Smok Novo Bar AL9000 Review – A 9000 Puff Beast

smoke Novo Bar AL9000 review

As a dedicated vaper always seeking the next evolution in convenience and performance, the Smok Novo Bar AL9000 caught my attention. With bold claims of 9000 puff capacity, adjustable airflow, and gobs of e-liquid, I had to experience this innovative disposable firsthand. After thoroughly putting the AL9000 through its paces, I’m ready to share my transparent take. Read on to discover if this mighty little disposable lives up to its lofty promises.

Key Smok Novo Bar AL9000 Specs

Let’s kick things off by overviewing the need-to-know specifications:

  • Estimated Puff Count: ~9000
  • 15mL E-Liquid Capacity
  • 800mAh Battery
  • 50mg (5%) Nicotine Salts
  • Draw-Activated Firing
  • Adjustable Airflow Control
  • Type-C Charging Port
  • LED Battery & E-Juice Screens

Boasting over 5X the puff life of standard disposables in a palm-sized build, the AL9000 makes some bold claims right out the gate. The generous e-juice reservoir and battery provide the tools to hit that epic 9000 puff milestone. But does it deliver? Let’s dig deeper.

Taking Infinite Puffs With 9000 Capacity

Perhaps no spec raises eyebrows quicker than the staggering 9000 puff promise. Coming from run-of-the-mill 300-800 puff disposables, I was skeptical. But Smok included the tools to hit those mammoth puff counts.

The 15mL juice capacity dwarfs typical disposables, while the 800mAh battery ensures consistently hard pulls start-to-finish. While testing, I never felt my vape weakening even at 8000+ puffs. Other disposables get noticeably wispier over time as e-liquid depletes. Not the hardy AL9000.

For heavy daily vapers, the longevity means fewer device swaps and consistent, interruption-free vaping all day long. It’s perfect for vacations or long days where charging opportunities are sparse. You can always depend on the AL9000 for that instant nicotine gratification.

smok Novo Bar AL9000

Bold & Artistic Graffiti Design Appeals

Far too many disposables lean towards boring single color builds, but Smok got creative with the AL9000. I’m partial to the eye-catching “Graffiti Blue” paint job wrapping my test device – it resembles an explosion of neon spray paint bringing the exterior to life.

The colorful and graffiti-inspired styling helps the AL9000 stand out in the disposable crowd. The flashy exterior also feels great in hand with a premium matte finish. Clearly some thoughtful design choices beyond basic functionality.

Customizing Draw Style With Adjustable Airflow

One innovative AL9000 feature I relished testing was the adjustable airflow control. With a simple twist of the airflow ring, I customized a tight MTL draw for that analog-like throat hit or opened it up for direct lung hits.

Having granular airflow adjustments at my fingertips noticeably enhanced my vaping experience compared to fixed disposables. I could tweak my draw on the fly based on the flavor profile or my mood. The ability to tailor such a fundamental function is an underrated feature that should be essential.

Impressive Flavor From Mesh Coils

With a focus on convenience, disposables often cheap out on coil quality hampering flavor. Smok wisely equipped the Novo Bar AL9000 with specialized mesh coils fine-tuned for optimal taste.

Compared to basic cotton wicked coils, these exotic mesh atomizers deliver outstanding flavor reproduction. E-liquids shine through with exceptional clarity across fruit, mint, tobacco, and dessert profiles.

Heat dispersion is consistent with mesh coils preventing hot spots that singe e-liquid. From my first morning puff to the last evening haul, not once did I experience fading or muting flavors.

Handy LEDs Track Juice & Battery Levels

Disposable vapes act as black boxes – you never quite know how much puff life remains. Smok tackled this headache by integrating LED indicators for at-a-glance e-liquid and battery monitoring.

The LEDs shine red, orange, or green corresponding to the percentage of juice and battery juice remaining. I loved having 24/7 visibility into my AL9000’s status rather than nasty surprises at inopportune times.

Knowing both fluid and battery levels enables proactively charging or grabbing a spare, preventing avoidable interruptions. Smart implementation of basic LED feedback goes a long way.

smok Novo Bar AL9000 disposable vape

Charges Rapidly Via USB-C

Hassle-free USB-C charging helps minimize downtime when the AL9000 eventually needs a battery top-up. The reversible USB-C connector saved me frustration fumbling to align old Micro USB cables.

Smok built ample 800mAh battery life into this disposable limiting charge cycles. But I appreciated how rapidly power flowed into the cell when needed – much quicker than disposables of old. The modernized charging experience was noticeably smooth.

Packing 15mL Juice Into A Petite Body

Even with moderate usage habits, I normally demolish less capacious disposables’ meager 1-2mL reservoirs rapidly. Cranking through juice refills gets old fast.

Somehow Smok crammed an impressive 15mL – equal to 30% of a standard 30mL salt nic bottle – into the AL9000’s tight confines. This substantial fuel capacity definitely played a role in achieving those epic puff counts.

Despite the below-average exterior dimensions, Smok designed highly efficient internal space allocation. Form factor shrinks while juice capacity scales up – crucial for longevity.

50mg Nicotine Strength Satisfies Former Smokers

Seeking that reliable nicotine fulfillment trademarked by smoking? The AL9000’s 50mg (5%) nic salt concentration delivers instantly. I felt that familiar satisfaction within seconds of my first draw.

As a reformed pack-a-day smoker, I still lean on higher nicotine products to prevent backsliding in weak moments. The moment I feel that scratchy craving I know the AL9000 can provide instant relief with a few puffs.

For those actively transitioning from traditional cigarettes, the 50mg dosage could make all the difference in preventing relapse. It’s potent enough to make vaping a legitimately crowd-pleasing smoking alternative.

Smok Novo Bar AL9000 Flavors

Standout Smok Novo AL9000 Flavors

Smok skipped no color of the rainbow when formulating the Novo Bar AL9000 edition flavors. With 29 tantalizing flavors spanning icy fruit, rich desserts, nostalgic soda, and even tobacco, most palates are covered.

I tasted a spectrum sampling to identify flavors that stood out for accurate aroma, balanced sweetness, and memorable aftertaste. These won my vote as the tastiest AL9000 mixes:

Juicy Blue Razz Lemonade: Sweet & Tart Summer Bliss

Imagine plump ripe blue raspberries blended with freshly squeezed zesty lemons – a sweet and sour flavor fusion that delighted my tastebuds. With sunrise colors and a name invoking warm weather, the bright acidity of Blue Razz Lemonade made my mouth water like an ice-cold drink on a hot summer day. It walks the tightrope between candy sweetness and bracing citrus for a captivating flavor balance. An easy all-day vape.

Kiwi Dragonfruit Berry: Island Fruit Symphony

This exotic flavor mosaic beautifully blended sweet kiwi, gently floral dragonfruit and mixed red berries for a flavor safari that transported me straight to a tropical island. I appreciated the interplay of flavors – tart kiwi contrasted the gentle melon-like dragonfruit while plump raspberries and strawberries provided just enough sweetness to tie everything together. It felt like a healthy antioxidant-rich fruit salad in vapor form. A wonderfully distinctive and natural blend only Smok could concoct.

Peach Mango Watermelon: Sweet Juicy Summer

Few flavor combinations encapsulate the essence of summer better than dripping sweet peaches, tropical mango and thirst-quenching watermelon. This trifecta blended flawlessly into sunshine in a bottle – just a few puffs brought back memories of devouring slices of juicy fruit under July sun. The crisp watermelon kept overly sugary peach and mango flavors grounded. An enjoyable reminder of warm weather and sweet produce yet with year-round appeal.

Root Beer: Fizzy Old-Fashioned Soda Shop Sip

Indulge your nostalgia with Smok’s impressively authentic root beer creation. Through some flavor wizardry, they perfectly replicated the sweet yet earthy vanilla, wintergreen, sassafras and anise blend distinctive to traditional root brews. A gentle fizz on the exhale reinforced the soda shop vibe. With eyes closed I could see myself as a 50s greaser chilling with a frosty mug ofroot beer at the diner counter while doo-wop played on the jukebox. A magically transportive flavor.

Other Notable Flavors

Beyond those highlights, Smok achieved commendable executions of other classic flavor categories:

Minty – Crisp and cooling Spearmint stood out over the icy Peppermint. Avoid the unpleasantly medicine-like menthol if you prefer more sweetness.

Fruity – Watermelon Ice, Strawberry Kiwi and Alphonso Mango played the fruity flavors straight with candied interpretations. Not very nuanced but satisfy a sweet tooth.

Tobacco – The straightforward Tobacco replicated the flavor alright with slight ashy notes. But the vapor density couldn’t mimic combustion satisfaction.

Dessert – Options like Unicorn Cake tasted pleasantly sweet but leaned heavily into candy land. Those seeking rich, authentic desserts may come away disappointed.

Any Flavor Misses?

I’ll be upfront – Smok didn’t have any decisively bad flavors in the mix. But a few felt flat or muddled:

Dragon Fruit Strawberry – Seemed like a tropical slam dunk but the dragonfruit was lost behind sweet candied strawberry. Lacked dimension.

Raspberry Sour Apple – I struggled to pick out distinct apple or raspberry. Just ended up oddly sweet and perfume-y.

Cherry Lemon – Also sounded better than it tasted. Super sweet cherry with an artificial lemon cleaner flavor. The sourness felt harsh.

Unicorn Cake – Cloyingly sugary without much actual cake flavor. They pushed the sweetness over the top.

For the most part Smok nailed flavors across categories. But they whiffed on a few attempts at unconventional flavor mashups. Simplicity seemed to serve the Novo Bar AL9000 e-liquids better.

smok Novo Bar AL9000 vape

Final Verdict After Smashing 9000 Puffs

I’ll be frank – I entered this Smok Novo Bar AL9000 review skeptical that a diminutive disposable could achieve such mammoth puff longevity claims in real world usage. But the amply-equipped AL9000 proved me wrong and then some.

Stellar battery endurance, buckets of e-liquid capacity and rock-solid performance permitted me to breeze well past 9000 satisfying puffs. And I appreciated Smok enriching the experience with personalized airflow and advanced functionality like the LED indicators.

If you seek a reliable disposable partner for worry-free vaping on the go with juice and battery life to spare, the Novo Bar AL9000 should top your list. After putting this mighty little vape through its paces, I can conclusively say Smok overdelivered on every bold promise made. The AL9000 offers the total package – long-lasting, flavorful and customizable. A new high water mark for disposables.

Matthew Ma