Top 10 Vozol Neon 800 flavors

Since bursting onto the vape scene in 2018, Vozol has become a major player in the disposable vape space. Their newest model, the Neon 800, delivers robust performance through its FEELM Max ceramic coil. And with a generous 800 puff capacity, it keeps vapers satisfied all day long.

But the Neon 800’s real strength lies in its variety of flavors – 15 mouthwatering options catering to all tastes. After extensive testing, we’ve narrowed down the 10 best Vozol Neon 800 flavors that vapers need to try.

An Overview of Vozol and the Neon 800

For those unfamiliar with the brand, Vozol is an international vaping company offering a wide selection of disposable vape devices. Their sleek, transparent Neon 800 model houses 2ml of nic salt e-liquid and utilizes advanced heating technology for smooth performance.

The FEELM Max ceramic coil prevents dry hits and delivers exceptionally consistent flavor. Meanwhile, the 550mAh battery provides up to 800 satisfying puffs per charge. It’s an impressive technical achievement, especially for a competitively priced disposable vape.

But flavor is what really makes or breaks any vape. So Vozol pulled out all the stops by formulating 15 mouthwatering Neon 800 flavors. Their expert flavorists crafted complex recipes bursting with authentic taste.

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Let’s dive in and explore the 10 tastiest options that stood out during our hands-on evaluation.

10. Cream Tobacco – A Smooth, Sophisticated Blend

Those seeking a mellow tobacco vape will appreciate Cream Tobacco’s balanced flavor profile. Unlike harsher tobacco e-liquids, Vozol blended creamy, dessert-like notes into the mix.

Vozol Neon 800 - Cream Tobacco

The inhale brings light tobacco essence with caramel and vanilla richness. These sweet elements offset the tobacco nicely, creating an almost cigarette-like experience. It finishes with a smooth, pleasant aftertaste.

While authentic tobacco fans might desire more intensity, most will enjoy Cream Tobacco’s milder approach. It evokes nostalgic vibes of rich pipe tobacco without overpowering the palate. A sophisticated all-day vape option.

9. Grape Ice – A Crisp, Cool Twist on a Fruity Favorite

Grape is a polarizing vape flavor – executed poorly, it tastes artificial and candy-like. But Vozol’s Grape Ice gets it right with a crisp, juicy profile and cooling menthol accents.

Vozol Neon 800 - Grape Ice

Unlike other grape vapes, it largely avoids that artificial medicinal taste. The grape flavor tastes freshly popped straight from the fruit itself. Cooling menthol provides a frosty effect on the tongue that balances the sweetness.

While not an ADV for us, Grape Ice remains a refreshing treat, especially on hot days. The icy exhale cools down each puff, allowing extended vaping. If you enjoy cold grape soda, this flavor is sure to satisfy.

8. Mr Blue – A Sweet, Chilled Fruit Medley

Mr Blue presents an intriguing flavor blend centered around blueberry coupled with other fruity notes. The blueberry stands out on inhale with its characteristic tart sweetness. Yet it avoids being cloying or overbearing.

Vozol Neon 800 - Mr Blue

As you exhale, the blueberry fades into general fruit mixture with melon and pear tones. There’s also a pleasant icy chill that makes each puff super refreshing.

Despite the mysterious name, Mr Blue’s flavor profile is easy to appreciate. Its balance of blueberry and icy fruit makes for an ideal summer vape. Vozol found a wonderful harmony here – sweet but not sickly, and refreshing without being overwhelming.

7. Menthol – A Crisp, Cooling Experience

No disposable flavor lineup feels complete without a classic menthol option. Vozol’s rendition provides the brisk cooling feel menthol fans crave.

Vozol Neon 800 Menthol

A blast of minty freshness smacks the palate with each puff, followed by lingering chilliness that permeates the mouth. It’s an immediately refreshing vape that awakens the senses.

Yet the menthol intensity remains restrained enough for all day vaping. Vozol avoided the harsh medicinal taste that cheaper menthol vapes often have. Overall, an invigorating flavor reminiscent of icy mint gum.

6. VZBull – Just Like Your Favorite Energy Drink

VZBull perfectly captures the flavor of a famous energy drink (no copyright issues here!) Those familiar with the drink will immediately recognize the taste.

Vozol Neon 800 - Vzbull

It starts with fizzy, carbonated notes and transitions to sweet vanilla with a hint of spice. Menthol provides a chill that mimics the beverage’s icy feel.

Vozol absolutely nailed replicating the energy drink flavor here. From aroma to aftertaste, vaping VZBull feels like sipping the real deal. For fans, this flavor is a dream come true.

5. Watermelon Bubblegum – A Harmonious Fruit Medley

On paper, watermelon and bubblegum seem like flavors that shouldn’t mix. But Vozol’s flavorists work magic with this unique combination.

Vozol Neon 800 - Watermelon Bubble Gum

Juicy, fresh watermelon dominates the inhale with its cool melon essence. As you exhale, hints of sweet bubblegum emerge, blending surprisingly well with the watermelon.

The icy chill on each puff ties these disparate flavors together into a delightful frozen fruit experience. It’s an unconventional recipe that Vozol manages to get just right.

4. Peach Mango Watermelon – A Tropical Fruit Extravaganza

This tropical trinity blends three popular fruits into a flavor explosion. Sweet mango and watermelon provide the foundation while juicy peach adds hints of stone fruit.

Vozol Neon 800 - Peach Mango Watermelon

Inhales burst with mango and watermelon, showcasing their distinctive profiles. Peach weaves between them on the exhale, tying the medley together.

It’s a fruit lover’s paradise – waves of succulent flavor with each hit. Vozol crafted an ideal summertime vape here highlighting the best of three fruit worlds. A must-try for fruit flavor aficionados.

3. Watermelon Ice – Pure Watermelon Bliss

For the true watermelon fan, Vozol’s Watermelon Ice captures the flavor at its best – fresh, juicy and icy cold. Each puff transports you to that first crunchy bite of watermelon on a hot summer’s day.

Vozol Neon 800 - Watermelon Ice

The chilling menthol effect accentuates the melon’s natural juiciness and sweetness. Unlike many candy-like watermelon vapes, this tastes freshly picked off the rind. Crisp, green, and mouthwateringly authentic.

From aroma to aftertaste, Watermelon Ice provides watermelon flavor perfection. Both cooling and refreshing, it’s an ADV dream for melon lovers.

2. Strawberry Raspberry Cherry – A Fruit Cocktail Supreme

This flavor trio blends strawberry, raspberry and cherry into the ultimate fruity vape. Ripe, natural strawberry dominates the inhale with its sweet jammy essence.

Vozol Neon 800 - Strawberry Raspberry Cherry

Tart raspberry kicks in on the exhale, followed by traces of sugary cherry. The flavors meld together seamlessly for a berry fruit salad in your mouth.

Vozol found an ideal balance of sweetness here – the flavors really pop without overwhelming the palate. For berry lovers, Strawberry Raspberry Cherry is a flavor masterpiece not to be missed.

1. Strawberry Ice Cream – Creamy, Dreamy Bliss

Our unanimous top pick goes to Strawberry Ice Cream – an indulgent dessert vape that’s both rich and refreshing. Sweet, juicy strawberry flavor leads, mimicking the taste of ripe strawberry syrup.

Vozol Neon 800 - Strawberry Ice Cream

As you exhale, creamy vanilla ice cream notes blend in, replicating the dessert experience. It’s so authentic you’ll crave an actual bowl of strawberry ice cream afterwards!

Vozol absolutely perfected this flavor. The strawberry and cream profiles integrate seamlessly for a vape that’s as enjoyable as the real thing. An instant ADV for dessert fans.

Satisfying Flavors for Every Craving

After evaluating Vozol’s full Neon 800 flavor lineup, it’s clear their flavor team put care into creating balanced, authentic recipes. There’s something for everyone here whether you prefer fruits, desserts, mints or tobaccos.

For us, the standouts ended up being the complex fruit cocktail blends and decadent Strawberry Ice Cream. Vozol did an amazing job capturing true-to-life flavors in these options.

Of course, taste remains subjective. So we recommend sampling the full Neon 800 flavor range yourself to discover new favorites. With the impressive coil performance also delivering smooth hits, it makes flavor experimentation all the more enjoyable.

Whichever you choose, the Neon 800 serves up satisfaction with each puff. When a quality disposable vape pairs with top-notch flavors, the result is a supremely gratifying vaping experience.

Matthew Ma