Vapengin Venus Pod Kit Review: Flavors and Performance

Vapengin Venus Pod Kit Review

Vapengin designed the Venus pod kit as an eco-conscious alternative to single-use disposable vapes which carry heavy environmental impact from battery waste and excessive plastic. The reusable Venus device pairs with disposable snap-in flavored pods to reduce landfill contributors while retaining simplicity and affordability.

The sleek and compact Venus battery hosts easy USB-C charging and an automatic draw function for fuss-free operation straight out of the box. It comes bundled with one 2ml nic salt pod which lasts around 600 puffs before a fresh flavor pod pops into place.

  • 20mg nicotine salts
  • 9 pod flavor options
  • 2ml/600 puff pods
  • 500mAh battery rating
  • Mouth-to-lung draw
  • Draw-activated firing
  • Type C USB charging
Vapengin Venus Pod Kit

Available Pod Flavors

Fruit fans can savor Watermelon Ice, Strawberry Watermelon, Blueberry Cherry Cranberry and more while iced dessert devotees dive into Banana Ice or Cool Mint pods. In total Vapengin offers 10 mouth-watering salt nic flavors to switch between.

We tested across the whole pod range during daily use to gauge real-world functionality versus claims. Read on for our full verdict after substantial hands-on experience as long-term vaping enthusiasts.

Unboxing the Venus Kit

Vapengin ships the Venus kit securely packaged along with basic documentation covering specifications, verification codes, warnings and legal disclaimers.

Each pod comes sealed to prevent leakage in transit. We would prefer more ecology-minded paper or plant-based packaging but most vape companies still use plastics. At least the Venus battery gets reused indefinitely while reducing overall waste.

Our Tip: Save 1-2 empty pods to store the Venus device in while travelling or commuting. This protects the contacts and mouthpiece from lint or dirt accumulation even in pockets, bags, etc.

Shiny new pods snap firmly into place thanks to strong magents with a satisfying click. Dual contacts connect securely while allowing easy swaps.

Pro Tip: Keep pod connections clean using cotton swabs dipped in isopropyl alcohol for best conductivity and performance over time.

Vapengin Venus Pod Kit vape

Overview of the Venus Device

Despite the compact 2.8 x 1.3 x 0.5 inch dimensions, ergonomic curves nestle comfortably in hand. The mouthpiece lies perfectly positioned between the lips for effortless inhaling.

While lightweight at just 37 grams, solid construction assures durability over hundreds of charging cycles. Sleek yet sturdy materials include:

  • PCTG plastic main housing
  • Gold-plated contacts
Vapengin Venus Pod Kit vape

Signature design accents include the brightly colored pod chambers visible through transparent battery walls and base trim with a stylish chrome finish.

Vapengin avoided buttons in favor of automatic activation through inhaling. This prevents confusion, accidental firings, and potential device damage from drops or water contact.

Integrated inhibitory circuits also protect against common issues like short circuiting, overheating, overcharging and more by cutting power as needed. Safety remains assured.

A tri-color LED visually displays battery life and system status:

  • Blue light when inhaling
  • Red light signals low power
  • Blinking shows critical battery

Solid green indicates a full charge while illumination disappears at 100%.

Vapengin Venus Pod Kit vape

Getting Started with the Vapengin Venus Pod Kit

With factory testing and inspection complete, new kits come ready for action after a brief physical inspection:

  1. Verify the verification scratch-off code on packaging and pod seal.
  2. Remove pod wrapper and seals.
  3. Fully charge battery before first use via Type C USB cable.
  4. Pop in pod with logo facing outward. Magnet pulls it flush.
  5. Begin vaping by simply inhaling on the mouthpiece!

The automatic operation prevents new users from accidentally firing coils or wasting battery life. Just remember to charge via USB cable when output weakens.

Vapengin Venus Pod Kit vape

Handy Tips:

  • Swivel pods left-right to unstick if stuck
  • Clean connections monthly

Now let’s explore luscious flavors in the Venus pod lineup!

Flavor Performance Review

With disposable vapes dominating convenience sales, recreating their performance in a sustainable format posed difficulties Vapengin impressively overcame.

Their R&D balancing sweetness, fruitiness, icy exhales and nicotine salt chemistry shines through across all 10 pod options even after analyzing flavoring minutiae as experienced reviewers.

We subjected multiple pods per flavor to repeated testing in real-world conditions over several weeks. Here are our notes and verdicts summarized:


Banana Ice

This wonderfully nails candy banana flavoring without becoming boring or repetitive even during extensive vaping. A blast of cooling on exhale keeps the sweetness in check for all day enjoyment. The prominent icy presence may overwhelm less hardy vapers.

Tropical Rainbow Sky

The ambiguous blend of melon, pineapple, berries and citrus fruits avoids single flavor dominance. Sweet tropical essence gets uplifted by slight cooling touches on the exhale. We suspect mango also contributes to the well integrated symphony.

Mr Bull Energy

Familiar energy drink flavors burst forth thanks to spot-on sweet and tangy fruit soda recreation. We taste uncanny similarities with the classic Relentless brand right down to fizzy backnotes. Mild icy accents invigorate the palate.

Strawberry Watermelon

Refreshingly distinct watermelon and strawberry profiles mingle as advertised without veering overly candy-like. However aggressive menthol may numb taste buds for some vapers. Well suited for summer sipping but the prominent icy element warrants awareness.

Cherry Ice

This stands out as an creatively atypical cherry rendition thanks to pronounced floral perfume touches. Almost reminiscent of candied rose petals and maraschino essence. Pleasantly smooth despite unconventional nature. The distinctive profile grew on us over time.

Blueberry Cherry Cranberry

The trifecta of berries dance together in luscious harmony centered around blueberry’s amiable presence. However sporadic ammonia sneaks in occasionally – likely from the blueberry concentrate. Fortunately the layered fruit foundations minimize off-putting hints.

Peach Ice

Double Drip nailed the sweet peach syrup from tinned fruit preparations. Subtle earthy elements lend realism while cooling breezes offset saccharine tones. One of the best balanced icy flavor profiles that avoids overwhelming.

Watermelon Ice

Familiar melon flavor in the candy spectrum suits warmer weather. Aggressive menthol may deter less icy inclined vapers but makes a fantastic summer refresher. Dampened sweetness could use a boost to achieve juicier watermelon authenticity.

Cool Mint

This fresh, crisp, botanically accurate mint pod avoids heavy menthol concentrates. The pure spearmint interpretation offers a patented Mint Imperial candy likeness. Satisfying as a palate cleanser with pleasant icy touches although not a cigarette menthol substitute.

Covering the full flavor selection confirms Vapengin’s knack for balancing sweet elements against icy exhale effects. Even when minor cons appear, enjoyable satisfaction remains assured.

Vapengin Venus Pod Kit Alternative

Sticky open pod vape box


The Sticky Open Pod Kit is a contemporary vaping device that combines functionality with fashion. This kit is designed with a box-style form factor, offering a compact and stylish appearance that’s ideal for vaping enthusiasts on the move.

At the heart of this kit is a Refillable Open Pod System, with a capacity of 2ml, perfect for accommodating a variety of e-liquids. The pod is equipped with a high-quality Mesh Coil that not only ensures a rich and flavorful vaping experience but also boasts durability for up to 8 Refills.

Final Verdict

Saves money over disposables
Reduced waste from reusable device
Great flavor variety
Impressive battery life
Tight MTL draw
No included instructions
Slow 1.5 hour charging
Some flavors too icy

Through hundreds of puffs across diverse pod flavors paired with benchmarking metrics versus popular disposables, Vapengin’s innovative Venus pod kit confirms its promises of affordability, sustainability and performance.

The smart reusable design minimizes waste substantially compared to endless disposable units. It also lowers user costs in the long run by just swapping $2 pods instead of rebuying whole systems.

Impressively accurate and enjoyable flavors satisfy across the board with only slight downsides on a couple options. Robust construction supports longevity most competing setups cannot match.

For vapers wanting a simplified and satisfying nic salt experience without excess waste or expenses, the Venus pod kit triumphs as a leading eco-friendly option that retains tremendous functionality. Consider us converted after putting Vapengin’s claims to the test!

Matthew Ma