How Long do Disposable Vapes Last

Understanding Disposable Vapes Lifespan

Disposable vape lifespan - how long do disposable vapes last you

Have you ever been frustrated by the sudden realization that your disposable vape has expired? You take a pull, the light flashes, and alas, you know it’s over. This can be even more exasperating when it seems like your vape pens aren’t lasting as long as they used to. If this resonates with you, then you’re not alone. Many vapers have experienced this recently. Thankfully, there are explanations for this and solutions to ensure your vapes last longer.

Lifespan of Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes come with a built-in battery, a coil, a wick, and a reservoir filled with e-liquid, all housed in a casing with a mouthpiece. Fundamentally, a disposable vape operates just like an open-tank e-cigarette. The battery powers the atomizer, which in turn heats up the e-liquid to produce vapour. The only difference is that with disposable vapes, you cannot refill them with e-liquid or recharge the battery.

Disposable Vapes Lifespan

Ecigator Licky 600 Puffs Disposable Vape

This means that a disposable vape will stop functioning once either the e-liquid or battery runs out. Most manufacturers intentionally design their vapes to run out of battery before the e-liquid depletes. This is done to prevent vapers from having ‘dry hits’, which can occur when there’s no e-liquid left. Thus, generally, a disposable vape’s lifespan is defined by the life of its battery.

How Does the Lifespan Vary?

The duration a disposable vape will last depends on a number of factors such as the power output of the device, the atomizer head material, and the size of the battery. Different atomizer materials require varied power outputs, each with its own set of pros and cons when it comes to flavour and vapour production. Typically, a higher power output leads to faster battery depletion.

However, the biggest influence on the lifespan is the battery’s capacity. Each battery is rated with a milliampere hours (mAh) rating, which represents how much energy the battery can deliver before it runs out. Why don’t manufacturers simply produce disposable vapes with larger batteries, you ask? The answer lies within the confines of the e-liquid capacity.

Why Not a Large Capacity?

While there are no restrictions on the battery size of a vape, the design is such that the battery exhausts itself before the e-liquid. Moreover, there’s a limit to the amount of e-liquid that a vape can hold – 2ml, to be exact. This limit is not arbitrary but is mandated by the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations (TRPR).

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This results in most disposable vapes having a similar lifespan, although there can be slight variations due to the previously mentioned factors. The power output, atomizer head material, and your vaping habits all contribute to these minor differences.

But, what if your disposable vapes have noticeably started to last less than before?

If your disposable vapes seem to be expiring sooner than they used to, there might be a tangible reason. Recently, changes were made to the specifications of market-leading disposable vapes such as the Elf Bar 600 and Lost Mary BM600 for the UK market. Investigations alleged that these products often exceeded the 2ml e-liquid capacity regulation. Following exposure by The Daily Mail in February 2023, health regulators in the UK initiated consultations with the involved brands.

Presently, disposable vapes are being rigorously checked to ensure that they adhere to the 2ml e-liquid capacity limit. Unfortunately for vapers, this means that some disposable vapes may last around 40% less time. But don’t fret, there are alternatives that offer great battery life without compromising on the convenience and flavour intensity of disposables.

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What Are the Alternatives

The vaping market is diverse, offering a wide range of e-cigarettes, each with its unique benefits and features. Two products, the Sticky Prefilled and Rec5000, have been designed specifically as alternatives to 600 puffs disposable vapes. They offer an intense flavour experience similar to disposables, but with a more pocket-friendly price, lesser environmental impact, and longer lifespan.


  1. Why is my disposable vape not lasting as long?
    It might be due to recent changes in product specifications to comply with the 2ml e-liquid capacity regulation.
  2. What’s the lifespan of a disposable vape?
    Typically, it’s determined by the life of its battery, but can vary slightly based on factors like power output, atomizer head material, and vaping habits.
  3. What is the e-liquid capacity for disposable vapes?
    The e-liquid capacity for disposable vapes is legally limited to 2ml under the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations (TRPR)  in EU.

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