Fifty Bar vs Lost Mary OS5000: Disposable Vape Showdown

Fifty Bar vs Lost Mary OS5000

In the world of disposable vapes, two devices have captivated the attention of adult vapers: the Lost Mary OS5000 and the Fifty Bar. The Lost Mary OS5000 has established itself as a popular choice, boasting a wide array of delectable flavors, impressive value, and satisfying performance. However, the Fifty Bar has emerged as a worthy contender, setting itself apart with its US-made e-liquids and assembly, as well as its partnership with the renowned Beard Vape Co.

The Lost Mary OS5000: A Flavor-Packed Powerhouse

The Lost Mary OS5000 has earned its reputation as a go-to disposable vape for adult vapers, offering an extensive selection of enticing flavors that cater to a variety of palates. From fruity blends to icy combinations, the Lost Mary OS5000 collection has something for everyone. For an in-depth look at the top-selling and highest-rated flavors, be sure to check out our feature on The Best Lost Mary Flavors.

This device delivers exceptional value, great flavor, and satisfying performance, all wrapped up in a convenient, draw-activated package. With potent salt nicotine and a user-friendly design, the Lost Mary OS5000 easily outshines Big Tobacco’s prefilled pod kits in terms of overall vaping experience.

The Fifty Bar: Proudly Assembled in America

The Fifty Bar has quickly made a name for itself in the disposable vape market, thanks in part to its unique selling point: it is filled with US-made e-liquids and assembled in the United States. This distinction sets the Fifty Bar apart from many of its competitors, including the Lost Mary OS5000, which is manufactured overseas.

Fifty Bar Nic Salt Flavors: Crafted by American Formulators

In addition to its American assembly, the Fifty Bar boasts an impressive lineup of flavors created by American formulators, including several classic profiles from the renowned Beard Vape Co. This collaboration brings a level of expertise and quality to the Fifty Bar’s flavor selection, ensuring a satisfying vaping experience for adult users. For a comprehensive overview of the Fifty Bar’s flavor offerings, be sure to read our Fifty Bar Disposable Vape Review.

When comparing disposable vapes, it’s essential to recognize the similarities between the various devices on the market. Most disposables, including the Lost Mary OS5000 and the Fifty Bar, share common characteristics such as prefilled e-liquid, draw-activated firing, and potent nic salts, which contribute to their popularity among adult vapers.

Flavor-wise, there is often significant overlap between disposable vapes, with many brands offering similar profiles like blue razz, mint, mango, strawberry, and watermelon. These flavors are typically crafted using artificial flavorings, including tobacco flavors, which are just as much an added and artificial taste as any other confectionery-inspired blend.

However, despite these similarities, disposable vapes can vary in terms of flavor quality, vapor production, and overall performance. Factors such as battery capacity, coil resistance, and airflow design all play a role in the vaping experience, making each device unique in its own way.

Most disposable vapes, including the Lost Mary OS5000 and the Fifty Bar, are powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries with a nominal voltage of 3.7 volts. While this voltage is standard across many devices, the actual power output can vary depending on factors such as charge level, atomizer coil resistance, and the efficiency of the device’s internal circuitry.

Battery capacity, measured in milliampere hours (mAh), can also differ between similarly sized disposable vapes, typically ranging from 450mAh to 750mAh, with around 600mAh being the most common.

Coil resistance plays a crucial role in the disposable vape experience, as the coils must be durable enough to last for thousands of puffs while providing consistent performance until the end. Lower resistance coils generally produce more vapor but also consume battery life and e-liquid more quickly.

Airflow is another critical factor, influencing both the draw-activation response and the amount of outside air mixed with the vapor. Some disposable vapes, like the Lost Vape Orion Bars, feature adjustable airflow, while most offer only a fixed airflow design. In the absence of adjustable wattage, the “factory preset” airflow is usually close to optimal, with some vapers occasionally covering the air hole with their finger for a tighter draw and marginally enhanced flavor and vapor density.

Fifty Bar Disposable Vape Review

The Fifty Bar is a compact yet robust disposable vape, measuring just 3.11 inches in length, including the mouthpiece. Although the exact specifications are not provided, the coil resistance appears to be around 1.2 to 1.4 ohms, which is typical for prefilled pods and disposables.

Despite its slightly smaller size compared to the EBCreate B5000 and Lost Mary OS5000, the Fifty Bar manages to pack in a larger e-liquid capacity, thanks to its slightly smaller battery. However, the battery life is still sufficient for a satisfying vaping experience.

One standout feature of the Fifty Bar is its use of an anti-burn coil, which is a significant advantage in a disposable of this size. This technology helps prevent flavor fade and burnt coils, ensuring a consistent vaping experience throughout the device’s lifespan.

While the Fifty Bar may not produce massive vapor clouds, it delivers a satisfying and flavorful vape with a moderate amount of vapor production. The draw is similar to that of a cigarette, making it an appealing choice for adult vapers seeking a mouth-to-lung (MTL) experience.

1706979063 Fifty Bar Disposable Vape Flavors
Specs and Features
  • Dimensions: 84mm x 43mm x 19mm
  • Weight: 53g
  • Battery: 400mAh
  • Charging: USB Type-C
  • E-Liquid Volume: 16ml
  • Estimated Puffs: 6500
  • Nicotine Strength: 50mg (5%)
  • US Made e-Liquid
  • Beard Vape Co. Flavors
  • Flavors: 15 currently, 9 more soon
  • Activation: Draw activated

Fifty Bar Flavor Review: A Taste of American Excellence

The Fifty Bar’s primary selling point lies in its flavors, which are formulated by American masters for American palates. The device offers a nearly perfect balance of classic disposable vape flavors and legacy Beard Vape Co. profiles, particularly in the dessert category.

The Beard Vape Co. inspired flavors, such as Strawberry Cereal Donut Milk, Blueberry Cereal Donut Milk, Vanilla Custard, and Cinnamon Funnel Cake, showcase the expertise and quality that have made the brand a favorite among vapers. These flavors translate beautifully to the MTL style and lower vapor production of a disposable vape, offering a satisfying and authentic taste experience.

The Fifty Bar also pays homage to two classic Beard Vape Co. flavors: Tobaccocino (Beard Vape No. 00) and Cinnamon Funnel Cake (Beard Vape No. 32). Additionally, three flavors from the brand’s “The One” collection – Vanilla Custard and the two donut milk vapes – make an appearance in the Fifty Bar lineup.

Alongside these legacy flavors, the Fifty Bar offers four classic disposable vape profiles that are sure to please a wide range of adult vapers. The Mint Fifty Bar delivers a sweet and cool experience, reminiscent of a hard-shelled mint candy, while the Juicy Mango Fifty Bar bursts with vibrant fruit and confectionery notes, rivaling the best mango disposables on the market.

The Blue Razzle Fifty Bar captures the nostalgic and sweet essence of blue razz, with a significant flavor burst that disposable vape enthusiasts have come to expect. Lastly, the Aloe Grape Watermelon Fifty Bar combines soothing aloe and cool notes with a delightful mix of purple grape and sweet watermelon flavors, creating a refreshing and enjoyable vaping experience.

Lost Mary OS5000 Review: Consistency and Convenience

The Lost Mary OS5000 has earned its place as a standard-bearer in the disposable vape industry, thanks to its consistent performance, durable mesh coil, and impressive flavor selection. This lightweight and unobtrusive device offers a convenient and satisfying vaping experience that fits easily in the palm of your hand.

One of the key factors contributing to the Lost Mary OS5000’s success is its ample vapor production, which sets it apart from non-rechargeable disposable vape bars and pens. The ability to recharge the device allows for a larger e-liquid capacity and ensures that the battery maintains its performance throughout the device’s lifespan. Although competition in the rechargeable disposable vape market has increased, the Lost Mary OS5000 remains a top contender, effortlessly blending dense flavor with respectable vapor production.

1699803548 Lost Mary OS5000 Disposable Vape
Specs and Features
  • 5000+ Puff Count
  • 5% nicotine by weight (50mg/mL)
  • 13ml e-Liquid Capacity
  • 650mAh Battery
  • Draw-Activated
  • Mesh Coil
  • Battery indicator LED light:
  • Red (<29%)
  • Blue (29–69%)
  • Green (70–100%)
  • Made with nic salt e-juice

Lost Mary OS5000 Flavor Review: A Vaper’s Delight

The Lost Mary OS5000 boasts an extensive and diverse flavor lineup that caters to a wide range of vaping preferences. Our comprehensive guide to the Best Lost Mary flavors provides an in-depth look at the top options available, with rankings based on popularity and expert reviews.

The Lost Mary OS5000 offers a vast array of flavors that compete with and even surpass those of the Fifty Bar. While the Fifty Bar may have an edge in the dessert vape category, particularly with its The One inspired donut vapes, the Lost Mary OS5000 counters with multiple options for every opposing flavor. This includes several unique profiles that the Fifty Bar has yet to explore, such as Black Mint and frigid combinations like the Cherry Banana Duo Ice and Pineapple Duo Ice Lost Mary OS5000 Disposable Vape.

Conclusion: Lost Mary OS5000 vs Fifty Bar Disposable Vape

The Fifty Bar’s commitment to US assembly and job creation, along with its partnership with Beard Vape Co. for flavor development, is undeniably appealing. The device’s slightly smaller size and classic iced fruit fusion options make it a strong contender in the disposable vape market, even if it sacrifices some battery capacity to achieve its compact form factor.

However, the Lost Mary OS5000’s extensive and diverse flavor selection, coupled with its established reputation and familiarity among vapers, gives it a significant advantage. While the Fifty Bar’s dessert donut flavors are undeniably impressive, the Lost Mary OS5000’s sheer variety and depth of offerings are difficult to match. Additionally, the Lost Mary coils have proven to be robust and reliable, making the absence of anti-burn technology less of a concern.

Ultimately, both devices offer unique strengths and appeal to different vaper preferences. The Fifty Bar’s American-made focus and Beard Vape Co. flavors are sure to attract a dedicated following, while the Lost Mary OS5000’s unparalleled flavor selection and consistent performance continue to solidify its position as a market leader. Regardless of which device you choose, you can expect a satisfying and enjoyable vaping experience from these two disposable vape titans.

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