France Bans Disposable Vapes by September 2024

France bans single-use e-cigarettes

In a significant move to curb youth vaping, the French Parliament has reached a consensus on banning single-use electronic cigarettes , commonly known as “disposable vapes.” The ban is expected to come into effect by the end of September 2024, as stated by Green Party deputy Francesca Pasquini.

The bipartisan bill, initiated by Pasquini, received unanimous support in the Senate in early February after being approved by the Assembly in December. A joint parliamentary committee (CMP) consisting of members from both chambers swiftly agreed on a common text on Thursday. Following this agreement, the government announced its intention to notify the European Commission, which has a six-month window to validate the legislation.

Health Minister Catherine Vautrin reacted to the development on X, stating, “I am immediately notifying the European Commission to confirm France’s decision. The fight against smoking must continue.” Pasquini expressed optimism about the Commission’s agreement, particularly after it recently approved Belgium’s decision to ban puffs.

A Public Health Menace

The European Commission, in its decision regarding Belgium’s ban, concluded that the proposed prohibition on the marketing of disposable electronic cigarettes containing nicotine is “justified, necessary, and proportionate to the goal of public health protection.”

During the Senate session, Vautrin condemned puffs as a “public health, social, and environmental scourge.” She criticized the marketing tactics used to attract young people, such as vibrant colors, fruit flavors, and low prices. Vautrin also highlighted the alarming nicotine content of these devices, stating, “We are seeing devices entering the market whose content is equivalent to 18 packs of cigarettes.”

A recent survey revealed that 15% of teenagers aged 13 to 16 have already used these “puffs,” with nearly half of them being introduced to nicotine through these devices.

Stringent Penalties for Violations

The proposed legislation aims to prohibit the manufacturing, sale, and free distribution of single-use e-cigarettes. Violators will face a substantial fine of 100,000 euros as a penalty for non-compliance.

As France takes decisive action against the youth vaping epidemic, the ban on single-use e-cigarettes marks a significant step towards protecting public health and discouraging nicotine addiction among young people.

Matthew Ma