Flum Mello 20000 Puffs Disposable Vape Review

Flum Mello 20000 Puffs Disposable Vape Review

In the vast landscape of disposable vapes, the Flum Mello 20000 stands out as a device that seamlessly blends elegance and performance. While the Flum brand may not be as well-known as some of its competitors, the Mello 20000 is a testament to the company’s commitment to crafting high-quality, user-friendly vaping devices.

A Closer Look at the Flum Mello 20000

The Flum Mello 20000 is a smart disposable vape that offers an impressive 20,000 puffs and features a long-lasting 650mAh rechargeable battery. The device’s sleek design is accentuated by its HD display, which provides users with essential information such as e-liquid level and battery life.

Ergonomically designed, the Mello 20000 fits comfortably in the hand, making it easy to enjoy extended vaping sessions. The adjustable airflow button, conveniently located at the bottom of the device, allows users to customize their vaping experience by regulating the air and vape juice mixture to suit their preferred intensity.

  • Number of Puffs: 20,000
  • Flavor Count: Eight distinct flavors
  • Battery Capacity: 650mAh
  • Recharging Port: Type-C
  • Mesh Technology: Hybrid 2.0 Mesh Coil
  • Nicotine Content: 5%
  • Prefilled Juice Capacity: 15mL
  • Device Type: Rechargeable disposable vape

Features That Set the Flum Mello 20000 Apart

The Flum Mello 20000 boasts an array of advanced features that cater to the needs and preferences of modern vapers:

Mega HD Screen

The device’s “Mega HD Screen” displays clear, visually appealing information about e-liquid and battery levels, making it easy for users to keep track of their vaping essentials.

Adjustable Airflow

The adjustable airflow button, a staple feature in modern disposable vapes, allows users to control the amount of air that mixes with the e-liquid, ensuring a tailored vaping experience.

Hybrid 2.0 Mesh Coil Technology

The Flum Mello 20000 features a unique Hybrid 2.0 mesh coil that guarantees consistent flavor delivery from the first draw to the last, allowing users to fully enjoy their favorite e-juices.

hybrid 2 mesh coil

The Flum Mello 20000’s patented Hybrid 2.0 mesh coil is designed to produce more vapor than regular mesh coils, enhancing the overall vaping experience. This innovative technology sets the Mello 20000 apart from other disposable vapes on the market.

Rechargeable Battery

The device’s rechargeable 650mAh battery, which can be charged via the USB Type-C port located at the bottom of the vape, ensures extended vaping sessions and faster charging times.

Large E-Liquid Capacity

With a generous 16mL prefilled vape juice capacity, the Flum Mello 20000 offers ample e-liquid to last throughout its 20,000-puff lifespan.

Ergonomic Design

The device’s finely blended sides make it comfortable to hold, providing a seamless and enjoyable vaping experience.

Overcharge Protection

The Flum Mello 20000 features an overcharge protection mechanism that automatically stops the battery from charging once it reaches full capacity, ensuring the device’s longevity and safety.

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Flum Mello 20000 Flavors Review

The Flum Mello 20000 offers a carefully curated selection of eight captivating flavors, each crafted to deliver a unique and satisfying vaping experience. With a 5% nicotine content, these flavors cater to a wide range of palates, from those who prefer fruity and refreshing tastes to those who crave a cool, minty sensation.

Strawberry Blast: Immerse yourself in the luscious sweetness of ripe, sun-kissed strawberries. This flavor captures the essence of freshly picked berries, delivering a burst of juicy, fruity goodness with every puff. Perfect for those who love a classic, sweet, and refreshing vape.

Summer Deluxe: Indulge in the ultimate summer experience with this delightful blend of sun-ripened fruits. Summer Deluxe combines the succulent notes of juicy peaches, crisp apples, and sweet berries, creating a harmonious medley that evokes the carefree spirit of a perfect summer day. This flavor is sure to transport you to a tropical paradise with every inhale.

Cool Mint: Discover the invigorating freshness of cool mint. This flavor offers a crisp, clean, and refreshing vaping experience, with a gentle cooling sensation that lingers on the tongue. Perfect for those who seek a refreshing break from fruity flavors, Cool Mint provides a soothing and revitalizing vape that leaves you feeling energized and rejuvenated.

Blue Razz Icy: Prepare your taste buds for a thrilling adventure with the tantalizing combination of tart blue raspberries and icy menthol. This flavor offers a perfect balance of sweet and cool, with the juicy, slightly sour notes of blue raspberries complemented by a frosty, invigorating mint. Blue Razz Icy is a must-try for those who crave a bold and refreshing vaping experience.

Peach Icy: Savor the luscious sweetness of ripe, juicy peaches infused with a cool, icy twist. This flavor captures the essence of biting into a freshly picked peach, with a refreshing menthol kick that enhances the natural sweetness of the fruit. Peach Icy is perfect for those who love a sweet and refreshing vape with a cool, invigorating finish.

Watermelon Icy: Quench your thirst with the juicy, refreshing taste of watermelon infused with a cool, icy blast. This flavor combines the sweet, succulent notes of ripe watermelon with a frosty, invigorating menthol, creating a vaping experience that is both satisfying and refreshing. Watermelon Icy is a must-try for those who crave a fruity, thirst-quenching vape.

Sunshine Cherry: Bask in the warmth and sweetness of sun-ripened cherries. This flavor captures the essence of plump, juicy cherries bursting with natural sweetness, delivering a bright and cheerful vaping experience that evokes the joy of a perfect summer day. Sunshine Cherry is perfect for those who love a classic, fruity, and uplifting vape.

Sour Apple Icy: Experience the tantalizing combination of tart, crisp apples and cool, refreshing menthol. This flavor offers a perfect balance of sweet and sour, with the juicy, slightly tart notes of green apples complemented by a frosty, invigorating mint. Sour Apple Icy is a must-try for those who crave a bold, refreshing, and slightly tangy vaping experience.

Each of these meticulously crafted flavors offers a distinct and enjoyable vaping experience, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Whether you’re in the mood for a sweet and fruity vape, a cool and refreshing mint, or a tantalizing combination of both, the Flum Mello 20000 has a flavor that will satisfy your cravings and leave you eager for more.

Flum Mello 20000 Disposable Vape

Flum Mello 20000 vs. Flum Pebble

While both devices are part of the Flum family, the Mello 20000 offers several advantages over its entry-level counterpart, the Flum Pebble:

Why Choose the Flum Mello 20000?

The Flum Mello 20000 offers a cost-effective and user-friendly vaping experience that consistently delivers flavor and vapor from start to finish. Its impressive 20,000-puff capacity reduces the need for frequent replacements, saving users money in the long run.

The device’s crisp Mega HD display eliminates the guesswork associated with battery and puff levels, keeping users well-informed throughout their vaping journey. Unlike some other disposable vapes that require maintenance, the Flum Mello 20000 is a hassle-free, zero-maintenance device that allows users to simply inhale and enjoy.

The Flum Mello 20000 maintains its performance consistency from the first puff to the last, ensuring a satisfying vaping experience without any interruptions or diminished quality. Its extended lifespan and reliable performance make it a compelling choice over other disposable vape options.


The Flum Mello 20000 is a versatile and user-friendly disposable vape that caters to both novice and experienced vapers. Its ergonomic design, coupled with the informative HD screen, makes it a comfortable and convenient device to use for extended periods.

With eight delectable flavors to choose from and a long-lasting battery, the Flum Mello 20000 offers a satisfying and customizable vaping experience that sets it apart from the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many puffs does a Flum Mello last for?

A Flum Mello boasts a staggering 20,000 puffs, making it a long-lasting and economical vape option compared to traditional disposables.

Does the Flum Mello have a rechargeable battery?

No, the Flum Mello is a disposable vape and does not have a rechargeable battery. The high-capacity 650mAh battery should provide enough power for the advertised puff count.

Can I reuse the Flum Mello?

No, the Flum Mello is a disposable vape and not designed for reuse. Once the device is empty, dispose of it responsibly following recommended guidelines.

How do I know when my Flum Mello is empty?

The Flum Mello’s Mega HD screen will display your puff count. As you approach the 20,000 puff limit, the vapor production will naturally decrease, and the device may eventually stop producing vapor altogether.

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