15 Reasons Why You SHould Swith to Vaporizing

If you aren’t convinced yet, here are fifteen reasons why owning a vape pod device will work so much better for you than a personal hookah or shisha.

What is Vaporizer
  1. Zero ash: Since vaporizers operate on the principle of vaporizing (as the name implies), they produce absolutely no ash – because there is no combustion. Switching over from smoking to vaporizing means you’ll be saying goodbye to that sooty, stinky ashtray filled with cigarette butts!
  2. Significantly reduced amount of chemicals: Tobacco smoke contains thousands of chemicals (and several hundreds of these are toxic, with 70 being carcinogenic!). With vaporizing the chemical content of what you inhale comes down to a mere handful of safe chemicals.
  3. Much more economical: Good vaporizers will efficiently release the active ingredients from the herbs, so you can reap their benefits. On the other hand, smoking involves combustion, which means most of the herbs active ingredients will have lost their virtue by the time they are released, since combustion alters their chemical composition! Where a joint or cigarette would take a large amount of input herbs to deliver a good high, a vaporizer would let you achieve a much cleaner, better high with a much smaller amount of herbs. This means you won’t have to empty your pocket to keep your alternative herbal treatment going.
  4. Plenty of options: There are several varieties of vaporizers, ranging from small e-cigarettes to tabletop versions. Their modes of operation are different, so you can choose one that suits you best, ranging from manual air intake to automatic airflow. As vaporizers become increasingly modular in nature, there are several customization options available that allow you to personalize your vaporizer with skins, colors and parts.
  5. A wide variety of flavors: Besides vaporizers that heat up and produce pure herbal vapors, you can add a twist to your experience by throwing in different flavors, such as chocolate, strawberry, mint and so on. There are hundreds to choose from and try. This is possible only because of the working principle of vaporizers that relies on heating and vaporizing rather than burning.
  6. Vary the hit’s strength: Modern vaporizers let you alter their operating mode by adjusting their heating temperature. This changes the composition of the vapors which means you can readily alter the strength of the hit you’re taking from the herbs. This is particularly helpful if you want to gradually bring down your herb intake.
  7. Smoking as it is supposed to be: Vaping produces a realistic puff of vapor that appears just like smoke, and gives you a hit that is much more tangible than what a cigarette gives you – right at the back of your throat every time you inhale. Pocket vaporizers even come with glowing tips and cigarette butts to imitate the look and feel of a cigarette!
  8. Avoid smoking restrictions: Even though vaporizing essentially has the same purpose and effect as smoking, it isn’t smoking (because there is no combustion and hence smoke). This implies that vaporizing isn’t subject to the same strict bans and restrictions as smoking are. You can use vaporizers in most public places without anyone frowning on you because it is completely non-obtrusive – no bad odor, no ash and no risk of passive smoke.
  9. Easy to use: Vaporizers may seem like modern gadgetry, but they aren’t difficult to operate. Most can are activated by means of a simple switch and the cartridges can be readily replaced, refilled and reused. The heating element is battery operated – the batteries are either rechargeable or replaceable just as in ordinary electrical appliances. Cleaning a hookah or shisha may be a complex job, but vaporizers can easily be taken apart, cleaned up/maintained and then put back together for continued usage.
  10. No risk of fire: Once again – smoking involves burning and where there is even a tiny spark, there is the risk of it turning into a fire. With vaporizing however, it is a completely different story, since it involves heating, but not burning. There is no risk of a spark or combustion, so you can fall asleep with a vaporizer on and your house and all its belongings will be completely safe. If this was a cigarette or joint, though, there would have been a sizeable risk to your house, family and belongings. You don’t even have to worry about accidently throwing a matchstick in the wrong place!
  11. No smell: Cigarette smoke has a distinctly irritating odor that can irk many non-smokers, and may even repel them from you to the point that they try to avoid conversations or contact with you. Even if you aren’t actively smoking, the odor will most likely be present in your garments and this will be sufficient to repel people who dislike the smell of cigarette smoke. The vapor produced by vaporizers has only a faint smell – and that too of the flavoring. Other than that, there is no lasting pungent odor that gets transferred to your clothes, so you don’t have to worry about a constricted social circle or reproachful stares from strangers. In fact, the flavoring may even lend you an attractive aroma!
  12. No second hand smoke: The vapors produced by vaporizers do not contain any harmful chemicals and are much more controlled than cigarette smoke. This means that those around you have little chance of experiencing passive inhalation.
  13. No stained teeth: Smoking produces tar and other harmful chemicals, which lead to stained teeth, which have a sickly brown-yellow hue, which is extremely unappealing. Moreover, these chemicals lead to a foul lingering mouth odor, which makes it very hard to talk to people up close. Vapors from vaporizing have no such harmful chemicals, so you don’t have to worry about bad breath and dirty teeth.
  14. No smoker’s cough: Once again, vaporizing doesn’t involve inhaling any toxins (as opposed to smoking), so you won’t get the typical cough associated with smoking that occurs because of irritation at the back of your throat.
  15. Negligible cancer risk: Tobacco smoke contains seventy known cancer-causing ingredients – but vapor contains next to nothing. Only traces of nitrosamines are present as a result of nicotine extraction from tobacco, but there are well within FDA approved limits. Cigarettes contain a 1,400 times larger amount of these. It goes without saying, switching from smoking to vaporizing cuts down your risk of cancer almost exponentially.
5 Reasons Why You SHould Swith to Vaporizing
Matthew Ma