FLONQ Ultra 20k Puffs Disposable Vape Review

FLONQ Ultra 20k Puffs Disposable Vape Review

The FLONQ Ultra is a sleek and modern disposable vape that boasts a 20K puff rating and an impressive selection of 25 flavors. As the second FLONQ product reviewed, following the FLONQ Max Smart, which surprised users with its delectable Milk Chocolate flavor, the Ultra has big shoes to fill.

Equipped with a 650 mAh lithium-ion USB-C rechargeable battery, a dual mesh coil, an 18 mL e-liquid capacity, and a 5% nicotine strength, the FLONQ Ultra offers a robust vaping experience. It also features a smart screen for monitoring juice and battery levels, as well as a power boost mode for a more intense flavor and vapor production.

  • Pre-Filled 18ml E-Juice
  • 650mAh Rechargeable Powerful Battery
  • Puff Count: Approximately 20000 Puffs
  • Boost Mode for Better Vaping Experience
  • LED Indicator Screen
  • 5%(50mg) Nicotine Strength
  • USB Type-C Charging (Not Included)

Design and Ergonomics

The FLONQ Ultra stands out from other disposables on the market with its unique and modern body style. The device has a flattened-oval form and is crafted with soft-touch materials, reminiscent of high-end automobile and boat aesthetics. Weighing only 65 grams and measuring 25 mm x 51 mm x 100 mm, it feels comfortable in the hand and is unobtrusive when carried in a pocket.

One of the most striking features of the FLONQ Ultra is its mature and sophisticated look, devoid of any gratuitous blinking light shows. The mouthpiece is another standout feature, with a fairly wide bore (3.6 mm x 7.6 mm) that enhances the flavor experience. The glossy black mouthpiece seamlessly blends with the glossy front panel, which conceals the smart LED screen.

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Getting Started and Performance

Using the FLONQ Ultra is straightforward. Simply remove it from its packaging, and it’s ready to vape. The device is initially in regular mode, which delivers a lighter and cooler vape while preserving battery power. However, users can easily switch to the boost mode by pressing the button twice for a more intense experience.

The FLONQ Ultra provides a genuine mouth-to-lung (MTL) experience, with a tight draw that mimics the sensation of smoking a cigarette. The dual mesh coil activates quickly, and the wide-bore mouthpiece allows the vapor to travel into the mouth effortlessly. The regular mode is satisfying on its own, delivering a smooth and consistent hit without any issues like spitting, popping, or gurgling. For those who prefer a warmer hit and a more intense throat sensation, the boost mode is definitely worth trying.

Flavor Selection

The FLONQ Ultra offers an extensive flavor selection, with options catering to a wide range of preferences, including candy, dessert, drinks, and tobacco. While the beloved Milk Chocolate flavor from the FLONQ Max isn’t available in the Ultra, the Vanilla Ice Cream option is an intriguing alternative.

Of the 25 flavors offered, six were tested:

Strawberry Banana: This flavor combines the sweetness of ripe strawberries with the creamy, tropical essence of banana. The result is a smooth and balanced vape that evokes memories of a refreshing strawberry-banana smoothie. The light cooling effect adds a pleasant, crisp finish to the exhale.

Peach Icy: Prepare to be transported to a lush peach orchard with this aromatic and flavorful e-liquid. The sweet, floral notes of peach are beautifully captured, delivering a vape that is both authentic and refreshing. The medium cooling level provides a satisfying, icy kick that complements the peach flavor perfectly.

Sour Apple Icy: Fans of sour candy will love this bold and tangy flavor. The tart, crisp taste of Granny Smith apples is masterfully blended with a powerful sour kick, creating a vape that is both invigorating and addictive. The medium cooling effect adds an extra layer of refreshment, making this flavor a perfect choice for hot summer days.

Passion Fruit Icy: This sophisticated flavor profile transports you to a tropical paradise. The exotic, sweet-tart taste of passion fruit is wonderfully captured, delivering a vape that is both complex and delightful. The medium cooling level provides a refreshing counterbalance to the fruit’s natural sweetness, resulting in a well-rounded and satisfying vape.

White Gummy: Prepare for a mysterious and alluring vaping experience with this unique flavor. The taste is reminiscent of a tart and sweet gummy candy, with hints of sour pineapple that tantalize the taste buds. The minor cooling effect adds a subtle, refreshing twist to the exhale, making this flavor a perfect choice for those who enjoy a more subtle cooling sensation.

Lemon Mint: This zesty and invigorating flavor combines the bright, citrusy taste of lemon with the cool, refreshing essence of spearmint. The lemon flavor is more akin to the tang of lemon rind rather than the sweetness of the pulp, providing a bold and energizing vape. The medium cooling level enhances the minty freshness, creating a vape that is both refreshing and satisfying.

While the entire range of flavors hasn’t been tested, the ones that were tried were found to be well-balanced and not overly sweet, which may appeal to those who find some disposables, like the Geek Bar, to be overflavored.

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Battery Life and Charging

In regular mode, the FLONQ Ultra can last for about a day of moderate vaping. However, when using the boost mode, the battery life is significantly reduced, as it consumes more power. Based on testing, the battery life in boost mode is approximately half of that in regular mode.

The FLONQ Ultra is charged via a USB-C port located on the bottom of the device. Using a 2A charge block, it took around 60 minutes to fully charge the device from a depleted state. While charging, the meter readout on the screen fills up with bars, providing a visual indication of the charging progress.

Pros and Cons

Ergonomic and mature design
Rechargeable for extended lifespan
Extensive flavor selection catering to various preferences
Power boost mode for a more intense experience
Smooth and consistent performance
Some may find the flavors to be on the lighter side
Limited testing of the full range of flavors

Final Verdict

The FLONQ Ultra is a compelling disposable vape that is readily recommended to both new and experienced vapers. Its user-friendly design, extensive flavor selection, and smooth performance make it an attractive option for those seeking a satisfying and hassle-free vaping experience.

While the full range of flavors hasn’t been personally tested, the positive experience with other FLONQ devices suggests that the Ultra’s flavor range will likely be of similar quality. However, feedback from others who have tried different flavors, particularly the Vanilla Ice Cream, would be valuable in gaining a more comprehensive understanding of the FLONQ Ultra’s flavor profile.

Overall, the FLONQ Ultra is a well-designed and performant disposable vape that offers a true MTL experience, a wide range of flavors, and the convenience of a rechargeable battery. For those in the market for a new disposable vape, the FLONQ Ultra is definitely worth considering.

Matthew Ma