The vaping community has some influential people to rally behind. Online forums are great for sharing ideas with our peers, but we tend to turn to YouTube in search of figureheads who offer up advice on builds, give product reviews, and keep us abreast of what’s going on in the industry.

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Unfortunately, there are also some dunderheads on YouTube also. Like the guy who posts dangerously low ohm builds and attempts to sell them on eBay.

To help keep you on the right path, here’s a quick guide to the Who’s Who of YouTube:

Rip Trippers

Subscribers: 1.32M

Rip Trippers has one of the largest vape-related followings on YouTube, and he has a very…unique…personality. When he isn’t tossing out quirky anecdotes and one-liners, his videos are very informative. Rip is entertaining to say the least, but a little bit can go a long way.

Rip’s coil building tutorials are big hits with fans. The camerawork is excellent, and the commentary is easy to follow.


Subscribers: 396k

Nick of GrimmGreen is a down-to-earth kind of guy you could belly up next to at your local vape lounge. In fact, if you tune in for his VapeLog on Thursdays, he cracks open a beer and talks shop for nearly an hour.

GrimmGreen is also up-to-date on vaping news and an active advocate for vaper rights and has a reputation for being an extremely nice guy.


Subscribers: 563K

While gear review videos typically cater to newbies, IndoorSmokers is a popular stop for all vapers. You won’t find watered down opinions or corporate sponsorship here, just honest opinions.

If you love eGo type mods and basic setups, IndoorSmokers is worth checking out.


Subscribers: 126k

Phil Brusardo offers up some advice for newbies and has an entertaining delivery. For those who notice such things, Phil has a tech background, and it shines through in the quality of his videos. His gear reviews feature a lot of technical analysis and testing.

There is a lot of great stuff to be found in his archives, the only downside being that some videos are a bit lengthy.

Suck My Mod

Subscribers: 338k

Rapidly gaining attention and subscribers are Matt and Vanessa from Suck My Mod. This duo weaves humor into their videos and seem to be a hit among the younger generation of vapers.

Be sure to check these out also!

Here are a few more YouTube channels you should check out:

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Matthew Ma