Global Vape Industry Weekly Report

This weekly report covers the key news in the global e-cigarette industry from September 1st to September 17th, 2022.

[1] According to data published by the US International Trade Commission in June 2023, in the first half of 2023, e-cigarettes imported to the US from China accounted for only 63.7%, while e-cigarettes from Indonesia took over 35% of the market share. This means Indonesia has surpassed other countries to become the second largest e-cigarette exporting country after China.

[2] According to a report by the Daily Telegraph in the UK, the Department of Health and Social Care plans to propose a ban on the sale of disposable e-cigarettes in an upcoming consultation, in an effort to prevent children from getting addicted to these devices. Government officials believe disposable e-cigarettes mainly target people under 18.

[3] A YouGov poll in the UK shows 7.7 million disposable e-cigarette products are sold each week in the country, which further raised concerns over the huge amount of plastic and battery waste generated.

[4] The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in the UK has banned four e-cigarette advertisements that appeared on the social media platform TikTok. The regulator ruled that all nicotine-containing e-cigarette ads are prohibited on social media unless they have obtained a medicinal license.

[5] German Environment Minister Steffi Lemke supports a ban on the sale of disposable e-cigarettes and hopes to impose a comprehensive ban on disposable e-cigarettes across the EU. However, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party opposes a total ban.

[6] E-cigarette brand VAPORESSO announced it has become the first registered e-cigarette brand approved for sale in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) by the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MoIAT).

[7] RELX Philippines plans to launch its disposable e-cigarette brand WAKA in 2024 to expand into more markets. It is reported that the product will be priced at around 550 Philippine pesos (about 64 RMB) and can be used for 10,000 puffs by consumers.

[8] KT&G plans to build a new factory in East Java, Indonesia, which will commence operation in 2026. It is reported this decision was made after reaching an agreement with the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board.

[10] International tobacco giant Philip Morris International Inc. (PMI) announced a new investment plan of over 1 billion zloty (about US$231 million) in Poland.

[11] The 2023 Inter-Tabac tobacco trade fair opened at 9am local time in Dortmund, Germany on September 14th. The exhibition is grand in scale, with over 700 enterprises participating, covering traditional tobacco, new tobacco, supply chain and other areas. 2cigs serves as the official media partner, conducting extensive on-site coverage of the exhibition.

[12] The Global Tobacco and Nicotine Forum 2023 (GTNF 2023) will be held in Seoul, South Korea from September 19th to 21st. GTNF is a global platform for the exchange of views and ideas between public health experts, government representatives, industry and investors. 2cigs will pay close attention to key speeches and provide coverage. Stay tuned.

Matthew Ma