What is Mesh Coil in the Disposable Vape and the Advantages

What is Mesh Coil in the Disposable Vape and the Advantages

Disposable vapes offer a convenient, hassle-free way to vape, requiring no charging or refilling. As vaping technology has progressed, disposable vape devices have incorporated more advanced features like mesh coils to enhance the user experience. Mesh coils solve several common issues faced by regular wire coils, allowing disposable vapes to last longer, produce better flavor and bigger clouds. Here we explore how mesh coil technology benefits disposable vapes and some of the top options currently available.

What is a Mesh Coil?

While most vapes use wire coils, some disposable vapes now incorporate mesh coils. Rather than wound wire, mesh coils use flattened expanded metal sheets with holes as the heating element. The mesh sheets have significantly more surface area than wire, allowing for improved heating, wicking and vapor production. Mesh coils tend to last longer and produce better flavor than wire coils.

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How Mesh Coils Benefit Disposable Vapes

Mesh coils provide several key advantages for disposable vapes:

Improved Flavor

The increased surface area and even heating of mesh coils helps extract more flavor from e-liquid, resulting in better taste. The mesh also avoids overheating the e-liquid which can produce a burnt flavor. For the short life of a disposable vape, maximizing flavor is key.

Bigger Vapor Clouds

Mesh coils vaporize e-liquid more efficiently, producing bigger clouds with each puff. For disposable vapes, the amount of vapor is limited by the built-in battery and e-liquid volume, so mesh coils can provide an improved vaping experience in the short term.

Longer Lasting

Though disposable vapes are designed to be temporary, mesh coils allow them to last longer by preventing excess gunk buildup and staying structurally intact better over time. A disposable vape with mesh coils may provide 50-100 more puffs before output and flavor start to diminish. For vapers, more puffs for the money is always better.

Quicker Ramp Up Time

The rapid heating ability of mesh coils allows disposable vapes to produce vapor almost instantly. There is no waiting for the coil to heat up fully, so vapers can take quick successive puffs. The short lifespan of a disposable vape means faster ramp up time is highly valuable.

Less Prone to Dry Hits

The improved wicking of mesh coils makes dry or burnt hits unlikely in disposable vapes. The mesh and wicking material distributes e-liquid more evenly and efficiently, vaping all available e-liquid before output drops off. Especially as the disposable starts to run out of e-liquid, mesh coils prevent uneven wicking that leads to dry hits.

Mesh Coil Materials

Mesh coils can be made from various materials, each with its own set of properties and performance characteristics.


Kanthal is a popular choice for both traditional and mesh coils due to its affordability, availability, and resistance to oxidation.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel mesh coils offer excellent durability and corrosion resistance. They can also be used in temperature control mode with compatible vape devices, providing a more consistent vaping experience.


Nickel mesh coils are known for their rapid ramp-up time and ability to be used in temperature control mode. However, some vapers may have allergies or sensitivities to nickel and should avoid using these coils.


Titanium mesh coils are another option for temperature control vaping, offering quick ramp-up times and excellent durability. However, they can be more expensive than other coil materials.

How to Choose a Disposable Vape with Mesh Coil

When choosing a disposable vape with a mesh coil, consider factors like the coil material, flavor options, nicotine strength, and device size. Make sure to select a device that suits your preferred vaping style and needs.

Some well-known disposable vapes that incorporate mesh coils include:

  • Puff Bar Mesh:
    Puff Bar now offers a mesh coil edition of their popular disposable vape. The Puff Bar Mesh provides 800+ puffs with 6% nic salt e-liquid and tighter draw from the mesh coil. Available in 10+ flavors like Lychee Ice and O.M.G. (Orange, Mango, Guava).
  • Ecigator Licky 600:
    The Ecigator Licky 600 Puffs Mesh Disposable vape features a 400mAh battery, 2mL of 20mg nicsalt e-liquid and single mesh coil for up to 600 puffs. Tropical flavors include Peach and Passionfruit. Ecigator are known for long lasting power and the mesh coil helps prevent output drop.
  • Salty Dawg Nic Salt Disposable:
    For nic salt vapers, the Salty Dawg disposable now offers a mesh coil alternative with 6mL of e-liquid containing 50mg nic salt and 700+ puff capacity. Salty Dawg is available in mango, tobacco, strawberry and mixed berry. The Salty Dawg mesh disposable avoids dry hits and maintains consistent performance due to the advanced coil.
  • Hyde Edge Mesh Disposable:
    The popular Hyde Color disposables now have a Hyde Edge Mesh option with 50mg nic salt e-liquid and single mesh coil lasting up to 600 puffs. Hyde vapes are some of the smallest, most portable disposables available with the mesh Edge edition boosting vapor production and throat hit. Choose from flavors like Blue Razz Ice and Pomegranate.
  • Ecigator Sticky Pod:
    Ecigator Sticky makes a mesh coil edition of their replaceable disposable vape with 2% nic e-liquid, 600+ puff battery and plenty of refreshing mint/fruit blends. Flavors in the Ecigator Sticky mesh series include Blueberry, Strawberry, Passion Fruit and Mango and more. The mesh coil provides cool, flavorful vapor that doesn’t overwhelm.

The mesh coil options from popular disposable vape brands allow for an improved vaping experience with bigger clouds, better taste and longer lasting power compared to standard wire coil disposable vapes. For vapers who prefer the convenience of disposables, a mesh coil model is the way to go. Check the specs for your favorite disposable vape brand to see if they offer an upgraded mesh coil edition.


While disposable vapes provide maximum convenience, their performance often leaves much to be desired. Mesh coil technology helps remedy common issues with disposable vapes like poor flavor, harsh hits and dropping off quickly. For vapers who prefer rechargeable devices but want the occasional disposable, look for options that incorporate mesh coils. They provide the improved experience many vapers seek with longer lasting battery, bigger clouds, better taste and overall higher quality puffs.


  1. Do all disposable vapes use mesh coils?
    No, most disposable vapes still use standard wire coils. However, many newer models are incorporating mesh coils to improve performance. Check specs to determine if a particular disposable vape uses mesh technology.
  2. Which disposable vapes last the longest?
    Disposable vapes that utilize mesh coils, particularly those with higher battery capacity (600+ puffs), tend to last the longest as mesh coils reduce issues that diminish performance over time. Options like Puff Bar Mesh, Hyde Edge Mesh and Mojo Bolt Mesh can last up to a week with moderate use.
  3. Why do disposable vapes burn out?
    There are a few common reasons why disposable vapes burn out or stop producing vapor:

    • Depleted battery: Disposable vapes have a limited built-in battery capacity, so over time the battery will drain and output will drop.
    • Coil burn out: Wire coils tend to break down more quickly over repeated heating and cooling, leading to reduced vapor, flavor and gunk buildup.
    • E-liquid depletion: Disposable vapes contain a fixed amount of e-liquid. Once it has been vaped completely, no more vapor will be produced.
    • Wicking issues: As e-liquid levels get low, uneven wicking that leads to dry, burnt hits becomes more likely which impacts performance.
  4. How can I prevent my disposable vape from burning out?
    While disposable vapes are designed to last a limited time, there are a few tips to maximize performance:

    • Choose a device with mesh coils which last longer.
    • Select a vape with a higher battery capacity (500 puffs or more).
    • Take shorter, less frequent puffs rather than long continuous draws.
    • Store your disposable vape upright when not in use so wicking remains even.
    • Avoid high VG e-liquid options as they are thicker and harder to wick.
  5. Are disposable vapes bad for you?
    Disposable vapes, like any vaping device, do carry some health risks due to nicotine content and exposure to toxic chemicals. The convenience of disposable vapes may also encourage higher nicotine consumption and addiction. However, they are considered less harmful than smoking traditional cigarettes according to current research. Using disposable vapes in moderation and selected proper e-liquid can help minimize health impacts.

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