Sex sells. It’s just a marketing fact that has stood for over 200 years.

Images of scantily-clad or even naked women been splashed across playing cards, cure-all tonics, and hand soaps since the 1800’s. The effects of these images have been written about and studied for generations, and ultimately lead to a single conclusion: the public wants to buy products that make us feel beautiful, sexy, or popular.

But is it working for the vape industry? By and large, vapers are saying “no”.

Check out this latest promo from Cuttwood E-Liquid:

This video has been changed to “private”, and can no longer be viewed by the general public.

What does this video have to do with e-liquid or anything vaping-related? What is the message Cuttwood is trying to convey? Here are a few comments from Reddit:

I think it’s a bit unnecessary in all honesty.
– /u/YCFMBBasedGod

It made me go from really wanting to try Sugar Bear to thinking Sugar Bear probably isn’t that great. I got a definite beer vibe from that video. I think they’re doing themselves a disservice by going that route in advertising. I clicked in hoping to see food, clouds and equipment, not a barely dressed woman spending more time posing than vaping.
– /u/jametaz

It assures that I’ll never buy any of their juice. I refuse to be associated with this kind of thing. Duck face, butt shots, flat brims. Ridiculous.
– /u/fuzzyyoji

The overwhelming response to the video on the Reddit E-Cig sub was negative, keeping in mind that many Redditors are the target audience for this type of advertising: males age 18-25.

How about these images?

vaping and sex

These are among some of the more tame “Girl of the Day” photos that Vape Life Magazine routinely posts to its Twitter account. Some of their photos look like promotions for vibrators instead of vaporizers.

Vape News Magazine follows suit with its more subtle Vape Vixens and photo spreads.

Is this promoting the vaping lifestyle?

One thing is certain: smoking is not attractive. That imagery hasn’t worked for Big Tobacco since the 1960’s, and tobacco is now banned from using that type of advertising altogether. If e-cigs are eventually regulated as tobacco products, they will have to follow the same advertising guidelines.

Vaping is the new sexy

Vaping is hip, trendy, and cool. Vaping can make you feel better, and compared to smoking, is a much healthier alternative. There is no need for advertising that promotes a fake lifestyle. That’s not what all of this is supposed to be about…unless women actually vape with a mod wedged between their boobs.

Promote vaping as the smart choice, because people aren’t buying the bimbo sales pitch.

Matthew Ma