Gold Bar Disposable Vape Review

The crowded vape market continues to expand with new disposable options emerging all the time. One recent entrant catching attention is the obscure Gold Bar disposable vape. With little known about the origins of the Gold Bar brand, I was intrigued to dig into these gold-colored devices and find out if they live up to the shiny hype.

In this in-depth Gold Bar review, I’ll break down the design, flavor options, battery performance, and overall vaping experience these disposables deliver. Do they strike vaping gold or leave you longing for more? Read on to discover the highs and lows of the Gold Bar.

Uncovering the Mystery of Gold Bar Vapes

Right off the bat, concrete details about the Gold Bar manufacturer Vape Gold are sparse. The best available information suggests the brand may hail from the United Arab Emirates. But facts are hard to conclusively pin down.

This air of secrecy lends an aura of mystique to the Gold Bar name. And the marketing leans into the sense of discovery and exotic flavors.

As described by the company, Gold Bar disposables use industry-leading technology to produce an ultra-smooth draw and exceptional flavor retention. The e-liquids are blended by elite “flavor houses” to create unique taste sensations.

So while the obscure origins raise eyebrows, Vape Gold talks a big game regarding the performance and flavors. My testing will reveal whether reality lives up to the intrigue.

What to Expect from the Gold Bar Disposable Hardware

There’s not much specific technical detail available on the Gold Bar device hardware itself. But we can infer certain performance capabilities.

The “hyper mesh” coil likely uses a resistance around 1.2 ohms. This should maximize flavor production. The integrated 500mAh battery aims to deliver approximately 600 puffs before depletion.

For controls, the Gold Bar utilizes automatic draw activation. This provides ease of use with no buttons to press. A single LED light on the base indicates battery life status.

It’s ready to vape directly out of the box. Just remove the silicone mouthpiece cover and base seal before taking your first puffs.

Packaging and Design Impressions

The Gold Bar disposable vape packaging immediately grabs your attention. Shaped like an actual gold bullion bar, the box has ornate detailing that looks like it belongs in a bank vault.

While the packaging may seem gimmicky, it’s certainly eye-catching. And it continues the air of aspirational luxury the brand tries to project.

Inside the cardboard sleeve, the device itself rests in a sealed plastic bag along with a safety information insert. The presentation creates a sense of value.

In terms of the vape construction, at first glance it closely resembles a standard disposable format. The anodized aluminum shell with gold finish looks sleek, especially with the black mouthpiece.


  • Length: 104mm
  • Width: 16mm
  • Depth: 16mm

Seeing the basic cylindrical disposable shape inside the elaborate packaging is slightly underwhelming. But the elegant gold and black color scheme still makes the device feel elevated.

Overall, the packaging effectively captures attention. And the disposable hardware looks stylish, if not groundbreaking.

Top Gold Bar Disposable Vape Flavors Tested

The Gold Bar comes in a wide selection of flavors – 22 options total. Most are classic fruit and berry profiles, often with a cooling effect added.

Gold Bar Disposable Vape Flavors

Testing across the extensive flavor lineup revealed a mix of hits and misses when it comes to taste accuracy and appeal. Here’s a detailed rundown of my experience with a broad selection of the Gold Bar flavor lineup:

Raspberry Watermelon

This flavor combines juicy, ripe raspberry with refreshing watermelon for a fruity fusion. The inhale brings massive sweetness, laying the groundwork for a balanced melding of the two fruits on the exhale. Neither overpowers, instead intertwining to create an entirely new flavor profile. The raspberry leans candy-like while the watermelon tastes pleasantly natural and cool. Top notch blending makes each puff a tangy, sweet burst. The expertly added koolada cooling uplifts the fruits. A dynamic, well-crafted combo.

Blueberry Ice

Initially robust, fresh blueberry flavor quickly declines mid-vape, shifting to an unpleasant artificial tone. The overwhelming icy blast also dominates, muting the blueberry. By the exhale, it takes on a chemical hairspray aroma. For a single fruit focus, odd off-notes emerge distractingly. The heavy cooling over enhances the gentle blueberry. The natural berry essence fails to fully develop. An inaccurate, inconsistent blueberry rendition.

Hawaiian Sunrise

Sunny pineapple juiciness takes center stage in this tropical blend, with traces of peach accentuating the background. Delivering sweetness on par with candy, the pineapple offers mouthwatering flavor. The peach provides dimensionality without overasserting. Notes of watermelon barely surface underneath the dominant pineapple. Icy on inhale, it fulfills the vacation vibe suggested. But the pineapple overpowers the other fruits meant to be equal partners.

Peach Mango Watermelon

An extremely sweet blend driven by upfront watermelon candy flavor with faint peach in support. The mango touted as part of this tropical medley mysteriously fails to emerge. The syrupy watermelon sugariness drowns subtler fruits that should balance it. Instead of a harmonic fruit fusion, it disappoints by highlighting just the watermelon candy. Too unbalanced for the description.

Bora Bora

Grapefruit tartness rightfully takes center stage here, with traces of mixed berries struggling to complement it. The grapefruit provides delightful fresh bite. Hints of blueberry and orange can be detected beneath the dominant grapefruit. Heavy icy menthol adds intense cooling. While bold grapefruit steps forward, the other fruits fail to become clear partners, making it slightly one-dimensional.

Strawberry Peach

The peach overwhelms the light strawberry, creating an imbalanced pairing. The peach tastes fake and candy-like, lending an unpleasant synthetic harshness. Weird chemical aftertones develop, suggesting poor blending. The strawberry gets lost, failing to temper the peach. For a classic fruit duo, the peach hijacks the flavor while the strawberry fades away. The mismatch disappoints.


Sweet strawberry and undefined mixed fruits and florals combine for complexity. Orange citrus and assorted berries come through faintly, crafting depth. Each puff differs slightly as notes interplay. Heavy sweetness smoothed out by the fruit intermixing. A unique discovery blending fruits in new ways. Strawberry steps back while secret fruits drive new flavor directions.

Peach Ice

Genuine juicy peach flavor at a pleasant moderate sweetness level. The peach tastes ripe and natural, not candied. Expert cooling generates a thirst-quenching peach chill. One of the most authentic and enjoyable peach vapes available. A consistent flavor that retains natural peach essence. A refreshing exemplar of how to do peach ice right.

With its huge range of flavors, the Gold Bar lineup has options for every palate. But quality and accuracy varies widely across the board.

Testing Battery Life and Performance

For a 500mAh battery, the Gold Bar battery life exceeded expectations in testing. I averaged around 11 hours of usage before the light began flashing to indicate low power.

By my count, these disposables realistically last over 700-800 puffs, substantially surpassing the estimated 600 puff rating. Even as the battery progressed toward empty, flavor and vapor performance remained impressively consistent.

The longevity and consistency results in a highly reliable vaping experience over the full device lifespan. You can trust the Gold Bar battery to deliver satisfying performance for days of average use.

Final Verdict: Mystery Brand Shows Promise

While not every flavor hit the bullseye, several Gold Bar options like Raspberry Watermelon showed creativity in blending flavors in exciting new ways. When they nail a profile, the accuracy is impressive.

The brand mystique doesn’t fully live up to expectations, and the packaging far outshines the standard disposable format. But the battery life and consistent vapor performance leave little room for complaint.

For a hit of unique fruit flavor in a disposable format that lasts, the Gold Bar makes a compelling option to mix up your rotation when the mood strikes. It earns its place among the growing disposable vape market.

Matthew Ma