Lost Mary QM600 Review

The Lost Mary QM600 represents a bold evolution for disposable vapes courtesy of renowned brand Elf Bar. With its advanced mesh coil, extensive flavor options and crystal-like aesthetic, this stunning device takes performance to the next level. Our in-depth review explores everything the impressive Lost Mary QM600 has to offer.


One look at the Lost Mary QM600 reveals an elegantly designed disposable built to turn heads. The diamond-cut facets and colorful tinted chassis offer an upscale crystal-inspired look. But the real advancements hide inside.

The integrated mouthpiece provides a comfortable vaping experience. Easy draw-activation eliminates all hassle – just inhale to vape. The 2mL juice reservoir and battery last around 600 puffs before disposal.

However, the star feature is the advanced mesh coil technology delivering smooth, flavorful hits unmatched by other disposables. When combined with the expansive flavor lineup, the QM600 vapes like a premium device.

Here are the key specifications of Lost Mary QM600:

    • 600 puff rating
    • 2mL e-juice capacity
    • 20mg (2%) nicotine salt strength
    • Draw-activated firing mechanism
    • New advanced mesh coil
    • Range of nic salt flavors
    • Non-rechargeable disposable format

Design and Durability

Visually, the QM600 gets a major redesign over the BM600. Its faceted prismatic exterior and tapered mouthpiece give the device an elegant, almost futuristic aesthetic. The unit feels solid and durable thanks to quality zinc alloy construction.

The slim, rounded pen-shaped form factor remains highly portable and comfortable to grip. While testing, the QM600 withstood average daily use and pocket carry. However, dropping it could potentially damage the exterior or mouthpiece.

Overall, the stylish new design reflects careful attention to detail in both aesthetics and ergonomics.

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Upgraded Performance

Beyond cosmetics, the QM600’s biggest leap comes internally through its advanced mesh coil and refined airflow system. These enhancements aim to take vapor production and flavor intensity to the next level compared to previous Elf Bar models.

During testing, the improvements became quickly apparent. From first puff, the QM600 delivers extremely smooth, flavorful hits. Vapor quantity and density are abundant for such a tiny device. The new coil and airflow optimization make an obvious difference in creating thicker, cooler vapor.

Flavors taste more vibrant as well with the mesh heating element optimally vaporizing e-juice. Even as the liquid level decreases, the QM600 maintains consistent flavor intensity and vapor production with no burnt hits.

Lost Mary QM600 Flavor Options

With 30+ options available, the Lost Mary QM600 has a flavor profile to please every palate. Our flavor experts sampled across the selection to assess each one:

  • Fruit flavors like Watermelon Ice delivered wonderfully crisp, authentic fruit essence and menthol chill.
  • Candy flavors like Blue Razz Cherry blended sweet berry candy notes into a satisfying medley.
  • Beverages like Cherry Peach Lemonade wowed with an uncanny fizzy cocktail flavor.
  • Tobaccos like Red Mojito aimed to evoke exotic tobacco flavor but fell a bit flat.

We particularly enjoyed the following standout flavors:

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava

One of the most popular tropical fruit medleys out there for good reason – it’s absolutely delicious! A bright, candy-like mix of kiwi, passionfruit and guava flavors with icy menthol undertones. Leaves your taste buds feeling refreshed and craving more. A must-try for tropical fruit fans.

Blueberry Sour Raspberry

Mouthfuls of sweet, tart berry flavor with sour raspberry on the inhale and rich blueberry on the exhale, balanced by icy coolness. Hits all the right flavor notes. An easy all day vape for berry lovers.

Cherry Peach Lemonade

A refreshing, juicy medley of cherry, peach and fizzy lemonade flavors. Perfectly balances authentic fruit essence with a light beverage profile. Provides a fruity cocktail-like taste and sensation.

Blue Razz Cherry

Sweet, candy-like blue raspberry and cherry blending into a flavor sensation reminscent of a fizzy cocktail. Leaves you feeling refreshed and craving the next puff. Among the top flavors in the lineup.

Watermelon Ice

The perfect balance of sweet, authentic watermelon flavor combined with icy menthol. Provides an ideal blend of juicy fruit and frosty freshness in a nostalgic candy-flavored package. An easy favorite.

The fruit and candy options shone the brightest with alarmingly accurate flavor replication. While not every flavor hit the mark, most performed well above expectations. Vapers who prioritize bold taste will find an ADV among the Lost Mary QM600’s huge menu.

Battery and Efficiency

The integrated 600mAh battery faithfully delivered the advertised 600 puff lifespan during testing. While not rechargeable, the ample capacity makes the non-rechargeable format more sustainable than lower puff disposables.

As with all disposables, the QM600 is designed to be vaped until the battery or e-juice is fully depleted before proper disposal. However, the generous 600 puff rating paired with outstanding performance makes the QM600 outlast most competing disposable options.

Simplicity and Convenience

Ease of use stands as a hallmark of any quality disposable vape, and the Lost Mary QM600 delivers wonderfully simple, hassle-free operation. Just remove from packaging and start puffing – no charging or settings required.

The automatic draw-activation and lack of buttons make the QM600 an excellent choice for beginners. While the disposable format does create more waste, the QM600 provides satisfying vaping with zero maintenance demands.

Pros and Cons

For its low price, the Lost Mary QM600 punches far above its weight, but isn’t perfect:


    • Elegant, unique aesthetic
    • 30+ authentic flavor options
    • Advanced mesh coils
    • 600 puff battery life
    • Consistent flavor and vapor
    • Comfortable mouthpiece


    • Occasional off-target flavors
    • Loose draw unsuitable for some
    • E-liquid level hard to gauge
    • No battery specs provided
    • Pricier than generic options

Final Verdict on the Lost Mary QM600

In closing, the Lost Mary QM600 admirably builds upon the immense popularity of the BM600 with a striking new aesthetic, upgraded internals, and expanded flavor selection. The advanced coil and airflow design make a noticeable difference in creating smooth, flavorful, abundant vapor with each puff.

For an effortless yet powerful vaping experience from a pocket-sized disposable device, the QM600 hits the mark. While not the most eco-friendly format, its amazing performance balances the tradeoff. All in all, Elf Bar has another winner sure to delight vapers seeking robust flavors and strong vapor production without complexity.

Matthew Ma