OXVA XLIM SQ Kit Review – Refreshingly Square Pod Vape

OXVA XLIM SQ Pod Kit Review

The OXVA XLIM SQ is one of four devices in the XLIM pod system family. Unlike its sibling devices, the XLIM SQ features a unique square exterior while retaining much of the same internal functionality of the highly-rated original OXVA XLIM. As a more compact and beginner-friendly alternative, does the XLIM SQ stand out on its own merits?

A Familiar XLIM Experience In a New Shape

Upon unboxing the XLIM SQ, the most striking aspect is its appealing square form factor. It lives up to its XLIM SQuare namesake, with four sleek rounded edges that make it comfortable to hold and pocket-friendly at just 68.5mm x 47mm x 14mm.

Weighing only 44g, it has a similar lightweight portability as a box of mints. The rounded sides allow it to sit stably when placed down and a small lanyard attachment loop lets you securely wear it.

The XLIM SQ uses the same XLIM V2 pods first introduced with the OXVA XLIM, featuring built-in 0.6Ω and 0.8Ω mesh coils designed specifically for nicotine salt ejuices. These pods magnetically snap firmly into place and contain 2ml of juice capacity each.

On the exterior, an LED battery life indicator glows green, blue or red depending on remaining charge, while the signature XLIM side airflow control slider adjusts a comfortable MTL draw during use. The maximum output automatically adjusts to 22W or 16W based on which resistance pod is attached.


  • Size: 68.5mm x 47mm x 14mm
  • Weight: 44g
  • Pod Capacity: 2ml
  • Uses XLIM V2 Pods (Built-in Coils)
  • Draw activated
  • MTL to Tight MTL draw
  • Battery Size: 900mAh
  • Max Wattage 25W
  • Charging: 1A Type-C

Packaging & Contents

  • 1 x OXVA XLIM SQ device
  • 1 x XLIM V2 0.6Ω pod
  • 1 x XLIM V2 0.8Ω pod
  • 1 x Type-C charging cable
  • 1 x Lanyard
  • 1 x User manual

The kit provides everything needed to start vaping besides ejuice. The lanyard and manual are handy extras alongside the two pod options for flexibility.


Using The Xlim SQ Pods

These pods feature side-filling for easy top-ups with nicotine salt juices. The fill plug is securely fitted while allowing efficient viscosity flow when filling. Air bubbles dislodge easily when filling upright and snap closed securely.

Their semi-transparent tint helps gauge remaining juice level at a glance before needing to top up. Durability is excellent too – I managed to refill pods over 15 times while retaining flavor consistency with only a gradual drop in vapor density over time.

Both the 0.6Ω and 0.8Ω pod options provide satisfying flavor density and delivery notable throat impact when used with 25-50mg (or higher) nicotine salt juices. The higher 22W output of the 0.6Ω pods drives slightly warmer, denser vapor.

OXVA XLIM SQ Pod refilling

Draw & Airflow Adjustability

The signature slidable airflow control makes a tangible difference to the draw style – when fully open, it enables a very airy MTL draw that stays flavorful. As expected, sliding it closed tightens up the draw considerably for a more restricted inhale.

I personally preferred keeping it around halfway open for the most comfortable experience. This retains some airflow while pulling consistent flavor with each inhale. Closing it too tight starts impacting vapor density noticeably. There’s a versatility allowing both loose MTL and tighter MTL preferences.

Side airflow slider on the XLIM SQ for adjusting tightness of MTL draw.

Design & Build Quality

Constructed from aluminum alloy, the XLIM SQ feels sturdily built in hand without unnecessary weight. Small design accents like faceted edges and a carbon fiber-style battery cover provide visual flair too.

The colorful gradient or solid colorways across nine options allow matching personal styles. My unit in Purple Black shifts between deep purple and black pleasingly under light.

While compact, there’s no noticeable battery rattle inside when shaken and all parts fit flush together cleanly. The pods magnetize securely during use yet release reasonably easily when desired. Type-C charging works consistently without connection issues.

After over a month of average use, I couldn’t find any glaring build quality faults in the construction. The matte surface hides superficial scratches well too while giving a smooth grip.

Battery Life & Charging

The XLIM SQ packs an impressive 900 mAh battery into its petite frame which lasts satisfyingly long between top-ups:

  • I managed an average two days of moderate use from the 0.8Ω pods.
  • The more power hungry 0.6Ω pods reduced this closer to a full day under heavier vaping.

While vaping frequency impacts this greatly, it generally outlasts expectations for a device this compact. Charging it from empty took 45 minutes consistently via the Type-C port.

The LED indicator transitions color dependinging on remaining battery:

  • Green – Above 65%
  • Blue – Between 30% to 65%
  • Red – Below 30%

This gives a reliable gauge of when you’ll next need to recharge even without a specific percentage displayed. I began charging when it turned blue to avoid being caught without battery.

Type C charging port on the bottom of the XLIM SQ

Performance & Vapor Quality

With both the 0.6Ω and 0.8Ω pods, vapor production quality and density lived up to OXVA’s reputation. Flavor reproduction was clean, consistent and accurate across various nic salt flavors tested.

The lower 16W output of the 0.8Ω pods provides slightly less vapor density but still delivers satisfying throat impact and flavor intensity. The 0.6Ω outputs larger, warmer clouds expected at 22W – those seeking bigger hits will enjoy these.

I encountered no leaking, flooding or other performance issues across extended testing. Pods wicked efficiently until the end of their lifespans with no dry hits. Airflow delivery remained consistent with different levels of juice.


The XLIM SQ delivers the same satisfying flavor and vapor performance as the original XLIM in a refreshing compact square form factor. It retains compatible XLIM V2 pods while simplifying usage – the automatic power output removes need to adjust wattage.

For vapers seeking a reliable pocket-friendly MTL pod solution, the XLIM SQ checks every box with efficient airflow control, durable long-lasting pods and enough battery life to get through average days between charges.

While similar internally to the impressive OXVA XLIM, unique touches like the charming exterior redesign and lanyard attachment give the XLIM SQ its own identity. It earns a strong recommendation for newer vapers and experienced users alike searching for a compact flavor-focused pod system.

Matthew Ma