Smok Novo Bar AL6000 Disposable Vape Review

smoke Novo Bar AL6000 review

The Smok Novo Bar AL6000 impresses with robust construction, generous e-liquid capacity, adjustable airflow, and a variety of flavors – delivering 6000 satisfying puffs. Read our full review of this top-tier disposable vape.


Sporting a compact yet solid chassis, the Novo Bar AL6000 fits comfortably in your pocket while still feeling sturdy. Automatic draw activation fires up the powerful mesh coil instantly for smooth airflow and dense vapor production.

With a massive 13mL e-juice capacity and long-lasting 650mAh battery, it keeps you vaping for all 6000 rated puffs. The adjustable airflow slider lets you customize each hit to your liking. Best of all, it comes prefilled with 10 sensational flavors to please every palate.

Novo Bar AL6000


  • Puffs: 6000
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 13mL
  • Battery Capacity: 650mAh
  • Nicotine Strength: 50mg (5%)
  • Coil: Mesh
  • Voltage Output: 3.2V-3.4V
  • Draw Activated Firing
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Type-C Charging
  • Chipset: DCOIL-AI6.0
  • Dimensions: 25x42x78mm

Build Quality & Design

Sporting a stylishly rounded chassis with grippy edges, the Novo Bar AL6000 nestles perfectly in your hand. Despite the petite footprint, it feels reassuringly sturdy and durable.

The zinc alloy construction can easily withstand scratches and falls. Top fill access allows simple e-liquid refills while the adjustable bottom airflow slider offers easy customization.

With a neatly tucked-away USB charging port, clean exterior facade, and ergonomic curves, the streamlined silhouette looks right at home in any setting.

Weighing only 33g, it’s an astonishingly portable companion that conveniently slips into pockets and handbags. Yet the lightweight build never compromises on resilience. It’s a perfect balance of durability, ergonomics and aesthetics.

Battery & Charging

The integrated 650mAh battery delivers ample power for the entire 6000 puff lifespan. And recharges via the handy Type-C port are speedy.

The battery indicator keeps you updated on remaining capacity, glowing green for 60-100%, yellow for 30-60% or red for 0-30%. So you always know when to recharge.

For most vapers, the 650mAh capacity offers a full day of moderate usage between charges. And the rapid Type-C charging means you’re never far from your next satisfying puff.

Adjustable Airflow

The smooth rotating ring at the base lets you tweak the airflow to best suit your vaping style. Open up the dual slots for an airier draw that creates voluminous clouds. Or dial it down for a tighter, more flavorful mouth-to-lung experience.

Having this level of airflow control in a disposable device is remarkably rare. It demonstrates Smok’s commitment to customization in a compact form factor.

1700642292 smoke Novo Bar AL6000

Coil Performance

Large mesh coils have become the gold standard for flavor and vapor production. By providing exceptional surface area and rapid ramp-up, the Novo Bar’s mesh heating element consistently outputs dense, flavorful vapor.

And automatic draw activation means it fires up instantly with your first puff – no need to press buttons. The smooth airflow and instant vapor production makes for an incredibly satisfying experience.

Combining the powerful mesh coil with adjustable airflow creates a customizable vape that caters to mouth-to-lung or direct-lung preferences. You get exceptional performance regardless of technique.

E-Liquid Capacity

The mammoth 13mL reservoir stores a staggering amount of e-juice in comparison to standard 3-5mL disposables. It’s almost triple that of many competitors, ensuring you can indulge in all 6000 satisfying puffs.

The huge capacity also provides consistent flavor quality from the very first puff down to the last drop. You don’t have to worry about e-liquid level fluctuations impacting taste.

And the color-coded LED strip clearly indicates remaining e-juice levels so you always know where you stand:

  • Green – 31-100%
  • Yellow – 6-30%
  • Red – 0-5%

Never get caught off-guard with a depleted tank again!

Smok Novo Bar AL6000 Flavors

Novo Bar AL6000 Flavors Reviewed

Now onto the best part: savoring the Novo Bar AL6000’s wide palate of 15 delicious flavors! Smok expertly appeals to many preferences including icy fruits, rich tobaccos, cool mints, sweet candies, and daily sweets. Let’s explore the standouts:

Blue Razz Ice: A Blueprint for Perfection

Fusing sweet and tart blue raspberry candy with an icy kiss, Blue Razz Ice gets everything right. The blueberry notes burst with juice while the raspberry provides a pleasant tart edge. An arctic blast of menthol keeps each puff refreshing.

Many inferior blue razz vapes have an off-putting flavor, but not this one. Right from the first puff, it’s all blue razz bliss. And smaller puffs don’t introduce any weird tastes – just compact sweetness.

For a flawlessly executed classic, Blue Razz Ice takes top marks. An easy all-day vape.

Fresh Mint: Pure Icy Cool Spearmint Goodness

Fresh Mint delivers a sweet yet intense rush of icy spearmint. Robust mint is balanced by a chill menthol blast for an invigorating experience.

Some mint vapes dial back the icy element, but not the Novo Bar Fresh Mint. The prominent chilling sensation perfectly pairs with the natural mint. It’s an ice-cold mint explosion akin to brushing your teeth.

From first puff to last, it’s nothing but sweet minty menthol magic. An easy go-to for mint fans.

Lemonade Chill: Sweet Tart Refreshment

Imagine the ultimate sweet and tart lemonade poured over ice on a hot summer day. That’s what vaping Lemonade Chill feels like. It nails the perfect balance of sweet citrus and frosty chill.

Unlike a mojito, there are no herbal mint notes competing with the lemonade. Just a clean koolada coldness that accentuates the sugary lemon. Exhales offer particularly satisfying icy lemonade.

This flavor is so authentic and vapeable that you’ll forget it isn’t real lemonade. Exceptionally executed.


Peach Ice: Juicy Stone Fruit & Chill

Sweet ripe peaches meet refreshing menthol in Peach Ice. It captures the essence of fresh-picked Georgia peaches at their optimum ripeness then adds an extra chill.

The flavor profile strikes an ideal balance – juicy and sweet yet chilled enough to remain crisp without becoming overwhelming. You can comfortably vape Peach Ice all day thanks to its restraint. A very pleasant surprise.

Root Beer: Fizzy Soda Shop Sip

Indulge your nostalgia with the AL6000’s old-fashioned root beer flavor. It truly replicates the sweet fizzy taste of a classic root beer soda. A touch of icy chill mimics the carbonation for added realism.

Some soda vapes fail to hold up all day, but Root Beer is smooth and satisfying. Inhales ooze sugary root beer while frosty exhales keep each puff interesting. It’s the perfect partner for firing up the grill or enjoying a ball game.

Strazz: Sweet Strawberries & Hidden Razz

Strazz blends plump strawberries and refreshing berries then blankets them in icy sweetness. The prominent flavor is a natural sweet strawberry jam, while the raspberry adds subtle depth without overpowering. A hint of chill prevents it from becoming cloying.

It’s easy to enjoy Strazz all day thanks to restrained sweetness and moderate iciness allowing the berry flavors to shine. An effortlessly vapeable balance.

Watermelon Candy: Maximum Sweet Melon

Watermelon Candy dials the melon sweetness up to 11. We’re talking candied watermelon bursting with sugar here. Cooling agents accentuate the sweetness without covering it.

Fans of sweet vapes will feel like a kid in a candy store with Watermelon Candy. But the extreme saccharine flavor may prove overpowering for some as an all-day vape. Either way, Novo nailed the candy concept.

White Gummy: Super-Sweet Tropical Treat

Sweet, sour, and icy tropical fruits mimic gummy candy in White Gummy. It’s essentially candied blue razz turned up threefold with a sour twist. Menthol helps cut the extreme sweetness.

White Gummy definitely delivers on its name – it’s essentially vaping a handful of sweet and sour gummies. The sweetness borders on artificial, so it may not suit vapers partial to authentic fruit flavors. But for sour candy fans, this one delivers.

Pros & Cons

6000 puff capacity
Massive 13mL e-liquid reservoir
Adjustable airflow control
Mesh coils ramp up vapor
Automatic draw activation
E-liquid not refillable
Single 5% nicotine strength


From rich flavors to the remarkable 13mL capacity and 6000 puff rating, the Novo Bar AL6000 sets new standards for disposables. Smok pulls out all stops to create a feature-rich device that overdelivers at every level.

With 10 lip-smacking flavors to choose between, adjustable airflow, automatic firing, and rapid charging, it’s disposable vaping at its very best. If you seek no-fuss satisfaction on-the-go, the Novo Bar AL6000 is a new pinnacle of excellence.

Matthew Ma