UK Vaping Group Launches Petition Against Flavor Bans

UK Vaping Group Launches Petition Against Flavor Bans

A leading UK vaping industry body launched a national petition urging the government to avoid banning flavored e-liquids and disposable e-cigarettes. The UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) believes prohibiting popular vaping products could prevent smokers from quitting.

The petition warns that excessive vaping legislation, like proposals under a youth access consultation, might hinder smoking cessation efforts. UKVIA research found one-third of adult vapers could relapse if unable to obtain preferred flavors.

UKVIA is directly engaging over 100,000 members across vaping communities to mobilize support. Social media promotions and real user stories showing vaping’s life-changing impact accompany the signature campaign. The trade body is targeting vapers through its own membership, vaping advocacy groups, and online forums with combined followers exceeding 100,000.

Flavor and Device Bans Risk Reversing Public Health Progress

Director General John Dunne explained the prospect of bans on flavors or disposables risks erasing decades of harm reduction success in the country’s smoke-free push. However, preventing youth vaping remains an essential priority.

“Under no circumstances should these products end up in the hands of minors,” he stated. “But this cannot be achieved by sacrificing the stop smoking potential of vaping for adult smokers.”

The petition provides a platform for the UK’s millions of ex-smoking vapers to speak out. Losing access to flavored liquids and convenient devices that enabled their switch from cigarettes could see vaping relapse rates soar – causing 250 daily deaths countrywide if people return to smoking.

There are also concerns prohibition will birth a dangerous black market for illegal vaping products, as observed under similar policies abroad. Unregulated criminal trade expanded in other countries, increasing unsafe product circulation.

‘Save Vaping’ Campaign Arms Vapers With Consultation Tools

Alongside its high-profile petition, UKVIA’s overarching ‘Save Vaping, Save Lives’ information campaign helps vapers formally respond to the youth access consultation before its December 6 deadline.

The trade association helps members relay vaping’s effectiveness and public health role to policymakers considering flavor or device restrictions through the consultation. Its website contains detailed summaries and pre-written response templates supporting tobacco harm reduction.

“It is critical vapers nationwide now come together to collectively warn the government against prohibitive and harmful legislation,” Dunne urged. Uniting millions of users’ voices builds crucial opposition ahead of potential flavor and disposable bans under review.

Matthew Ma