New Report by Chief Health Officer Reveals 40% Increase in Vaping in One Australian State

40% Increase in Vaping in One Australian State

A recent report by the Chief Health Officer of Queensland reveals a 40% increase in the use of e-cigarettes and vapes in the state over the past five years. The report also shows that almost 20% of Queenslanders have tried vaping, with 5% of the population currently using them and almost 2% doing so daily. The highest percentage of users were young adults between 18 to 29 years, where 14.5% of them were users. The report also found that young men who also smoke are the most likely to vape.

The study analyzed trends from 2018 to 2022 and discovered that current e-cigarette and vape use increased significantly, with the largest rise observed in young adults between 18 to 24 years. The research also highlighted that less than half of the over 2500 parents surveyed had talked to their children about vaping.

The Lung Foundation CEO, Mark Brooke, called for a ban on e-cigarettes except through pharmacies to people with a prescription, stating that “we know vaping is hugely damaging to health.” He emphasized that young people are being relentlessly targeted by black market criminals and insidious big tobacco marketing practices that have not been seen for 60 years.

Queensland has announced a parliamentary inquiry into the dangers of vaping and a crackdown on vaping. Additionally, the Cancer Council wants vaping products to be banned, while one of the country’s leading tobacco control experts, Associate Professor Becky Freeman of the University of Sydney, called for the total ban of all vaping products in Australia, except when prescribed by a doctor to combat cigarette withdrawals.

In conclusion, the report highlights the significant increase in vaping among Queenslanders, particularly among young adults. The report’s findings support calls for stricter regulation of vaping products and the need for greater awareness of the dangers of vaping, especially among young people.

Matthew Ma