HorizonTech Micco N16000 Disposable Vape Review

HorizonTech Micco N16000 Disposables Review

HorizonTech broadens their catalog beyond sub-ohm tanks with a growing lineup of disposables – adding the flashy new Micco N16000 series. This spaceship-styled device offers adjustable output, airflow, and a decorative LED panel alongside 16,000 puffs of nic salt satisfaction. But how’s the experience beyond the visual pizzazz? Let’s launch into a full review.

Micco N16000 Specs

  • Size: 101 x 42 x 25mm
  • Weight: 72 grams
  • 20mL nic salts
  • 50mg/mL strength
  • 650mAh battery
  • 16,000 puff rating
  • 0.8Ω alternating dual mesh coils
  • 15 flavors
  • Type-C charging
Micco N16000 Disposable Vape

Micco N16000 Design & Build

There’s no uncertainty surrounding the Micco N16000’s defining visual characteristic – a monumental glow emanates from the LED display occupying the entire facade. Vibrant glyphs for each flavor exude extraterrestrial energy, lending credence to a spaceship aesthetic. It certainly magnetizes attention while exacerbating battery drain.

Further inspection unveils smaller details that complete a cohesive identity. Rear dot patterning provides textural depth across the plastic chassis matching the graduated color shift. Paint application exhibits no aberrations from pocket contact. It feels sturdy in-hand, avoiding fragility plaguing some competitors chasing slimness.

Standing at 101mm tall and 80g weight, dimensions sit sensibly for a 16K puff offering. Comparable long-lasting options from Beard or Lost Mary scale similarly. Nothing appears disproportionate or unwieldy.

Micco N16000 Features & Performance

Behind the LED spectacle, a compact monochrome display relays device diagnostics:

  • Real-time wattage level
  • Remaining battery percentage
  • E-liquid volume status
Micco N16000 Led Screen

Twin adjustment buttons underneath permit cycling through 10-20W of power for vapor fine-tuning. Around 17W in my experience optimizes 50mg nic salt satisfaction. This screen also darkens automatically to conserve energy.

An airflow toggle on the base shifts between restricted direct lung and tighter MTL inhales. Given the high nicotine concentration, I favored MTL draws. But it accommodates both vaping styles.

Responsible for endurance reaching 16,000 puffs are alternating dual mesh coils swapping between inhalations. This architecture mejorates consistency as the device depletes by preventing single coil overwork.

A built-in 650mAh battery accepts Type-C charging. While handy, rapid recharging cannot offset faster-than-expected battery depletion unfortunately.

Micco N16000 Airflow

Micco N16000 Flavors Review

I tasted through the 15 available flavors to gauge accuracy. Here are condensed tasting notes:

Triple Berries – An uncannily accurate blackcurrant flavor dominates, immediately coating the palate in tart vibrancy evoking nostalgic candywood memories. Faint raspberry lingers underneath, but blackcurrant remains the star leaving that distinctive aftertaste in its wake.

Strawberry Banana – Sweet strawberry couples with gently ripe banana; both familiar profile staples taste authentic without overwhelming saccharine. A straightforward and cohesive pairing.

Cherry Peach – Juicy peach meets tart cherry for a pleasant fruit fusion with contrasting flavor dimensions. Sweet peach fuels the inhale before the cherry richness punctuates the finish.

Sour Apple Ice – Sharp green apple bitterness meets icy exhales to delight sour candy fans. That puckering apple tang flows into a cooling cascade for a remarkably accurate representation.

Cotton Candy – Struggling with flavor density, only faint sweetness materializes without the light sugary accuracy expected. Bolder candy notes would significantly bolster this option lacking true-to-life gossamer sugariness.

Gum Mint – Crisp spearmint oozes chewing gum nostalgia through cooling, palate-cleansing finishes. An uncomplicated interpretation centered on minty freshness rather than complexity.

Watermelon Bubblegum – Unfortunately dominated by cloying sweetness concentrating sugary watermelon and bubblegum that overwhelms rather than blending cohesively. Too intense for preference.

Watermelon Ice – Robust candy watermelon tilting artificially sweet leads into a minty exhale. The chilling aspect helps temper sweetness slightly but the combination underdelivers compared to expectations.

Peach Ice – Pleasant authentic peach hampered by subtler presence than ideal, lacking slightly in well-rounded sweetness and juice. The cooling feels similarly understated, culminating in a vape that, while not unpleasant, fails reaching true peach ice potential.

Strawberry Kiwi – Accurately extracted strawberry and kiwi with both tasting impressively close to real-life produce. Sweet strawberry couples with tart kiwi for a winning fruit fusion when properly balanced.

Lemon Lime – A zesty citrus medley of lemon & lime flavors evoking nostalgia for that classic ice lolly. Tangy and sweet with effervescent authenticity. One of the best lemon lime disposables around.

Frozen Raspberry Lemonade – Sharp lemony citrus pops envelop raspberry undertones before chilling wintergreen finishes. The tart lemonade dominates, contrasting the sweeter raspberry nicely without overwhelming integration.

Blue Slurpee – Spot-on blue raspberry and berry mix calls to mind the candied deliciousness of syrupy chilled convenience store slushies, down to the brain freeze…here replaced by potential nicotine overindulgence! Pleasant cooling sensation nails the texture.

Blue Razz – Echoing the Blue Slurpee without menthol, an identically candied blue raspberry and berry explosion elicits long-lingering sweetness. Tailored towards those favoring blue razz sans icy accents.

Micco N16000 Flavors

Micco N16000 Performance & Battery

Initially, the Micco N16000 delivers exactly as advertised courtesy of the proprietary coils and 50mg per mL nicotine punch. Between variable wattage and airflow tweaking, it can be customized to taste. My sweet spot lived around 17W using a tighter MTL draw.

Sadly, multiple battery depletions revealed rapid deterioration once falling below 50% – especially at higher outputs. Having to recharge after just a single day at 19W became tiresome. And disappointing vapor production below half charge necessitated longer inhales.

Thankfully longevity expectations shine through 15K puffs without power deficiencies hampering enjoyment early on thanks to those dual coils. But the decorative LED screen undoubtedly quickens discharge speeds unnecessarily.

Closing Thoughts

The HorizonTech Micco N16000 modernizes disposables through adjustable output meeting advanced atomizer engineering within an interstellar shell. Striking LED aesthetics come compromised by battery life however. Still, robust flavor replication like with Sour Apple Ice and the capacity to tailor the draw make it recommendable overall. Just be strategic with the decorative display.

Adjustable wattagey
Adjustable airflow
Alternating dual coils
Strong battery initially
Accurate flavors
Mediocre battery lifey
Fragile LED screeny

For smokers seeking a customizable unlimited device capable of sourcing 16,000 satisfying puffs backed by HorizonTech’s revered expertise, the Micco N16000 warrants consideration. Just monitor usage to offset faster discharge speeds over time.

Matthew Ma