Top Elf Bar 600 V2 Flavors

As one of the world’s most popular disposable vape brands, Elf Bar aims to stay ahead of the curve with frequent device upgrades. Their latest creation, the Elf Bar 600 V2, improves upon the original 600 model in every way. An upgraded exterior design houses major internal upgrades like new patented coil technology for better flavor and performance.

Of course, new tech means nothing without great e-liquid flavors to match. After extensive testing by expert vapers, we break down the tastiest Elf Bar 600 V2 flavors that deserve a spot in your disposable rotation.

An Inside Look at the New Elf Bar 600 V2 Model

Before diving into the flavors, let’s examine what sets the V2 edition apart:

  • Sleek metallic finish – The 600 V2 sports an attractive new metal casing rather than the former matte exterior. Matches the upgraded interior.
  • QUAQ coil technology – A proprietary coil system boosts flavor intensity. Curved stainless steel mesh and thin wire allows for smooth, consistent heating.
  • Enhanced longevity – Improved temperature resistance from the QUAQ coils enhances battery life. Gives more puffs per charge.
  • Bigger e-juice capacity – Each 600 V2 holds 2ml of nic salts compared to 1.3ml in the original. More juice equals more vaping time.
  • New and classic flavors – V2 flavors include revamped classics along with new blends found exclusively in the 600 V2 lineup.

While the slim pen-style form factor remains familiar, the 600 V2 disposable steps up its game in every other regard. Now let’s explore the flavors that truly make this model shine.

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Best Overall: Watermelon BG(Bubblegum)

Our overall top pick blends sweet watermelon with a hint of classic bubblegum. The watermelon dominates with its juicy candy-like taste on the inhale and exhale. Subtle notes of bubblegum emerge on the backend, but watermelon remains the star here.

For disposable users craving a refreshing fruity flavor, Watermelon BG (Bubblegum) hits the spot. The melon sweetness satisfies without becoming overwhelming thanks to the hint of gumminess.

elf bar 600 v2 Watermelon BG(Bubblegum)

Best Fruit Blends

Lemon Lime

This flavor fusion squeezes all the zesty goodness from lemon and lime into one disposable. What makes Lemon Lime a standout is its smooth inhale – no harsh sourness present. Just bright, tangy citrus fruits in harmony.

There’s no added ice or menthol, allowing the natural lemon and lime flavors to deliver a refreshing vape. The blend avoids any candy-like taste, instead capturing the essence of fresh-squeezed lemonade.

Banana Mango

Both sweet banana and tropical mango make their mark in this tasty tropical tandem. Mango comes through a bit stronger, especially on the exhale. But the banana prevents it from becoming one-dimensional.

Together they create layered fruit sweetness with an icy aftertaste for added zing. Banana Mango satisfies when you need an exhilarating fruit flavor escape.

Best Minty Mixes


A sweet yet invigorating mojito cocktail comes to life in vape form with refreshing mint as the star. The mint taste is bold but not overpowering, allowing sweet notes to shine through.

It creates a smooth inhale with minty freshness rather than harsh menthol. Exhales mellow out the mint for balance. Mojito disposables are ideal for mint fans seeking all day satisfaction.

Best Single Fruit Flavors

Grape Raspberry

This flavor may be called Grape Raspberry but make no mistake – the bold sweet grape taste steals the show. Fans of candy grape flavors will feel right at home with the prominent sugary grape notes on inhale and exhale.

Raspberry adds a light berry nuance but grape dominates. If you enjoy grape as the solo act, this disposable delivers straight sweet grape satisfaction.

Blueberry Kiwi

The blueberry inspiration rings loud and clear in this vape. Sweet, jammy blueberry flavor stars on the inhale and exhale. However, the surprise comes on the exhale backend as a subtle banana taste emerges.

The kiwi adds a trace of tropical fruit zing but blueberry controls the flavor profile. Disposable users who crave authentic blueberry will find satisfaction here.

Most Unique: Rinbo Cloudd

If you enjoy guessing flavor notes, Rinbo Cloudd provides an intriguing vape experience. On inhale, it’s light and sweet but the exact fruit blend remains a mystery.

The exhale provides some clarity with darker berry flavors coming forward. However, the core components stay elusive. For disposable users that like some flavor intrigue, try to unravel the Rinbo Cloudd blend.

What Sets Elf Bar Apart?

With so many disposable brands crowding shelves nowadays, what gives Elf Bar the winning edge?

  • Flavor authenticity – Elf Bar nails true-to-life fruit and dessert profiles better than competitors. Avoiding artificial tastes.
  • Smooth nicotine – Their 50mg nicotine salts deliver satisfying throat hits without harshness. Ideal for converting from cigarettes.
  • Smart designs – Devices like the 600 V2 show innovation through improved battery life, better performance, and new tech.
  • Massive flavor selection – Over 100+ flavor options available. From fruits to teas to desserts and more.

While no disposable vape is perfect, Elf Bar continues to excel in flavor quality and innovation – evident in the new 600 V2.

Final Thoughts on the Elf Bar 600 V2 Edition

When enhancing a successful original disposable vape, Elf Bar found the right balance between familiarity and innovation. The new 600 V2 retains the classic pen-style form factor vapers love, with big upgrades under the hood.

Smooth, authentic flavors combined with the new QUAQ coil design delivers flavorful satisfaction every puff. For an elevated disposable experience, grab an Elf Bar 600 V2 in one of these sensational flavors.

Matthew Ma