively warm areas, can cause the vape juice to thin out or the coil to degrade prematurely. This can result in uneven vaporization and a burnt flavor when the device is used. Users should store their devices in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

9. Clogged Airflow

Blockages or restrictions in the airflow vents of the Geek Bar Pulse can hinder the device’s performance. Without proper airflow, the coil may not cool down sufficiently, leading to overheating and a burnt taste. Regularly checking and cleaning the airflow vents can help prevent this issue.

10. Counterfeit Products

The market is unfortunately flooded with counterfeit or fake Geek Bar Pulse products. These knockoffs may use subpar materials or poor construction, which can cause issues like overheating coils or inadequate performance, resulting in a burnt taste and other problems. Users should always purchase their devices from authorized retailers to ensure they receive genuine, high-quality products.

Geek Bar Pulse Vape

Solutions to Fix Burnt Taste in Geek Bar Pulse

Now that the various causes of a burnt taste in the Geek Bar Pulse have been explored, it’s time to delve into the practical solutions that can help users get their device back to delivering the smooth, flavorful hits they enjoy.

1. Clean the Device

Over time, vaping devices can accumulate gunk and impurities that affect the overall flavor. To clean the Geek Bar Pulse, users should start by disassembling the device, removing the mouthpiece and cartridge. Using a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol, they can wipe down the interior, focusing on areas where residue tends to collect. Rinsing the mouthpiece and cartridge under warm water and allowing them to air dry completely before reassembling the device is also recommended. Regular cleaning helps maintain the Geek Bar Pulse’s performance and flavor.

2. Adjust Vaping Habits

If a user is experiencing a burnt taste, it may be a sign that they are vaping too aggressively. Taking slower, gentler puffs when using the Geek Bar Pulse can help alleviate this issue. Avoiding chain vaping, which can cause the coil to overheat and produce a burnt flavor, is also crucial. Taking short breaks between puffs can help prevent overheating and prolong the life of the coil. By adjusting their vaping habits, users can reduce the risk of experiencing burnt flavors.

3. Check Vape Juice Quality

The quality of the vape juice can significantly impact the flavor users experience. Always checking the expiration date and ensuring that the juice comes from a reputable brand is essential. Low-quality or expired juices can produce off-flavors and contribute to a burnt taste. If users suspect their juice is the culprit, switching to a fresh bottle from a trusted supplier is recommended.

4. Proper Charging

Overcharging the Geek Bar Pulse can lead to overheating, which can affect the flavor. Following the manufacturer’s charging recommendations, using the provided cable, and a stable power source is crucial. Once the device is fully charged, users should disconnect it to prevent overcharging. Properly charging the Geek Bar Pulse helps maintain optimal performance and flavor.

Best Geek Bar Pulse Flavors

5. Adjust Environmental Conditions

The Geek Bar Pulse performs best in ideal temperatures. Extreme heat or cold can cause the coil to burn, resulting in an unpleasant taste. To ensure the best results, users should keep their devices away from direct sunlight and other heat sources.

6. Purchase Authentic Products

Official Geek Bar products meet strict quality standards, while counterfeits often fall short. To ensure a reliable and consistent vaping experience, users should always purchase authentic devices directly from Geek Bar or licensed sellers.

7. Switch to Regular Mode

If users are experiencing a burnt taste while using the Pulse mode on their Geek Bar, switching to Regular mode may help. The high power output in Pulse mode can cause the coil to overheat, leading to charred flavors. Selecting Regular mode reduces the power output, helping to prevent burnt tastes while still delivering a satisfying vaping experience.

How to Identify a Burnt Geek Bar Pulse

If users suspect their Geek Bar Pulse is burnt, there are several signs to look out for:

  1. Harsh, Unpleasant Taste: A burnt coil often produces a harsh, bitter, or acrid flavor that lingers in the mouth.
  2. Decreased Vapor Production: A significant decrease in vapor output or thin, wispy vapor may indicate a burnt coil.
  3. Lingering Burnt Smell: A burnt coil can leave a persistent burnt odor, even when the device is not actively being used.
  4. Harsh Throat Hit: A burnt coil can cause a harsh, uncomfortable sensation in the throat when inhaling.

If users experience any of these signs, it’s essential to address the issue promptly to prevent further damage to the device and ensure an enjoyable vaping experience.

Safety Concerns and Precautions

Is It Safe to Vape a Burnt Geek Bar Pulse?

No, it is not safe to continue vaping with a burnt coil in the Geek Bar Pulse. Burning can release harmful chemicals and toxins into the vapor that users inhale. Additionally, dry hits can irritate the throat and lungs, causing discomfort and potential health risks. If a burnt taste is detected or any of the signs mentioned above are experienced, it’s crucial to replace the coil or the entire vape unit immediately.

How Dangerous Is a Disposable Vape with a Burnt Taste?

A disposable vape with a burnt taste can be potentially hazardous to a user’s health. When the coil burns, it releases harmful chemicals and toxins into the vapor that is inhaled, which can irritate the throat and lungs and pose various health risks. Moreover, vaping with a burnt coil can lead to dry hits, which can cause significant discomfort and damage to the respiratory system.

Continuing to use a disposable vape with a burnt taste may also indicate underlying issues with the device, such as overheating or malfunctioning components, which can increase the risk of accidents like battery explosions or device failures.

While a burnt taste may not always result in immediate harm, it’s essential to address the problem promptly to ensure a safer vaping experience and prevent potential health risks.

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Fixing Burnt Taste in Different Vape Devices

Disposable Vapes

  • Replace the disposable vape with a new one to ensure a fresh coil and better taste.
  • Take moderate, gentle puffs to avoid overheating the coil and extend its lifespan.
  • Avoid chain vaping, as it can cause the coil to overheat and produce a burnt flavor.
  • Store disposable vapes upright to prevent leaks and maintain proper coil saturation.

Pod Kits

  • Replace the pod with a new one, if possible, as worn-out coils in old pods can cause issues.
  • Clean the pod and coil with warm water and mild soap to remove residue buildup.
  • Check e-liquid levels frequently to avoid vaping with low levels, which can lead to dry hits.
  • Avoid exposing the pod to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures, as this can affect e-liquid viscosity and cause burnt flavors.
  • Allow the pod to sit for a few minutes after refilling with vape juice to ensure proper wicking and coil saturation.

Mod Kits

  • Replace the coil with a new one to eliminate any burnt residue buildup and restore flavor.
  • Lower the wattage or temperature settings on the mod to reduce power output and prevent coil overheating.
  • Clean the tank and coil with warm water and a soft brush to remove any accumulated residue or impurities.
  • Use high-quality vape juice with the appropriate VG/PG ratio for the coil to ensure optimal wicking and flavor.
  • Allow the coil to soak in vape juice for 10-15 minutes before vaping to ensure proper saturation and prevent dry hits.


Experiencing a burnt taste in the Geek Bar Pulse can be frustrating, but with the right knowledge and techniques, users can easily resolve this issue and get back to enjoying smooth, flavorful vaping. By understanding the various causes of burnt taste, such as overuse, poor quality e-liquid, incorrect inhalation technique, and device maintenance issues, users can take proactive steps to prevent and address the problem.

Regularly cleaning the device, adjusting vaping habits, using high-quality vape juice, and properly charging and storing the Geek Bar Pulse can go a long way in ensuring a consistently enjoyable vaping experience. If a burnt taste is encountered, following the solutions outlined in this guide, such as replacing the coil, switching to Regular mode, or purchasing authentic products, can help users get their device back in top shape.

Taking good care of the Geek Bar Pulse and being mindful of vaping practices are key to avoiding burnt tastes and maximizing the device’s performance. By applying the knowledge and tips shared in this comprehensive guide, users can confidently tackle any burnt taste issues and continue to enjoy the smooth, flavorful vaping experience they desire.

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