OXVA XLIM SQ PRO Review – A Feature-Packed Pod Vape

OXVA XLIM SQ PRO pod kit review

OXVA has made huge waves in the vaping industry with its expanding lineup of innovative XLIM pod systems. I’ve reviewed several XLIM variants, but the new XLIM SQ PRO feels like an impressive evolution that redefines expectations of what a pod device can deliver. This pocket-sized powerhouse packs adjustable airflow, adjustable output, marathon battery life, and outstanding flavor accuracy into a thoughtfully designed chassis. After extensive testing, I believe the SQ PRO represents OXVA’s most compelling pod system yet.

Clarifying the Confusing XLIM Lineup

First, some background. OXVA has released numerous XLIM pod devices over the years, including the original XLIM, XLIM C, XLIM Pro and XLIM SQ. Iterations like the XLIM V2 brought small tweaks, while the XLIM CRC added child safety features.

Frankly, keeping track of the differences hasn’t been easy. But the XLIM SQ PRO clearly brings more to the table than just incremental upgrades. This wholly reimagined rendition modernizes the platform with a vibrant full-color display, revamped airflow control, boosted battery capacity, and various customization options. Read on for the full scoop.

XLIM SQ PRO Review — Specs and Contents


  • Size: 77mm x 54.4mm x 20.4mm
  • Weight: 88g
  • Pod Capacity: 2ml
  • Uses XLIM Top-Fill Pods (Built-in Coils)
  • Button/Draw activated
  • MTL to Tight MTL draw
  • Battery Size: 1200mAh
  • Wattage Range: 5-30W
  • Adjustable Wattage
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Charging: 2A Type-C

Box Includes

  • 1 x OXVA XLIM SQ PRO Device
  • 1 x XLIM Top Fill Cartridge (0.6Ω)
  • 1 x XLIM Top Fill Cartridge (0.8Ω)
  • 1 x Type-C Cable
  • 1 x Lanyard
  • 1 x User Manual

Despite appearances, the SQ PRO packs impressive power beneath its façade. But the spec sheet alone can’t convey the full experience. So let’s examine how all this hardware comes together.

Premium New Design — Improved Yet Familiar

Removing the XLIM SQ PRO from its box, I immediately noticed its premium facade. The aluminum alloy chassis exudes quality with diamond-cut beveling and expert assembly tolerances. Its ergonomic curved shaping allows long comfortable usage despite its 88g heft.

Gracefully rounded corners modernize the former boxy SQ aesthetic while retaining familiar DNA. And while heavier than its predecessors, the XLIM SQ PRO remains satisfyingly pocketable.

Vibrant colorways like my attractive “Spring White” variant add tasteful elegance. The slide-out pod drawer and side-mounted airflow wheel also blend seamlessly into the contours. And the responsive full-color display looks resplendent against the polished panels.

Altogether, OXVA managed to revamp the XLIM design language without alienating loyal fans. The SQ PRO simply exudes more refinement through and through.


Orientation and Getting Started

Despite its uptick in sophistication, the XLIM SQ PRO preserves beloved simplicity. The intuitive draw-activation provides hassle-free operation the moment you insert a pod. Adjusting the airflow or output merely takes a few button presses.

The stealthily stashed USB-C charging port conveniently facilitates rapid top-offs as needed. And the push-to-open pod bay allows effortless swapping and filling. Within minutes I had the SQ PRO primed for my preferred settings and flavors.

OXVA XLIM Pod Compatibility

The SQ PRO pod bay retains cross-compatibility with most existing XLIM coil varieties via the clever slide-out tray. So I could utilize my collection of 0.8Ω and 1.2Ω V2 pods during testing.

More notably, the SQ PRO introduces dedicated “Top Fill” pods with side-oriented self-sealing juice ports that won’t get blocked upon insertion. These streamline mid-session refilling elegantly.

Inside reside the same 0.6Ω and 0.8Ω mesh coil varieties as the V2 pods. So vapers can expect similar performance traits when using preferred older pod types if desired. But the new top-fill pods prove more convenient overall.


Helpful Onboard Features and Controls

A key highlight differentiating the SQ PRO lies in its abundant functionality spreadthoughtfully across the hardware. The intuitive rocker button fires and awakens the device’s slumbering full-color display.

Navigating the well-organized menu system soon became second nature. Quick button presses toggle between three attractive UI themes or control settings like swapping between preheat modes. Users can also reset puff counters or change wattage presets through additional menu trees.

The side-mounted airflow wheel allows micro-tuning draw smoothness to your taste with ease thanks to its refined resistance. And adjustable airflow presets persist between sessions – a nice touch.

Altogether the XLIM SQ PRO grants vapers ample latitude to adapt the experience to their needs – an impressive feat for a pod system.


Battery Life That Goes the Distance

Inside the XLIM SQ PRO resides a high-capacity 1200mAh battery representing a generous boost over earlier XLIM devices that paid big dividends during testing. The upgraded cell reliably delivered multiple days of regular usage between charges.

I also appreciated OXVA sticking with USB-C charging, enabling quick 1 hour recharges without interrupting usage thanks to handy pass-through technology. This meant minimal downtime when topping up the SQ PRO.

Considering its petite size, the XLIM SQ PRO delivers staggering battery duration – especially impressive given its performance capabilities.

1701702586 OXVA XLIM SQ PRO charging

Smooth and Satisfying Flavor Production

Of course, expansive battery reserves wouldn’t mean much without great flavor to match. Happily, the XLIM SQ PRO delivers wonderfully consistent taste thanks to OXVA’s dialed-in mesh coils and wicking.

Both the 0.6Ω and 0.8Ω pod varieties produce dense, accurate flavor that persists impressively over their extensive lifespans. The adjustable airflow also allows catering vapor density perfectly to your style, be it loose MTL or a tighter draw.

And automatic output adjustments from 5-30W ensure ideal power application regardless of the installed pod type. This optimized calibration contributes greatly to the remarkably smooth vapor production.

Throughout testing, I never encountered a dry hit or diminishishing returns. The XLIM SQ PRO provides stellar MTL satisfaction until the last drop thanks to its meticulous engineering.

Pros and Cons

Attractive and portable design
High resolution, color display LCD screen
Compatible with all OXVA pods
Side Adjustable airflow
1200mAh battery life, lasts for days of use
Really great flavor from both pods
Heavy for the size; weighs 88g

Conclusion – OXVA’s Mightiest Pod System Yet

In an ocean of “me-too” pod devices, the ambitious XLIM SQ PRO stands proudly as a truly differentiated offering dripping with innovation. Its segment-leading battery duration and deep functionality dramatically outshine rivals. Vapers longing for a pocket rocket ready to keep clouds flowing for days with accuracy need look no further.

By thoughtfully expanding upon the solid XLIM foundation rather than reinventing hastily, OXVA created something special here. From its premium new aesthetics to its arsenal of features granting extensive personalization, the XLIM SQ PRO feels like a worthy successor ready to carry the torch forward.

While the trademark OXVA refinement remains, everything about the XLIM SQ PRO fits and finishes at a higher level. Much like athletes reaching seemingly unsurpassable peaks of greatness, I believe OXVA has achieved its magnum opus pod system with aplomb. Any remaining niches in my vaping needs now feel filled.

Matthew Ma