Top 10 Lost Mary Tappo Pod Flavors You Must Try

Top 10 Lost Mary Tappo Pod Flavors

Lost Mary’s new Tappo pod system offers vapers a more sustainable way to enjoy their signature nic salt e-liquids. With 15 flavors to choose from, we tasted the entire range and compiled the 10 best options.

Lost Mary Tappo Pod Kit Overview

The Tappo device provides the simplicity of a disposable vape with the cost and waste savings of a reusable pod mod. The slim, pocket-friendly device features auto-draw technology and a 750mAh battery for all-day vaping.

Instead of throwing away the whole device when pods are empty, you simply swap in a new prefilled pod. Pods contain 2ml of Lost Mary’s famous nicotine salt e-liquids inspired by their disposable flavors.

Below we share our hands-on reviews of the top 10 Tappo pod flavors our team sampled.

1. Lemon Lime

This zesty citrus flavor combines the tart, sour lemon that puckers your lips with the fresh, green lime that tingles your tongue. The lemon lime flavor explodes in your mouth with an intense lemon and lime sensation that waterfalls over your tastebuds. Both the inhale and exhale deliver powerful notes of lemon and lime that taste like biting into a freshly sliced lemon and lime.

Lost Mary Tapo Pod Lemon Lime

2. Cherry Cola

Cherry Cola envelopes your senses with the sweet cherry flavor reminiscent of maraschino cherries. Each inhale bathes your tongue in the saccharine, syrupy cherry taste. Then on the exhale, the crisp effervescence of classic cola fizzles and bubbles, delivering that familiar soda-like carbonation. An icy coolness rounds it out, creating a cherry-flavored soda with the right balance of sweetness and refreshment.

Lost Mary Tapo Pod Cherry Cola

3. Tropical Fruit

Escape to the tropics with this lush fusion of mango, pineapple, passionfruit and other exotic fruits. The sweet thickness of mango swirls over your tastebuds, complemented by the tart pineapple that tickles your tongue with tangy zest. Hints of passionfruit and guava add extra dimensions of flavor for a smooth, mellow profile. It avoids being overly sugary or candy-like, instead tasting like a refreshing tropical elixir.

Lost Mary Tapo Pod Tropical Fruit

4. Banana Ice

Inhale the sweet, creamy banana flavor reminiscent of freshly peeled bananas. The ripe banana coats your mouth with each hit, then gives way to the crisp, frosty blast of menthol ice on the exhale that sends a chill down your throat. The banana tastes like banana laffy taffy without the stickiness, while the mint provides a cooling contrast.

Lost Mary Tapo Pod Banana Ice

5. Strawberry Raspberry

Sink your teeth into the sweet, jammy strawberry flavor on the inhale, so juicy it’s dripping down your chin. Then the exhale surprises your tastebuds with the tart, tangy raspberry kicking in, like biting into a freshly picked raspberry. The strawberry tastes like strawberry syrup while the raspberry provides a nice contrast of sweet and sour.

1704369711 Strawberry Raspberry

6. Blue Sour Raspberry

This flavor drenches your mouth with an intense wave of sweet and sour berries. The blueberry tastes like blue raspberry candy with its sweet yet slightly artificial flavor. As it transitions into the raspberry on the exhale, your lips pucker from the tart, sour raspberry that lingers on your tongue. Fans of Lost Mary’s signature sweet and sour berry profile will love this authentic recreation.

Lost Mary Tapo Pod Blue Sour Raspberry

7. Peach Ice

The juicy peach flavor coats your tastebuds with the sweet, fuzzy peach taste reminiscent of a peach smoothie. Each inhale delivers that velvety, nectarous peach. Then on the exhale, the icy cool menthol sweeps in like a frosty breeze, sending a chill down your throat and cooling your mouth. The peach tastes perfectly ripened while the menthol provides refreshing contrast.

Lost Mary Tapo Pod Peach Ice

8. Kiwi Passionfruit Guava

This tropical treat opens with guava, that sweet, soft pink fruit that melts in your mouth like melted ice cream. Passionfruit brings in a tartness that makes your mouth water, cutting through the sweetness with its sour juice. Finally, bits of kiwi add texture with their tiny tropical seeds and crisp bite. It’s an exotic yet balanced fruit fusion.

Lost Mary Tapo Pod Kiwi Passionfruit Guava

9. Blue Razz Lemonade

Get whisked away to childhood summers with this flavor. The inhale gives you that fizzy lemon-lime lemonade taste, sweet and nostalgic like sipping lemonade through a curly straw on a hot day. Then on the exhale, the sudden burst of blue raspberry comes through, adding that familiar tart berry flavor you know and love. It perfectly balances sweet and sour.

Lost Mary Tapo Pod Blue Razz Lemonade

10. Mixed Berries

Each hit fills your mouth with layers of berry flavor. The sweet, syrupy strawberry forms the base. Tart and tangy raspberries cut through the strawberry to balance it out. Finally, the blueberry kicks in, adding its signature sweet and slightly artificial berry notes. Together they create a complex medley that avoids being candy-like or overbearing.

Lost Mary Tapo Pod Mixed Berries

How We Selected the Top 10

Our in-house vape experts tested the full range of Lost Mary Tappo pod flavors. Combined with customer data and sales metrics, we compiled the flavors that performed best during hands-on testing and with consumers.

Did you know?

As well as Tappo pods, the Tappo device also works with Ecigator Sticky Refillable Open Pods, – giving you even more flavours to choose from!

sticky open pod box vape

About the Lost Mary Tappo Device

This pod device provides the convenience of a disposable vape with reusable functionality. It has a slim flask shape for portability and an auto-draw system for ease of use.

The 750mAh battery far outlasts disposables. Pods contain 2x the liquid of disposables for less cost. The reusable design produces less waste.

The pods must be pushed in before first use, but the performance and flavor delivery are excellent. At under £6, it’s a very affordable intro to pod vaping.

Matthew Ma