The Ultimate Guide To Stop Smoking And Start Vaping Succesfully (Part 1/2)

New vaper? Want to quit smoking? Here are ALL the tips and tricks to quit smoking and/or start vaping THE RIGHT WAY, even if vaping didn’t work for you before.

  • Would you like to stop smoking?
  • Do you want to put (Mouth To Lung) vaping to the test?
  • Maybe you tried to stop smoking by vaping before but it didn’t really work out for you.
  • Or you’re simply a new vaper in need of some info and/or help (welcome to the fold, by the way).

If you’re in either of these situations, this article is meant for you. It may even change your life for the better.

vape to help quit smoking

The following are NOT health-related or psychological advice. We do NOT pretend to be able to “cure” you from a nicotine (or any substance for that matter) addiction. We DO NOT guarantee that you will quit smoking nor do we promise any result.

This is simply a guide on how to use the most suitable vaping devices and e-liquids for you, depending on your choices and preferences. We are simply trying to HELP you quit smoking.

The Ultimate Guide To Stop Smoking And Start Vaping Succesfully Part 1

If you’re serious about kicking this unhealthy habit of yours (we had the same, so, not judging here) and want to try out vaping to do so, we’re going to show you how to stack the odds in your favor. We will give you ALL the tips we can think of to help you quit smoking.

With all the content in this two-part article you’ll definitely have a better understanding of how Mouth To Lung vaping can help you getting rid of the cancer sticks for good.

As Vaping is inherently a better proposition than smoking in every conceivable way, to quit smoking by vaping is actually easy… If we do it right.

“It’s that simple.”

What do we mean by doing it right?

You need to use an vape device (I) that suits your needs (II), that you find beautiful, like to look at, or even show off (III) and pick up/hold in your hands (IV). Plus, use adequate e-liquids (V).

Easy to understand and straightforward enough, right? Yet, that’s ALL you need right there. Sounds too good to be true? For once, it isn’t. It’s that simple.

And now, we’re going to develop on these points and explain why this will allow you to quit smoking.

With any luck you won’t be feeling any frustration, withdrawal symptoms and thus, hopefully, it will change your life for the better. It did for us.

I. Use a Mouth To Lung (MTL) device

If you read our article on What Is Mouth To Lung Vaping, you know it’s a vaping method which is identical to smoking a cigarette (but different from Direct to Lung vaping, which is also explained in the article linked above). The object utilized is different, you don’t inhale carcinogenic smoke (huge plus), but the method is the same and the sensations you get from it can be as satisfying as smoking, more in fact… a lot more.

Here, we won’t discuss how and why, for ALL intent and purposes, vaping is just better than smoking. And we’re not talking (only) about health and smell. No. We’re talking about the sensations we feel and satisfaction we get when smoking. You need to take these and multiply them by 2 or 3 to imagine what you could feel while vaping the right way. And this, without the guilt often attached to smoking.

For the ones who have tried already, you may be thinking to yourself: “What a load of bull.” You think you know it’s not true.

“You’re vaping it wrong.”

Get rid of that thought right now.

You believe that because no one explained what we’re going to explain to you. It’s not that vaping isn’t what we describe it to be. It’s not that it can’t compare or favorably (in every sense of the word) replace a good ol’ cigarette. It can.

You believe this because, and to paraphrase an infamous quote attributed to Steve Jobs, you’re vaping it wrong.

What did you do wrong you might ask?

For example, if you tried, knowingly or unknowingly, to vape with a Direct to Lung device (whatever, the category – e.g. AIO, Vape Pen or Box Mod Kit) and it didn’t convince you, that could have been your first mistake.

Maybe you thought that since these devices look more sophisticated, are often more powerful, more expensive etc… they must be better, right?

But better for what? To quit smoking? No.

To make clouds? This, what we call “cloud chasing”, may be another reason why you went with a Direct to Lung device. It’s appealing, we know. But did you ask yourself if that was what you needed, now, to stop smoking?

This question, we can answer right now. It’s not.

It’s simple to understand. As you’ve been smoking for years (unless you were smoking on hookahs), you’ve always been using the MTL (Mouth To lung) method.

What made (makes) you think that changing the inhalation method you’ve used for years was (will be) better, or easy, or even work for you? Isn’t it more likely that keeping on doing what you are/were doing but with a device that eliminates most of the dangers of smoking has a greater chance of success? Doesn’t it sound more logical? At least, as a first step?

You may also think that it worked for your friend(s) or for many people you’ve “seen” online before. Yes, but how many times did they try? How long did it take them to simply adjust to this new method of inhaling (vapor instead of smoke)?

How many do not succeed that you don’t see?

Let us be clear, here. We’re not saying that DL vaping won’t work for anyone, it may very well do. But chances are a smoker will find its bearings more easily with a Mouth To Lung vaping device since it vapes the same way we smoke. That’s it. It’s just common sense.

So, it’s better to start there as we want to quit smoking, don’t you think?

Therefore, if you didn’t start with a Mouth To Lung Vaping Device, it may have been reason enough for you not making it.

That lead you to believe that vaping as a whole couldn’t help you quit smoking. Well, it can. And Mouth To Lung vaping is the best candidate to help you do it.

“Mouth To Lung Devices are what you should use if you want to quit smoking”

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s concentrate on Mouth To Lung vaping devices since they are the most likely ones to help you get rid of the stinky sticks.

If you already tried an MTL device, you didn’t do everything wrong. If you picked up a Pod System or an All in One [NB: if these terms mean little to nothing to you or you don’t know what they refer to exactly, you will after reading this article about the various types of vaping devices], you made the right choice of category. That’s a start. But still it didn’t really work out, right?

If you’ve never tried to purchase your own vaping gear yet, good. You won’t have any mistaken and/or preconceived idea.

Because an MTL product IS, most likely the right choice to make.

[NB: Again, some/many may have started with DL vaping and it worked. But it doesn’t mean that was a real choice. Maybe they just happened, without realizing it, to choose a DL vape instead of a Mouth To Lung device and, fortunately, it worked out nonetheless… or not…. or after multiple attempts. But a MTL device with a good vapor production and dense enough vapor could have worked better, quicker or just as well.]

If it didn’t solve your problem before it could be because even though you bought an MTL product, it may not have been the most suitable one for you, a smoker who wants to quit. And that’s what we’re going to focus on in the following section. (There may have been other reasons, though. But don’t worry, we’ll probably cover them next).

II. An MTL Device That Suits Your Needs

Want to increase your chances to quit smoking and get free of cigarettes? Keep on reading.

Right now, you are in the process of (wanting to) quit(ting) smoking. So, you need some gear that addresses that specific situation and apply to this context as best as possible.

What we always advise at this point, if it’s financially viable, is to acquire 2 devices. One AIO for its versatility and power (relative power, it’s still very low compared to the 200w –or more– Direct Lung cloud factories you can find on the market) and one Pod System for its ease of use, its form factor and the way you vape on it since its shape and its draw activation feature make it usually feel more like a cigarette.

If you’re tight with money and can only buy one, you should pick an All In One.

1:   Why an MTL All In One (AiO) device should be your first choice to quit smoking?

Why? Basically, because they usually offer a bit more power (and versatility) than a Pod System. We think that it’s better to have more power than necessary than to vape on a weak device that won’t satisfy your needs/cravings.

A lack of power can be partly compensated by increasing the nicotine level of e-liquids but this won’t affect the production of vapor, nor its density and warmth. (We’ll talk more about the choice of the e-liquid-s you should make in Part 2 Section V).

And that is the primary reason why we recommend an All in One device, to obtain:

  • A denser vapor, to get a stronger hit.
  • A warmer vapor, to match as closely as possible the temperature of a cigarette smoke.
  • And more vapor than you generally would get from a Pod System, or from a cigarette for that matter, to be OVER-satisfied.

These are very important points. And if you remember only one thing from this article, it must be this:

The goal here (the best way to successfully quit smoking by using a MTL vaping device) is not simply to imitate a cigarette. It’s to OUT-PERFORM it, for you to get even MORE sensations, satisfaction than what you would from a cigarette.

This while still using a Mouth To Lung vaping device, of course. Remember, a DL (Direct Lung) vaping gear has less chance to be what you want or need, even though it would undeniably and utterly outperform a cigarette.

This is because the amount, or even the warmth, of the vapor produced is only part of the equation. The first and most important one is the nature of the delivery method employed (quality before quantity).

So, to summarize, we need to stay close of the draw of a cigarette and of the way we smoke. So, that’s why we’re using the Mouth To Lung vaping method.

BUT, we also want to get more vapor than we would smoke (+ flavor-s + beautiful gadgets + a hopefully better health thanks to vapor containing a ton less chemical products).

That’s how, with any luck and with the help of flavored nicotine-infused e-liquids, you won’t even consider putting a cigarette to your mouth ever again.

“you need a bit more whoomph to make you forget all about (how shitty and weak) cigarettes (are)”

Why? Because what you really need or want without knowing it is something BETTER than a cigarette, something even more satisfying.

Wouldn’t using an object that not only gives you what a cigarette can, but more and without most of the drawbacks, make you abandon cigarettes more easily? Of course, it would. Because you would have no reason and no desire to keep on smoking on an inferior thing at this point.

That’s what the right MTL devices can do for you.

Some Pod Systems may fit the bill and produce the right type of vapor in a good enough amount (with enough power). In fact, we know and present at least some who do. But we’d rather play it safe. It’s best to assume that you need a bit more oomph to make you forget all about (how shi*ty) cigarettes (are).

Want to increase your chances to quit smoking and get free of cigarettes? Keep on reading.

Although, and this is also important, if you’re a light or a recreational smoker and don’t smoke a lot (less than 10 cigarettes a day), most Pod Systems should do the trick. But I guess you wouldn’t have too much problem kicking off this bad habit and wouldn’t really need our advice anyway.

Going too strong if you smoke light (or menthol) cigarettes, don’t smoke much or are a recreational type of smoker could be counter-productive too.

You could try and start with a Pod System like the ones we showcase in our Vape Products Sections (you’ll find more great MTL devices in these sections).

However, if you still find it difficult to stop; if you never bought your own vape; or if you just want to play it safe, then yes, you should absolutely follow our recommendations. Worst case scenario, the AiO delivers a bit too dense vapor and you just need to lower the power setting or decrease the amount of nicotine in your e-juice.

2:    What Kind Of Specs And Features Should Your AiO Sport?

Coming back to our All in One. The AiO you should buy would have these kinds of specifications and features:

– At least a 750 mAh battery.

It’s not only because of battery life and convenience but also because bigger battery usually means more power (thus vapor etc…).

There’s no real upper limit to the size of the battery of an AiO, but one with a higher battery capacity usually means Direct Lung vaping. And we don’t want that. We want our first vaping experience to be close to smoking… “just” better.

– An adjustable airflow.

To be able to choose the perfect draw for you. In any case, the draw must NOT be too loose. So, the airflow must offer the possibility to be closed down almost completely if necessary.

Be vigilant because some devices with adjustable airflow have a minimum setting that is already too loose. So, keep that in mind when looking around.

– Adjustable power settings.

Same idea here, it’s to be able to choose the power output (and the coils) you prefer.– MTL coils.

You need to make sure the manufacturer provides Mouth To Lung coils with its product. One, because these are the coils we need and two, it will confirm that the AiO can be used for Mouth To Lung vaping in the first place.

That’s it. Spec-wise, that’s about all you need to know and look for.

You don’t need to bother enquiring about the exact wattage or voltage. An MTL device doesn’t need much power to be efficient anyway (In case you want to know, 10 to 20W is good). And an AiO will almost certainly be able to put out more than 10W. Plus, if you follow all our other suggestions, the power of the vape you’ll choose will be adequate. Don’t worry.

“The devices we, at, select are the best you can find and will definitely satisfy you.”

Just be sure to read and watch some reviews before pulling the trigger on a device. And, please, carefully check what is said about airflow and vapor production (for the vapor production, you can see it with your own eyes in the advanced vapers’ video reviews we’ll post). If the airflow is too loose or the amount of vapor produced is too low, then look for another one.

Again, don’t worry, there are plenty of devices that can fit the bill. You simply have to find the right ones.

Oh, and by the way, don’t go to a vape shop and let the owner or worker there convince you to buy anything. If, for whatever reason, you decide to go to a brick and mortar shop instead of ordering online, you still need to do your homework and know exactly the model you want before showing up there.

If they don’t have it, and unless you’ve decided on a true plan B (a second device that you would like to possess nearly as much as your first choice), don’t buy anything else. Say thanks and be on your way. You’ll find it elsewhere or on the net.

Same goes for e-liquids. At the very least, you need to know if you want regular vs. salt nic e-liquids and the amount of nicotine in them (depends on your smoking level and the type of e-juice you choose).

Plus, doing some research is important for several reasons.

One, because it requires more involvement from you in this whole process. It implies that you’re somewhat serious about quitting smoking. It also shows some motivation and commitment.

Two, because it needs to be your choice. Don’t be afraid of selecting the wrong e-product. If you follow our recommendations, watch some reviews (you’ll find several for each product we’ve selected in our Reviews Section) you will pick the right one(s) for you.

In the off-chance you end up not liking it because of a tiny but aggravating detail you discover and/or didn’t think about before buying, or because you got a defective device, that’s not the end of the world and you can still try another one.

Three, because you NEED to like the design of the device you will use. We’ll develop on that in the next section (III).


It would be better if you could change the coils of the MTL device you choose. But, on the other hand, if you can’t because, despite our recommendation, you decided to go for a Pod System, it may be a blessing in disguise (especially if it’s the only device you can afford and/or is your first e-product). Lower maintenance and short learning curve could allow for a more straightforward experience… but more risky because of the possibility of purchasing a device too weak, with an airflow that you don’t like etc… Balance the pros and cons and make your choice.

This brings us to the last part of this section:

3- What kind of Pod System should You buy?

Before to answer this question, we’d like to point out a few things.

As we’ve mentioned before, if you can, you should order a Pod System alongside your All in One. We highly recommend this approach. You may, if you clearly prefer using one e-product over the other, feel like you bought one for nothing and wasted some money.

But did you? How would you have known which one was perfect for you otherwise? Or how could you have been sure? And what are a few bucks if you happen to succeed and quit smoking for good?

Plus, you can always give it away to someone close to you.

Though, the most likely scenario is that you will use one more often than the other but still vape on the second one from time to time.

If you could make a simultaneous purchase it would be best. This way you can try them both out at the same time and, whichever you end up preferring, you won’t get frustrated. Whereas, if you buy and use only one, it may not fulfill all your needs/desires and make you more likely to pick up a cigarette for time to time.

“There definitely are devices that you’ll like (way) more than your cigarettes.”

You could even think it’s good enough without realizing (how could you?) it’s not perfect for you. So, you would take the risk to be disparaged at some point because you’re ultimately unsatisfied and end up right where you started.

You like your death sticks? You’ll like vaping devices more.

You always need to remember this and believe it as a fact:

There definitely are devices that you’ll like (way) more than your cigarettes. Period.

You may be lucky and be completely satisfied with the way the Pod System you chose vapes on your first (or second) try but, remember you may have to seek a few out to find the right one(s) for you. Don’t let that deter you from your goal and vaping as a whole.

The reason why is that for a Pod System, almost everything is set/fixed by the manufacturer. And either it suits you or it doesn’t. Ok, it’s not that black and white, but you understand what we mean.

That’s also why we advise you, if you can only buy one, to choose an All in One device first because you have some control, albeit limited, on the way it vapes. You can modify the airflow to make it more or less restrictive or the power output to make it vape stronger if need be.

But, armed with all the knowledge you’re acquiring now and the tips we give you, you will find at least one that should fit your needs perfectly. Keep that in mind and, in case the first pick isn’t good enough, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

Now, what kind of Pod System should you choose?

The Pod System you should buy would have these kinds of specifications and features:

– Draw activation

This means you only need to drag on it to start vaping, like you would a cigarette. Avoid fire buttons.

– Tight draw

Choose a Pod kit with a draw on the tighter side. Too loose and it won’t compare favorably to a cigarette pull.

You may prefer a somewhat looser draw, though. You could find a device with a tight draw to be too difficult or annoying to puff on. This, you will only discover with experience. If you have friends using Mouth To Lung vaping and/or Direct To Lung vaping devices, you could ask to try them out to get a feel of what you might prefer.

– At least 350mAh battery.

Below that, and since more battery often goes hand in hand with more power, there’s a high probability that it will be too weak for you. Though some new ones like the Ecigator D14 or, and of course, the D19 which is surprisingly and amazingly powerful despite being tiny and having an accordingly small battery. It produces a great amount of vapor, too. Still, it’s not the norm at all.

Yes, there are plenty of (closed) Pod Systems having a small battery size and many people using them. They even say they like them a lot. True. But we still advise you not to buy one of those unless we specifically tell you otherwise.

This point is less important if you’re a light smoker or have decided to buy an AiO along with your Pod System.

In any case, even if it seems more convenient, do NOT buy a closed Pod System with prefilled pods. They, and the e-liquid they put in their pods, are overpriced junk.

– Above average (for this type of product) vapor production and vapor density

You almost need the reviewer to be “blown away by the amount of vapor this tiny object can produce” or something along those lines. Best is you just look for yourself and visually compare the different amount of vapor each Pod System you’re interested in can pump out.

Vapor density is important for two reasons:

  • – because it contributes to the strength of the hit
  • – it also determines the satisfaction you’ll get from the feeling of the vapor filling your lungs. For the vapor to fill your lungs, mouth or throat, it needs to be consistent, i.e. (relatively) dense.

Vapor density is less important for someone who direct To Lung vape since a lower density can be compensated with a higher amount of vapor. But for MTL vaping, vapor density is key.

Important Note:

For Pod Systems, don’t listen to reviewers much. Sometimes they seem to like everything or they just judge a Pod System relatively to others. And as most are weak ass vapes, they declare other weak ass vapes good (enough). They’re not. Above all for someone who wants to quit smoking.

Matthew Ma