Airis Neo P9000 Disposable Vape Review

airis neo p9000 review

The Airis Neo P9000 disposable vape demonstrates how far vaping technology has progressed, packing an array of upscale features into a convenient, pocket-friendly format. We break down this decked-out device to see if it lives up to its ambitious specs.

Introducing the Airis Neo P9000

The Neo P9000 represents the pinnacle of Airis’ disposable vape lineup, building upon past iterations with bonus functionality for enhanced user experience.

It retains the ample 17mL juice reservoir and 600mAh battery from previous Neo editions while augmenting features like the top airflow control with:

  • OLED display – Shows puff count, battery level, liquid level
  • Liquid level sensor – Alerts when juice is low
  • Type-C fast charging – More efficient powering up

Enclosed within a slim, pocketable chassis, the Neo P9000 makes a compelling case as an ultra-convenient disposable that doesn’t compromise on performance or quality-of-life perks.

But do its real-world attributes align with those ambitious on-paper specs? Our hands-on review provides the answers.

Reviewing the Look and Feel

True to disposable format, the Neo P9000 arrives completely set up and ready to vape. Its slim, rectangular chassis sports an understated aesthetic in muted colors. Ridges along the side enable easy gripping, while the metallic top section adds visual flair.

An adjustable top airflow control dial provides customizable draw tightness, taking the guesswork out of achieving your preferred settings. The mouthpiece sits slightly recessed, which could pose issues for certain vaping styles but generally stays out of the way.

Overall construction feels sturdy, if perhaps less refined than more premium-priced disposables. Still, the smart ergonomics and handy airflow control dial contribute to an enjoyable user experience.

Airis Neo P9000 Disposable Vape

OLED Display

The vibrant OLED screen gives at-a-glance clarity on remaining puff count, battery level, and liquid level – freeing users from guessing games. Watching those usage metrics decline encourages more mindful consumption while allowing time to re-up on cartridges.

For disposables, this degree of feedback is rare and highly beneficial. It’s a prime example of how enhanced interfaces can enrich vaping’s convenience factor.

Performance and Battery Life

Powered by a 600mAh internal battery, the Neo P9000 delivers consistent, quality vapor production. Its 1ohm mesh coils optimize both flavor and vapor intensity. Compared to most disposables, the vapor leans slightly warm and dense.

Battery runtime aligned closely with the approx 9000 puff rating. For moderate vapers, expect a few days’ runtime before needing a recharge via the Type-C port. Heavier users may drain it within a day.

While the battery lags behind some million-puff disposables, it balances longevity and portability. And helpfully, the OLED display eliminates any charge anxiety.

Airis Neo P9000 Flavors

Flavor Varieties

Our test unit came pre-filled with one of four flavored, nicotine salt-based e-liquids:

  • Watermelon – Juicy, realistic watermelon essence
  • Blueberry Ice – Blueberry with cooling menthol accents
  • Mango Ice – Sweet mango and icy menthol
  • Strawberry Banana – Creamy strawberry and banana

Ranging from fruity menthol to dessert, the variety accommodates most flavor preferences.

Flavor Impressions

Now for that all-important flavor test. Here are our verdicts on each Neo P9000 edition:

Watermelon – Perhaps the most flavor-accurate watermelon approximation we’ve found in a disposable. Clean, crisp sweetness with a watery juicy finish.

Blueberry Ice – Blueberry essence shines through on inhale before leaving behind a cool menthol exit. One of the tastiest blueberry vapes out there.

Mango Ice – Competent yet fairly standard mango interpretation, but could use more complexity and accuracy. Icy menthol accents provide ample cooling.

Strawberry Banana – Top-tier balance of ripe strawberry and banana flavors fused into creamy nectar. Could easily function as an all-day vape.

The watermelon, blueberry, and strawberry banana each authentically conveyed their core fruits. Only the mango blend failed to thoroughly impress among generally great flavor replication.

Final Impressions of the Neo P9000

Considering feature set, performance, and design cohesion the Neo P9000 makes a compelling case as a top-tier disposable vape.

For under $20, it crams in ample battery life, expansive e-liquid capacity, customizable airflow, and most impressively, that user-friendly OLED interface. Then it piles on great flavor to match.

There’s hardly a missing element here aside from maybe 1100% flavor accuracy. Airis expertly fused upscale attributes into an accessible format – exceeding expectations of what defines a “convenient” vape.

So if you seek more transparency and customization from your disposable experience without compromising on portability or ease of use, the Neo P9000 warrants consideration. Just be ready for some menu button mashing with all those awesome usage insights at your fingertips!

Matthew Ma