Juul Seeks Approval for juul 2

Embattled e-cigarette company Juul Labs is hoping to rehabilitate its image with a new age-verifying vape product. Juul recently submitted an application to the FDA seeking authorization to sell its JUUL2 system in the United States.

The JUUL2 features integrated technology to scan users’ ID and confirm their age meets the 21+ requirement to purchase vaping products. This aims to prevent underage use that has badly damaged Juul’s reputation.

Dual Age Verification Process

The JUUL2 uses an associated mobile app to verify customers are of legal age through two methods:

  • Scanning their driver’s license or passport to validate date of birth
  • Using real-time facial recognition to match their selfie to ID photo

Alternatively, users can allow a third-party database to cross-check personal details they enter. The device itself can also be locked to restrict access, though pods don’t automatically lock.

This rigorous age verification aligns with Juul’s need to demonstrate it is preventing teen adoption of its products. The company remains under intense scrutiny for allegedly employing influencer marketing and flavors that appealed to youth.

In April 2022, Juul settled lawsuits from multiple states over deceptive marketing to adolescents for $438 million. The settlements imposed further marketing restrictions.

Juul states the JUUL2’s verification features are “only the beginning” of using technology to block underage vaping access. Regaining public trust remains an urgent priority.

Other New Features of Juul2

Beyond age verification, the JUUL2 differs from previous Juul models in other ways:

  • Only available with Virginia Tobacco flavored pods to limit youth appeal
  • Anti-counterfeiting chip ensures device only works with authentic Juul pods
  • Enlarged battery and LED interface improve performance
  • Bluetooth connectivity tracks pod levels and battery status

Juul frames the JUUL2 as a major upgrade providing a more controlled and optimized vaping experience.

Seeking FDA Approval

The JUUL2 is currently only available in the UK and Canada pending US authorization. To gain FDA approval, Juul must demonstrate the product benefits public health.

Juul cites internal data suggesting the JUUL2 better helps adult smokers quit combustible cigarettes. But the company must also prove it can prevent contributing to youth nicotine addiction.

The FDA previously rejected Juul’s older products from remaining on the US market over lack of public health benefit evidence. That decision is under appeal.

Introducing the JUUL2 represents Juul’s strategy to move beyond past mistakes through better age verification and restricting youth appeal.

However, Juul’s reputation suffered severe damage during its meteoric rise to dominate the e-cigarette market, before flavored products were discontinued in 2018. It now holds less market share.

If authorized for sale, the high-tech JUUL2 may help Juul rebuild trust with adult smokers seeking an effective vaping alternative. But skepticism around the company’s youth protection capabilities persists.

Juul acknowledges trust from regulators and the public has eroded in recent years due to factors like youth vaping concerns. The JUUL2 aims to demonstrate Juul’s commitment to restricting underage access.

But the company still faces an uphill battle to transform perception. Juul states it can meet challenges like combating teen use through technological innovation. However, the FDA will make the ultimate determination of whether Juul’s vision sufficiently prioritizes public health.

Matthew Ma