Suorin Fero Review: A Perfect MTL Vape Pod Kit

Suorin Fero Pod KIt Vape Review

The Suorin Fero is a remarkable addition to the world of MTL (mouth-to-lung) pod vapes, offering a perfect blend of simplicity, convenience, and performance. Designed with the user in mind, the Fero boasts a sleek, ergonomic design, adjustable wattage and airflow, and a long-lasting 1000 mAh rechargeable battery. This in-depth review will explore the various aspects of the Suorin Fero, including its design, features, performance, and overall user experience.

  • Pod capacity: 3.0 mL
  • Coil resistance: 0.6 ohm (18-23 watts), 0.8 ohm (12-18 watts)
  • Materials: Aluminum alloy + PCTG
  • Battery capacity: 1000 mAh
  • Dimensions: 113.7 mm x 25.5 mm x 14.4 mm
  • Max wattage: 25 watts
  • Charging: Type-C, DC 5V/2A
  • Activation: Auto-draw/button-activated
  • Display: 0.42-inch OLED

Design and Build Quality

The Suorin Fero showcases a sleek, traditional stick design that sets it apart from other Suorin products. Constructed from high-quality aluminum alloy and PCTG materials, the Fero is both lightweight (50 grams) and ergonomic, measuring 113.7 mm x 25.5 mm x 14.4 mm. The device is available in five attractive gradient colors, each featuring a subtle texture and pattern that adds a touch of sophistication to its appearance.

The Fero’s exterior combines a matte and polished finish, resulting in a smooth, fingerprint-resistant surface that is both visually appealing and comfortable to hold. The device features a centrally located 0.42-inch OLED screen, a side-mounted button, and a back-mounted slide switch for adjustable airflow, all of which are intuitively placed for easy access and convenience.

One minor drawback of the Fero’s design is the inability to turn off the light show that encircles the OLED screen. While visually appealing, some users may prefer the option to disable this feature. Additionally, the small, clicky button can be easily pressed while in the pocket, but this issue can be mitigated by deactivating the button and using the device as an automatic draw vape.

1719670959 Suorin Fero Vape Pod Kit

Features Description

The Suorin Fero is packed with an impressive array of features that cater to the needs of MTL vapers:

  • Adjustable wattage: The Fero allows users to adjust the wattage from 5 to 25 watts, providing the flexibility to customize the vaping experience to their preferences.
  • Adjustable airflow: The back-mounted slide switch enables users to adjust the airflow, accommodating both tight and loose MTL draws.
  • OLED screen: The 0.42-inch OLED screen displays essential information such as wattage, battery life, and puff count, making it easy for users to monitor their device’s status.
  • Puff counter: The Fero includes a puff counter that tracks the number of puffs taken, allowing users to keep track of their usage.
  • Light display: The device features a light display that encircles the OLED screen, adding a touch of customization and visual appeal.
  • Auto-draw and button activation: The Fero offers both auto-draw and button activation, giving users the flexibility to choose their preferred method of activation.
Suorin Fero Pod Kit

Pods and Coils

The Suorin Fero comes with two pods (0.6 ohm and 0.8 ohm) that are designed for optimal use with nic salt e-juice. The pods have a capacity of 3.0 mL and are made from high-quality PCTG material.

The 0.6-ohm pod is best suited for a tight MTL draw and performs optimally between 18 and 23 watts.

On the other hand, the 0.8-ohm pod is ideal for a slightly looser MTL draw and works best between 12 and 18 watts.

Both pods feature Suorin’s new and improved mesh coils, which are designed to provide better flavor and longer coil life compared to their previous products. The pods are easy to fill and replace, and the strong magnets ensure a secure connection to the device.

Suorin Fero Pod

Getting Started with the Suorin Fero

Setting up and using the Suorin Fero is a straightforward process. The kit includes everything you need to get started, including the Fero device, two pods, a USB-C charging cable, and a lanyard.

To begin, remove the device from its packaging and charge it fully using the provided USB-C cable. While the device is charging, take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the user manual and the various features of the Fero.

Once the device is charged, select the pod you wish to use (0.6 ohm or 0.8 ohm) and fill it with your preferred nic salt e-juice. To fill the pod, locate the fill port on the bottom of the pod and carefully fill it with e-juice, taking care not to overfill.

After filling the pod, allow it to sit for a few minutes to ensure that the coil is fully saturated. This will help prevent dry hits and extend the life of the coil.

Next, insert the pod into the Fero device. The strong magnets will ensure a secure connection. If you wish to adjust the wattage or airflow, use the side-mounted button and back-mounted slide switch, respectively.

To turn on the device, press the side-mounted button five times in rapid succession. The OLED screen will display the current wattage and battery life. To begin vaping, either press the side-mounted button or simply inhale on the mouthpiece, depending on your preferred method of activation.

1719671904 Suorin Fero Pod Vape KIt

Battery Life and Charging

The Suorin Fero is equipped with a 1000 mAh rechargeable battery, which is impressive for a device of its size. When using the device at lower wattages (10-12 watts), users can expect the battery to last for approximately a day and a half before requiring a recharge.

Charging the Fero is a simple process, thanks to the inclusion of a USB-C charging port. Simply connect the device to a power source using the provided USB-C cable, and the device will begin charging automatically. The OLED screen will display a battery indicator and a percentage readout, allowing users to monitor the charging progress.

It takes approximately one hour to fully charge the Fero from a completely depleted state. Once the charging process is complete, the OLED screen will turn off, indicating that the device is fully charged and ready for use.

1719672083 Suorin Fero Pod Vape

Performance and User Experience

The Suorin Fero delivers an impressive performance that is sure to satisfy MTL vapers. The adjustable wattage and airflow allow users to customize their vaping experience to their preferences, while the new and improved mesh coils provide excellent flavor and vapor production.

When using the 0.8-ohm pod, users can expect a tight MTL draw that is perfect for nic salt e-juices. The flavor is crisp and clean, and the vapor production is more than adequate for an MTL device. The 0.8-ohm pod performs best between 10 and 12 watts, and the flavor remains consistent throughout the life of the pod.

The 0.6-ohm pod, on the other hand, is better suited for a slightly looser MTL draw and higher wattages. When used between 16 and 18 watts, the 0.6-ohm pod produces a warm, flavorful vapor that is sure to satisfy. The vapor production is slightly higher than that of the 0.8-ohm pod, but still within the range of what is expected from an MTL device.

Overall, the Suorin Fero provides a consistently satisfying vaping experience that is sure to appeal to MTL vapers. The device is easy to use, reliable, and delivers excellent flavor and vapor production.

Pros and Cons

Sleek, ergonomic design
Adjustable wattage and airflow
Excellent flavor and vapor production
Long-lasting 1000 mAh battery
Two pods included (0.6 ohm and 0.8 ohm)
Strong magnets for secure pod connection
OLED screen displays essential information
Light show cannot be turned off
Button can be easily pressed while in pocket
Occasional gurgling may occur with certain e-juices


The Suorin Fero is an exceptional MTL pod vape that offers a perfect balance of simplicity, convenience, and performance. With its sleek design, adjustable wattage and airflow, and long-lasting battery, the Fero is sure to appeal to both new and experienced vapers alike.

The inclusion of two pods (0.6 ohm and 0.8 ohm) and the new and improved mesh coils ensure that users can enjoy excellent flavor and vapor production, while the OLED screen and various features add to the overall user experience.

While there are a few minor drawbacks, such as the inability to turn off the light show and the occasional gurgling, these are outweighed by the many positive aspects of the device.

Overall, the Suorin Fero is a highly recommended MTL pod vape that delivers on its promise of simplicity, convenience, and performance. Whether you are a current vaper looking for a reliable and satisfying device or a smoker looking to make the switch to vaping, the Suorin Fero is definitely worth considering.

Matthew Ma