Vape Ban Russia: State Duma to Propose Bill in May

vape ban Russia

The Russian State Duma is set to introduce a bill in May that would completely ban the retail sale of nicotine and nicotine-free vapes across the country. Yaroslav Nilov, head of the Duma Committee on Labor, Social Policy and Veterans Affairs, and one of the initiative’s authors, stated that they are currently gathering signatures and plan to submit the bill to the State Duma in the second half of May.

Alarming Increase in Teenage Vaping

The bill’s explanatory note highlights the alarming tenfold increase in the number of teenagers using vapes at the beginning of 2023 compared to 2011. Despite being promoted as a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes, vaping poses significant health risks to both the user and those around them.

Harmful Ingredients in Vaping Liquids

Even nicotine-free vaping liquids contain harmful substances such as glycerin, propylene glycol, flavorings, and thickeners. When inhaled as vapor, each of these ingredients can lead to severe lung diseases, as emphasized in the explanatory note.

Existing Restrictions and Loopholes

Although Russia has implemented some restrictions on the vaping industry, such as banning sales to minors and prohibiting the open display and demonstration of vaping devices, deputies argue that these bans are easily circumvented, and vapes continue to be sold to minors.

The proposed bill aims to close these loopholes and protect the health of Russian citizens, particularly the younger generation, by completely banning the retail sale of vapes in the country.

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Matthew Ma