single-use disposable vapes

Hampshire County Council recently announced its support for a nationwide prohibition on selling single-use disposable vaping devices in the United Kingdom. The council cited growing concerns over massive increases in throwaway plastic vape waste polluting communities as well as risks of youth addiction.

Hampshire officials estimate up to 1.3 million disposable vapes are now tossed weekly across the UK as vaping rates have skyrocketed. With no ability to recharge, disposable vape devices are entirely thrown out after one use, creating a mounting plastic pollution crisis. For Hampshire specifically, discarded disposable vapes littering public spaces have become an unacceptable “eyesore” according to the county council.

The authority highlighted disposable vapes as among the fastest expanding waste sources across UK villages, towns and cities. In addition to environmental impacts, council members raised alarms over children and teenagers taking up vaping. They warned of serious health consequences from nicotine addiction and chemical exposures in young developing bodies.

Pushing for National Sales Prohibition

In response to these growing concerns, Hampshire County Council announced it will advocate for a national sales ban on all single-use disposable vaping products across the UK.

The council said it will join with other like-minded local authorities around the country in petitioning for such a prohibition. They believe only fully eliminating the retail availability of throwaway vapes will halt the worsening plastic waste crisis and curtail surging rates of adolescent vaping.

Providing Safe Disposal Options Locally

While pursuing a nationwide ban, the council said it has also instituted responsible vape disposal options at all its household waste and recycling centers in Hampshire. People can now safely recycle any reusable, rechargeable or disposable vapes to avoid adding to landfill waste.

However, officials warned that putting vapes or any products with lithium batteries in home bins remains extremely hazardous and inadvisable. Vape batteries that get crushed in garbage trucks or landfills can ignite intense fires. Just one flaming battery can destroy entire truckloads of carefully sorted recyclables.

Matthew Ma