Smok Spaceman B600 Disposable Vape review

Smok Spaceman B600 Disposable Vape review

The SMOK Spaceman B600 is the latest foray by the vape giants into the disposable vape market. With 15 flavor options packed into a tiny yet powerful device, do these mini vapes deliver? This extensive review will cover every aspect including the flavors, performance, battery life, and overall real-world experience using the Spaceman B600 disposables.

Introducing the SMOK Spaceman B600

The Spaceman B600 distills vaping down to pure, hassle-free simplicity. These diminutive disposables measure just 66mm x 34mm x 19mm and weigh only 32g. Despite the miniature size, they manage to cram in everything needed for an enjoyable nicotine delivery system.

  • 15 flavors catering to fruit, candy, and other tastes
  • 2ml e-liquid capacity
  • 20mg nicotine salt strength
  • Draw-activated firing mechanism
  • 400mAh battery for up to 600 puffs
  • Mouth-to-lung style draw
  • Pre-filled and disposable
Smok Spaceman B600 Disposable Vape

With no buttons, settings, or maintenance required, the B600 offers straightforward vaping satisfaction. Just inhale to activate the battery and enjoy your flavor of choice. The 20mg nicotine salts deliver a satisfying buzz reminiscent of smoking a cigarette.

Once the battery dies after around 600 puffs, an LED light signals it’s time to simply switch out for a fresh device – no recharging or refilling needed. For vapers who prioritize convenience and portability, the Spaceman B600 nails the basics. Next let’s look at the design and build quality.

Spaceman B600 Design and Build Quality

These miniature vapes feature colorful and playful designs, but otherwise have straightforward plastic constructions typical of disposables. By nature of being closed systems, there are no concerns about messy leaks. Just toss them when the battery dies.

One unique design aspect is the rubberized mouthpiece which provides some nice flex when vaping. And at just 32g each, the devices feel ultra-lightweight. Combined with the tiny size, they easily slip into pockets and purses for true grab-and-go portability.

The 400mAh battery capacity and 2ml e-liquid volume are pretty standard for disposable vapes due to TPD regulations on capacity. But SMOK manages to squeeze respectable battery life out of these tiny power sources, as tested later.

Smok Spaceman B600 Disposable Vape

Testing the 15 Spaceman B600 Flavors

Now let’s dive into reviewing the full lineup of 15 flavor options that SMOK sent over. These run the gamut from fruity candy flavors to icy menthol and more. Here are in-depth impressions on each Spaceman flavor:

  • Watermelon Strawberry Bubblegum – This confectionary flavor combines juicy watermelon and strawberry with sugary bubblegum undertones. The strawberry flavor is most prominent with watermelon and mild bubblegum notes staying more in the background. It avoids being overly sweet or artificial tasting. The mellow fruit/candy profile makes it an easy all day vape.
  • Tobacco – The tobacco flavor has an earthy, roasted taste with rich dark chocolate undertones. Each puff provides that bold tobacco satisfaction. There’s also a noticeable throat hit that adds to the cigarette-like experience. If you enjoy tobacco flavors, this one nails it while adding just enough sweetness to round it out.
  • Rainbow – With a name like Rainbow, you might expect a wild fusion of fruit flavors. However this has a simpler profile of candied grape and blackcurrant. It’s pleasantly smooth and subtle rather than overwhelming. There’s just enough sweetness to take the edge off the tanginess and make for an easy, mellow vape.
  • Blue Razz Lemonade – This flavor combines the sweet and tart notes of blue raspberry with a zesty lemonade exhale. The ripe blueberry flavor gets lifted by citrusy lemon-lime providing pure refreshment. It achieves a perfect balance of sweet and tangy that avoids being overly syrupy. Easily an all day vape for lemonade lovers.
  • Blueberry Cherry Cranberry – This had potential blending sweet blueberry and cherry with tart cranberry, but the flavors come off muted. It needed much more pop to distinguish the individual fruit notes. As is, the flavors blur together into one indistinct fruity medley. If you enjoy mild fruit mixes it may suit you, but the lack of punch left me wanting more.
  • Lemon Lime – Now this citrus flavor hits the mark! It captures that classic lemon-lime soda taste straight off the first puff. The zesty lemon and lime notes combine to create a crisp, refreshing vape. Just like taking a sip from a ice cold soda on a hot summer day. The spot-on lemon-lime accuracy makes this a winner.
  • Mint – Some brands botch mint flavors by going too strong. Not here. This has a pleasant cool mint flavor reminiscent of mint gum or breath mints. It provides a satisfying crisp mintiness without any harsh menthol burn. There’s just a hint of underlying sweetness too. A simple but delightful flavor.
  • Cola Ice – Out of all the flavors, the Cola Ice stood out most to me. It perfectly balances the fizzy sweetness of cola with frosty menthol. The icy finish replicates that first thirst-quenching sip from a chilled soda. This all day vape option nails the cola flavor while feeling energizing and refreshing.
  • Cherry Ice – For cherry cola fans, this hits the spot. It has plump, juicy cherry flavor chilled by wintry menthol on the exhale. The cherry taste is authentic, not artificial like cheaper cherry vapes. Overall this makes for an enjoyable cherry ice experience. The touch of chill offsets the sweetness nicely.
  • Watermelon Ice – Watermelon and menthol/mint is a popular combo for good reason. The cooling effect complements the juicy melon flavors. This watermelon ice captures that blend nicely without going overboard on the menthol intensity. Just bold summery watermelon flavor given a refreshing lift. One to satisfy watermelon candy fans.
  • Fruit Gum – Despite the name, this doesn’t have a distinct gumminess to the texture. But it does deliver candy sweetness along with a blend of berries and grape. The flavor strength is moderate rather than intense. Lacking the gum aspect, it comes off more as a Fruit Roll-Up than say Wrigley’s Fruit Stripe gum. But enjoyable nonetheless for those who like softer fruit candy profiles.
  • Fizzy Cherry – Imagine carbonated cherry soda and you’re close to the Fizzy Cherry. It has plump cherry flavor with a fizzy quality like soda water. The effervescent aspect gives it a juicy sensation while cutting the sweetness a bit. Overall an accurate and moreish recreation of cherry cola fizz.
  • Kiwi Passionfruit Guava – Tropical fruit fans can rejoice with this sunny fusion. The tart kiwi combines with sweet guava and aromatic passionfruit for a Pacific flavor explosion. It could push the fruit intensity even further, but delivers a nice balance. The touch of sour kiwi keeps it from being overly sugary too.
  • Blueberry Raspberry – This straightforward combo pairs sweet ripe blueberry with tangy raspberry. The flavors blend seamlessly to create a moreish berry mix. It manages to be pretty accurate to the real fruits. The blueberry and raspberry both come through cleanly and nothing tastes artificial. Makes for a satisfying all day fruit vape.
  • Blueberry Sour Raspberry – As you may guess, this ratchets up the tartness by using extra sour raspberry flavoring. The sweet full blueberry contrasts nicely with the acidic raspberry hit. While pleasantly puckering, it isn’t mouth-cringingly sour either. That touch of sourness gives it a nice added dimension compared to the standard Blueberry Raspberry.
Spaceman B600 Flavors

Spaceman B600 Battery Life and Performance

Let’s dig into the all-important performance and battery testing. SMOK rates the 400mAh battery in the Spaceman B600 for up to 600 puffs. For such a tiny battery in a slim device, that seems quite impressive on paper.

But does real-world experience align with the claim? To find out, I exclusively used the Cola Ice flavor and diligently counted every puff during testing.

Impressively, I achieved 571 puffs before the battery was spent and the LED indicator notified me to swap in a fresh vape. That’s just under the 600 puff rating and frankly more than I expected to get out of such a small battery.

The flavor and vapor did start fading noticeably around the last 50 puffs as the battery wore down. But still, getting 95% of the advertised puffs out of the Spaceman B600 is commendable performance.

And during the prime lifespan of the first 500 or so puffs, the hit and flavor delivery remained consistently satisfying. These disposables may seem tiny but they pack a surprising punch when it comes to battery efficiency.

Smok Spaceman B600 Disposable Vape

Final Verdict

The SMOK Spaceman B600 delivers exactly what you want in an ultra-portable disposable vape. The flavors and performance match up with expectations. Battery life is respectable.

My main critique is the flavor profiles play it very safe. Some more daring and unique options would help these disposables stand out.

But for a fuss-free nicotine delivery, the Spaceman B600 is a solid choice to stash in your pocket when out and about.

Matthew Ma