New Electronic Cigarette with Okra-Chicken Flavor Launched by Greek Company

Okra-Chicken Flavor ejuice

Just a week has passed since a Greek company introduced an electronic cigarette liquid flavored like okra with chicken, and the product has already sold out.

The company “took a chance” on a flavor everyone advised against creating, but it seems to have paid off nicely.

With the company’s scientists “racing” to find methods for faster production of this particular flavor, the world of branding is rocked by its enormous success – a major upheaval to what was previously known.

Until now, the most successful flavors were either those resembling natural smoking (resin, bus, or mazut) or sweet flavors (New York Cheesecake, rose water, or halva).

The tremendous success this specific flavor has garnered, according to brand-guru Christos Stavropoulos, is associated with the connection of this food with carefree days in the army or with fond memories of the “vapers'” grandma.

We at “Koulouri” also tried the okra-chicken flavor with an e-cigarette that we “passed around”, and we didn’t find it bad at all.

In conversation with the flavor scientists at the company, they informed us that as the season for okras is slowly coming, they expect the shelves to be full again soon.

Matthew Ma