Does Vaping Helps to Reduce Anxiety & Stress?

Vaping Helps to Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety: it’s a universal human experience. We all go through periods of worry, tension, or fear, particularly in anticipation of events that are about to occur or that we perceive as potential threats. But for some, anxiety goes beyond these normal experiences, transforming into a serious mental health concern.

Understanding Anxiety

According to Mind, a renowned mental health organization:

“Anxiety is what we feel when we are worried, tense or afraid – particularly about things that are about to happen, or which we think could happen in the future. Anxiety is a natural human response when we feel that we are under threat. It can be experienced through our thoughts, feelings and physical sensations” (, 2021).

While everyone has experienced anxiety at some point, it can become a persistent mental health issue when it starts to interfere with daily life. Anxiety can be tough to handle without help and often becomes a lifelong concern. Some individuals resort to smoking as a form of ‘self-medication’ to alleviate symptoms, despite the numerous health issues linked to it.

Smoking vs. Vaping

Research suggests that smoking can increase anxiety. The shortness of breath and sleep disruptions caused by tobacco smoke can exacerbate anxiety symptoms. However, vaping emerges as a potentially safer alternative.

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How Vaping Alleviate Anxiety

If you’re already a smoker, vaping may prove beneficial for anxiety management. The variety of flavors and smells produced by e-cigarettes can influence stress levels. Finding a flavor that you enjoy could offer some anxiety relief. Plus, vaping is not associated with severe health issues like heart or lung problems, leading to fewer health worries.

Additionally, e-cigarettes are a more affordable alternative to expensive tobacco products. Financial stress can be a significant source of anxiety, but you can purchase a vaping device for under £10. Keeping your vaping supplies well-stocked is also cheaper, thanks to multi-buy offers on sites like

The Double-Edged Sword of Nicotine

However, it’s crucial to note that most e-liquids contain nicotine, a stimulant that increases heart rate and blood pressure and is highly addictive. The withdrawal symptoms when you go without it can increase anxiety. But don’t despair; the wide range of available nicotine strengths means you can control your intake.

Nonetheless, nicotine-free vaping options exist. Vaping at 0% nicotine brings the advantages of vaping, minus the significant drawbacks related to stress.

Exploring CBD Vaping

Cannabidiol (CBD), a compound extracted from the cannabis plant, gained substantial popularity in the UK around 2018/19. Some claim it’s a panacea for various ailments, including stress and anxiety. While we can’t make any medical claims about CBD’s effects on stress, research is ongoing.

A 2020 New Zealand study suggested that CBD has a positive impact on anxiety and is safe for users with mental health conditions. If you’re considering vaping CBD, remember to:

  1. Use only specially designed CBD e-liquids.
  2. Use low-powered devices for CBD e-liquids.
  3. Conduct thorough research from trusted sources like the NHS.

Can Vaping Help With Anxiety?

In conclusion, vaping can potentially help manage anxiety, provided considerations like nicotine strength are understood. The enjoyable flavors, health benefits, and cost-effectiveness compared to cigarettes are its main advantages. If you’re grappling with stress or anxiety and currently smoke, it may be an ideal time to consider switching to vaping.

Easy to use vape kits.

If you’re a smoker and looking to manage your stress levels with a safer alternative, here’s a great selection of vape kits that are simple to use and no fuss.

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  1. Does vaping reduce anxiety?
    Vaping may help manage anxiety, especially if you’re already a smoker. However, it’s important to consider nicotine levels and choose vaping liquids wisely.
  2. Can I vape without nicotine?
    Yes, there are nicotine-free vaping liquids available that offer the benefits of vaping without the potential stressors associated with nicotine.
  3. What about vaping CBD for anxiety?
    Some users report that CBD helps alleviate their anxiety. However, always ensure to use CBD e-liquids specifically designed for vaping.
  4. Is vaping more affordable than smoking?
    Generally, yes. Vaping devices and e-liquids are often less expensive than regular tobacco products.
  5. Does vaping have health benefits?
    While not risk-free, vaping is generally seen as less harmful than traditional smoking, particularly concerning heart and lung problems.

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