Elf Bar 600 and BC5000 are popular disposable vape devices that have gained immense popularity in recent years as alternatives to traditional cigarettes. But how do these modern vaping devices compare to regular cigarettes when it comes to nicotine content and puff equivalency? This comprehensive guide will provide detailed insights into the nicotine strength and puff equivalency of Elf Bar 600 and BC5000 disposable vape devices compared to traditional cigarettes.

Elf Bar 600 Puff Equivalency

The Elf Bar 600 is one of the most popular pre-filled disposable vape devices in the market today. With its sleek and compact design, long-lasting 600 puff capacity, and requires no maintenance or refilling, it has become a convenient vaping option for both beginners and experienced vapers. But when it comes to nicotine strength and puff equivalency, how does the Elf Bar 600 compare to traditional cigarettes?

how many cigarette in elf bar 600

Count with Nicotine

The nicotine volumn of the Elf Bar 600 is on of the important factor to consider when calculating how many cigarettes it is equivalent to. In UK market, the Elf Bar 600 is available in 3 different nicotine strengths: 2%(20mg/ml), 1%(10mg/ml), and 0%(0mg/ml) in their 2ml nicotine salt ejuice. The 20mg/ml strength  is intended for heavy smokers, while the 0 mg/ml strength is intended for people who want to enjoy the flavor of vaping without nicotine.

We will take the 20mg/ml as an example to compare to traditional cigarette in this article, which means one Elfbar 600 has:

    • 20mg*2 = 40mg nicotine

As we mentioned in the article How Many Cigarettes Are in A Disposable Vape : On average,  only about 1.1-1.8 mg of that nicotine will actually enter your bloodstream when you smoke the traditional tobacco cigarette.

So here we get the result when compare weith nicotine strength:

    • A 2ml Elfbar 600 with a strength of 20mg/ml nicotine equivalent to approximately 20-40 cigarettes or about 1-2 packs (depends on different brands).

Count with Puffs

As the name suggests, the Elf Bar 600 comes with a 600 puff capacity per device. This means you can expect to take around 600 puffs or drags before the e-liquid runs out.

The number of puffs may vary based on factors like puff duration and frequency of use. Heavier users may get fewer than 600 puffs, while lighter users could potentially exceed 600 puffs.

So how does the 600 puff capacity of the Elf Bar translate into cigarette stick equivalency? Here is a rough breakdown:

    • The average cigarette requires around 10-15 puffs to finish.
    • The Elf Bar 600 provides around 5-600 puffs in total.
    • Therefore, 1 Elf Bar 600 is approximately equivalent to 40-75 cigarettes, or around (2-3 packs).

So in terms of total puff count, the Elf Bar 600 disposable vape approximates 2-3 packs of traditional cigarettes. However, the nicotine delivery between vaping and smoking can differ, so the transition is not always direct.

BC5000 Puff Equivalency

The BC5000 is another popular disposable vape option known for its exceptionally long-lasting battery and huge 5000 puff capacity per device. In terms of cigarette equivalency, we will get the answer with the same algorithm above:

how many cigarette in bc5000

Count with Nicotine

The BC5000 disposable vape contains 13ml ejuice with 3 different nicotine strenght 0% (0mg/mL), 3% (30mg/mL), 5% (50mg/mL). Here we will take the 3% and 5% as example:

Nicotine volume of a BC5000

    • 3%: 13ml * 30mg/ml = 390mg
    • 5%: 13ml * 50mg/ml = 650mg

Compare to traditional cigarette:

    • 3% BC5000:  390mg equivalent to approximately 200-400 cigarettes or about 10-20 packs
    • 5% BC5000:  650mg equivalent to approximately 400-600 cigarettes or about 20-30 packs

Count with Puffs

True to its name, the BC5000 provides approximately 5000 puffs per device when used normally. Heavy users may get slightly less than 5000 puffs, while lighter use can result in more puffs.

Determining the cigarette equivalency requires some calculations:

    • On average, smoking a cigarette takes 10-15 puffs.
    • The BC5000 offers about 5000 puffs per device.
    • Therefore, one BC5000 disposable with 5000 puffs has approximately the same equivalency as 350-500+ cigarettes (or 18-25 packs).

Factors that Determine Cigarette Equivalency

When determining how many cigarettes an disposable vape equates to, it’s important to note that nictone strength and puff count equivalency doesn’t tell the full story. There are several other factors at play:

Nicotine Absorption & Delivery

The nicotine in cigarettes gets rapidly absorbed by the lungs and delivered to the brain within seconds. Vaping involves slower nicotine absorption through the mucous membranes, so the nicotine effect manifests slower compared to smoking.

Individual Smoking/Vaping Habits

The puff count equivalency also depends on individual habits. Light cigarette smokers may find a 600-puff Elf Bar lasts longer than heavy smokers who chain smoke. Personal vaping habits also impact equivalency.

Device Power & Coil Performance

The battery output and coil performance of vapes like Elf Bar 600 and BC5000 can affect vapor production and nicotine delivery, which changes puff equivalency. Lower battery voltage may provide less vapor per puff compared to a strong battery.

E-Liquid Flavors & Ingredients

The specific e-liquid flavors and ingredients used in disposable vapes also influence nicotine delivery. Complex flavors may overpower nicotine, while simpler PG/VG ratios provide stronger throat hit.

So while the Elf Bar 600 and BC5000 may equate to 20-40 cigarettes and 400-600+ cigarettes respectively based on nicotine strength and puff count, real-world equivalency depends on all the above factors. The transition is usually not direct.

How to Make the Switch from Cigarettes to Disposable Vapes

For smokers looking to make the switch to vaping with disposable devices like the Elf Bar 600 or BC5000, here are some tips:

  • Start with higher nicotine strength like 50mg/mL to satisfy cravings. Can gradually step down the nicotine over time.
  • Take slow drags instead of hard puffs to allow the nicotine to absorb through the mucous membranes.
  • Take more frequent puffs as needed since vaping requires more puffs to equal a cigarette.
  • Stay hydrated to counteract vaping’s drying effect and any throat harshness.
  • Consider device lifespan – the 600 puff Elf Bar 600 equates 3-4 packs of cigs, while the BC5000’s 5000 puffs lasts 25-30+ packs.
  • Choose flavors you enjoy to make the experience more pleasant without all the tobacco taste.
  • Combine with NRT products like gum or patches for the initial cigarette cravings as needed.

With some patience and experimentation, vapes like the Elf Bar and BC5000 can effectively satisfy the smoking urge with their potent nicotine salt formulations and generous puff capacities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Elf Bar worse than cigarettes?

No, vaping with an Elf Bar is generally less harmful than smoking traditional cigarettes according to Public Health England. E-cigs/vapes lack tobacco combustion which creates most smoking-related health risks.

How long will an Elf Bar 600 last a heavy smoker?

For a heavy smoker consuming 1-2 packs daily, one Elf Bar 600 may last 1.5 – 2 days based on frequency of vaping. Lighter smokers may get 3-5 days of use.

How long will a BC5000 disposable vape last a pack a day smoker?

Considering a pack a day smoker consumes around 160 puffs daily from 20 cigarettes, the mammoth 5000 puff capacity of the BC5000 would last over 30 days (5000/160= 31.25 days).

Should I vape Elf Bar or smoke cigarettes?

Vaping with an Elf Bar 600 or BC5000 is generally the much healthier and safer choice compared to smoking cigarettes according to UK health authorities. Vaping eliminates tobacco smoke, providing nicotine satisfaction with greatly reduced health risks.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to disposable vapes like the Elf Bar 600 and BC5000, the huge puff capacities allow each device to substitute several packs of traditional cigarettes based on averages. However, individual smoking habits, nicotine absorption differences, and other factors mean equivalency varies. Ultimately, these convenient disposable vapes can effectively satisfy nicotine cravings for smokers looking for a switch. While not risk-free, they provide a viable alternative to high-risk combustible cigarettes according to public health authorities.

Matthew Ma