FDA Proposes New Regulations for Vape Manufacturers

FDA Proposes New Regulations for Tobacco Product Manufacturers, Including E-cigarettes (with New Regulations Download)

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is set to release proposed new regulations for tobacco product manufacturers, including e-cigarettes, in an effort to prevent the contamination of the products and to establish guidelines for their manufacture and packaging. The regulations will also work towards ensuring public safety and compliance with federal regulations. The proposed rules will address issues such as product contamination and inconsistencies between the concentration of the e-liquid and the information on the label. The FDA plans to host a public hearing on the regulations and will consider input from stakeholders and the public for a period of 180 days.

FDA Proposes New Regulations for Vaping in 2023

On March 8/2023, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that it is proposing new regulations for tobacco product companies. The proposed rules will apply to all bulk and finished tobacco products regulated by the FDA, including e-cigarettes, cigarettes, cigars, and chewing tobacco, and will be released on March 10.

According to the FDA, these rules will help prevent contamination of these tobacco products and establish some standards for the way they are manufactured and packaged, to allow regulatory agencies and consumers to accurately understand their ingredients.

The proposed new rules will also help ensure public health and compliance with the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. For example, these rules will minimize or prevent the manufacture and distribution of tobacco products contaminated by foreign substances such as metals, glass, and plastic, which have been found in some tobacco products.

The proposed rules will also address the issue of inconsistency between the label of e-liquid and its actual concentration, which may mislead consumers and may exacerbate addiction and toxin contact.

In addition, the proposed rules will establish several requirements for the identification, tracking, and correction of tobacco products that do not meet specifications or are contaminated (including those already sold). If problems arise, these requirements will require manufacturers to take corrective action, which may include recalls.

FDA’s proposed rules establish a framework that tobacco product manufacturers need to follow, which includes:

  • Establishing tobacco product design and development controls;
  • Ensuring that finished and bulk tobacco products are manufactured according to established specifications;
  • Minimizing the manufacture and distribution of tobacco products that do not meet specifications;
  • Requiring manufacturers to take appropriate measures to prevent tobacco products from being contaminated;
  • Requiring investigation and identification of products that do not meet specifications and taking appropriate corrective actions, such as recalls;
  • Establishing the ability to track all ingredients or components, additives, and materials and each batch of finished or bulk tobacco products to help investigate non-conforming products.

“While no tobacco product is completely safe, this proposed rule aims to minimize or prevent additional risks associated with these products,” said Dr. Brian King, Director of the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products at a press briefing. “Once finalized, it will establish requirements for tobacco product manufacturers that will help protect public health.”

The FDA will hold a public hearing on the proposed rules on April 12. When the rules are finally determined, the FDA will weigh public and stakeholder perspectives (such as tobacco companies that produce these products) and will solicit public comments for 180 days.

On May 18, the FDA will also convene its Tobacco Product Scientific Advisory Committee to hear from independent experts.

Matthew Ma