Geek Bar Pulse vs RAZ TN9000: Ultimate Disposable Vape Comparison

RAZ TN9000 vs Geek Bar Pulse

In the world of disposable vapes, two devices have risen to the top, captivating adult vapers worldwide: the Geek Bar Pulse and the RAZ TN9000. While they share similarities in their sleek designs and impressive performance, they also boast unique features that set them apart. In this comprehensive comparison, we’ll dive deep into the specifications, capabilities, and flavor profiles of these two vaping juggernauts to help you determine which one best suits your preferences and needs.

Geek Bar Pulse and RAZ TN9000: An Overview

At first glance, the Geek Bar Pulse and RAZ TN9000 look quite similar, with their stylish designs, bright screens, and airflow switches at the bottom. They are roughly the same size and have a very similar form factor, with the RAZ TN9000 being only slightly larger by a matter of millimeters.

However, under the hood, the Geek Bar Pulse seems to have the edge. It has a larger e-liquid capacity and two distinct power modes. In comparison, the RAZ TN9000’s display is smaller and contains less information. It also has a slightly lower e-liquid capacity and estimated puff count.

But what matters most is the flavor. And it is in this area that the RAZ TN9000 has built quite a following among adult vapers.

Geek Bar Pulse vs RAZ TN9000: A Detailed Comparison


LED Display Comparison

The Geek Bar Pulse’s display is a picture of simplicity, even with a rocket ship graphic in Pulse Mode. All necessary information is clearly visible, with e-liquid and battery levels displayed as percentages.

In contrast, the RAZ TN9000’s display, while only slightly smaller despite the large and clear shell on the front, uses graphic representations for e-liquid and battery levels. The battery life is measured in ten partitions, and the e-liquid in six.

After extended use, the accuracy of the two displays seemed similar. However, the Geek Bar Pulse pulls ahead in animations. After taking a puff, the RAZ TN9000 displays graphics for a couple of seconds, while the Geek Bar continuously shows vital e-liquid and battery life numbers, with the rocket ship graphic confined to the middle of the screen.

Geek Bar Pulse vs RAZ TN9000 Display Screen

Winner: Geek Bar Pulse

Vaping Modes Comparison

The Geek Bar Pulse absolutely shines in Pulse Mode, but it might be a bit too intense for many vapers. While 20 watts is not over the top, it’s still a significant increase from the typical 10-watt output of disposable vapes.

Standard Mode is a more traditional setting. The coil in the Geek Bar Pulse is designed to deliver great flavor and vapor even when e-liquid and battery levels are low. In Standard Mode, you’ll reach this point in about half the time since it runs at half the power. This also means that the lower-powered RAZ TN9000 will have more endurance than a Geek Bar Pulse in Pulse Mode, especially considering the identical battery capacities.

The RAZ TN9000 doesn’t have mode switching, but it does offer three airflow settings and a standard mesh coil. And this mesh coil is truly exceptional, providing pristine and amazing flavor. If you’re not interested in taking direct-lung hits of 5% nicotine salts, the performance difference between these two devices isn’t as significant as it might seem.

Winner: Geek Bar Pulse

Airflow Control Comparison

The Geek Bar Pulse has two airflow settings, but they are directly linked to Pulse and Standard Mode. If you want the most open airflow, you’re stuck vaping at 20 watts. If you prefer a tighter draw, Standard Mode is your only option.

The RAZ TN9000, while offering only one power mode, has three airflow settings. When fully closed, it provides a pleasant, restricted draw that the Geek Bar Pulse can’t achieve without manually blocking the airflow. The middle airflow setting strikes a great balance between flavor and vapor. When wide open, the draw is smooth enough to produce a deceptively large cloud, almost making you forget about the Geek Bar’s Pulse Mode.

Geek Bar Pulse vs RAZ TN9000 Airflow Control

Winner: RAZ TN9000

Performance and Puff Count Comparison

On paper, the Geek Bar Pulse outperforms the RAZ TN9000 in terms of longevity and puff count. It holds an additional 4ml of nicotine salts. However, due to the identical battery capacities, the Geek Bar Pulse won’t have a significantly longer battery life between charges. Using Pulse Mode will drain the battery faster while producing larger vapor clouds.

The Geek Bar Pulse’s longevity edge in real-world use doesn’t seem to be as substantial as the specifications suggest. Standard Mode is rated at 15,000 puffs, Pulse Mode at 7,500 puffs, and the RAZ TN9000 at 9,000 puffs. The gap in this category is smaller than it appears on paper, but the Geek Bar Pulse still has the advantage.

Winner: Geek Bar Pulse

Flavor Comparison

This is a tricky aspect to compare, as the flavors in modern disposable vapes are very bold and distinct, and personal taste plays a significant role. There is also considerable flavor overlap among most disposable vape lineups.


The Geek Bar Pulse has the most unfortunately named disposable vape flavor ever. They decided to name a line of their disposables after the zodiac signs but forgot to skip Cancer. As a result, we have the “Cancer” Geek Bar Pulse. Yes, the device clearly says “Cancer” on it. (Note: In English, “Cancer” refers to both the zodiac sign and the disease.)

But let’s move on to what really matters. The Geek Bar Pulse has an impressive flavor lineup, offering not only the basic mint, blue razz, strawberry banana, mango, and watermelon ice flavors but also a variety of sour fruit candy and beverage-inspired options. They even have a flavor called “Fcucking Fab” Geek Bar Pulse.

Geek Bar focuses on fruit and beverage flavors, which is precisely what adults crave. They’ve put a lot of effort into satisfying the market’s demands. Each product is packed with sweetness. It’s challenging to find bottled nicotine salts that match the punchiness of a high-quality disposable vape’s flavor. Geek Bar never disappoints in this regard. Notably, they’ve introduced a series of “sour pop” flavored disposable vapes that nostalgic candy lovers will surely adore.

Geek Bar Pulse vs RAZ TN9000 Flavors


While the RAZ TN9000 doesn’t have a “Cancer” flavor, it competes in other ways. The RAZ TN9000 flavors have utterly puzzling names, but they taste amazing.

The RAZ TN9000 Dream Edition offers the following flavors:

  • Ruby: Mixed Fruit Ice
  • Violet: Grape Fusion
  • Vicky: Pink Lemonade
  • Tiffany: Kiwi Watermelon

These are all top-notch flavors. Ruby is one of the sweetest and most refreshing disposable vape flavors on the market today. But where the RAZ TN9000 really shines is in its classic flavors.

If you’re an adult vaper with specific flavor preferences, the RAZ TN9000 likely has you covered. It offers a rich and comprehensive list of disposable vapes, covering nearly all the popular flavors in the vaping world without being overly complicated like some competitors (e.g., having nine different watermelon flavors and four blueberry variations).

But this device truly stands out when it ventures beyond the traditional flavors. Apart from the Fifty Bar disposable vape, which uses Beard Vape Co. formulas and US-made e-liquids, the RAZ TN9000 probably has the best selection of dessert-inspired disposable vapes on the market. The Fifty Bar series’ flavors are inspired by Beard Vape Co.’s famous donut and dessert e-liquid line.

In addition to the usual candy, fruit, and tropical menthol blends, the RAZ TN9000 offers the following bold options:

  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Apple Cinnamon
  • Cactus Jack
  • Graham Twist
  • Citronnade
  • Pumpkin Pie Frosting

In a head-to-head comparison, the Geek Bar Pulse’s fantastic flavors can hold their own against any product on the market. They’ve delved deep into the artificial fruit flavor realm compared to many competitors. However, if you’re looking for more variety beyond that category, the RAZ TN9000 is unbeatable. That’s why it comes out on top in this aspect. But if you prioritize common fruit flavors and candy store tastes, the Geek Bar has the edge.

Winner: RAZ TN9000


It’s remarkable that two devices of nearly identical size have so many differentiating factors. Both excel at delivering delicious and satisfying vapor, and both offer flavor options that adult vapers love. Neither seems to have any glaring weaknesses.

From a versatility standpoint, the Geek Bar does have a clear advantage. It provides more puffs, has two power modes, and boasts a superior screen display. Flavor quality is a tie between the two. However, the RAZ TN9000 has some incredible flavors that the Geek Bar Pulse can’t match.

Winner: Overall Winner: With its dual power modes, the Geek Bar Pulse emerges victorious in this closely contested comparison.

Matthew Ma