The UK’s regulatory body has banned multiple vaping advertisements that appeared on TikTok despite violating the platform’s guidelines prohibiting such marketing.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) took action against videos promoting vaping brands including Disposable Vape Store, Zovoo, Innofly HK, and Vapes Bars.

TikTok’s Rules Against Vaping Ads

TikTok’s community standards explicitly prohibit the promotion of vaping products and e-cigarettes.

However, ads for these brands visibly appeared on the platform in recent months, each encouraging the purchase of nicotine vaping devices in violation of the policy.

One video displayed vaping products on shelves while describing new flavors. Another showed an influencer rapping about a specific brand’s vapes.

ASA Bans Bring Ads in Line With Policy

Upon review, the ASA banned these noncompliant marketing videos and compelled the brands to cease similar ads.

Most of the companies stated they were unaware such content violated the rules but pledged to immediately remove violating material and improve monitoring going forward.

By banning these ads, the regulatory body aims to enforce the platform’s guidelines prohibiting the marketing of nicotine vaping products.

Ongoing Monitoring of Social Media Marketing

The ASA noted that monitoring vaping promotions on social media will remain a high priority going forward.

Brands running afoul of policies on sites like TikTok will face strong enforcement action if problems persist.

Both TikTok and the brands in violation reiterated their stances prohibiting vaping product marketing on the platform.

Call for Broader UK Vaping Ad Regulations

The banned ads fuel ongoing calls to implement tighter regulation of vaping promotions to protect young audiences across more media in the UK.

Some advocates urge an outright ban on marketing for disposable vaping products based on health and environmental concerns.

Tighter UK ad standards would bring policies more in line with existing regulations in the EU and other regions.

For now, the ASA aims to rigorously enforce vaping promotion policies on social platforms like TikTok. But pressure for broader marketing regulation persists.

News source:

Matthew Ma