EBDesign LOST MARY MT15000 Turbo Disposable Vape Review

LOST MARY MT15000 Turbo

The Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo is revolutionizing the world of disposable vaping. This sleek, high-performing device delivers an exceptional vaping experience through its industry-leading 15,000 puff capacity, bold flavor profiles, and user-friendly design. Keep reading to learn why vape enthusiasts are raving about the MT15000 Turbo.

Key Features

LOST MARY MT15000 Turbo
  • Size: 40 x 21 x 100mm
  • 5% (50mg) nicotine
  • Rechargeable 600mAh battery
  • Approximately 15,000 puff capacity
  • Type-C charging port
  • Dual mesh coil system
  • E-liquid and battery display
  • 7,500 puffs in Turbo mode (22W)
  • 15,000 puffs in Smooth mode
LOST MARY MT15000 Turbo Disposable Vape

Unparalleled 15,000 Puff Count

The MT15000 Turbo’s staggering 15,000 puff capacity sets a new standard for disposable vapes. Vapers can enjoy up to 15,000 satisfying puffs between charges – equivalent to weeks of vaping pleasure from a single device.

An integrated 600mAh battery powers up the dual mesh coils to deliver bold flavor and vapor. The Turbo mode cranks up the output to 22W for 7,500 bigger, cooler puffs. Switch to Smooth mode for a measured 15,000 puffs from the dual coils.

This unprecedented longevity eliminates the need for constant disposable swapping. It’s a revelation for heavy and casual vapers alike.

1704076761 LOST MARY MT15000 Turbo modes

Lost Mary’s Legendary Flavor Profiles

Lost Mary is renowned for its standout eliquid flavors, and the MT15000 Turbo incorporates the brand’s most popular profiles. Each recipe starts with high-quality ingredients for a flavor experience that pops with each puff.

The range includes tropical Baja Splash, sweet Banana Cake, mixed Berry Burst, chilling Blue Razz Ice and more. There’s a flavor option for every palate so vapers can enjoy a flavorful journey every time they grab their MT15000 Turbo.

10 Flavors Reviewed

Baja Splash

Escape to tropical paradise with Baja Splash. Sweet pineapple and vibrant mango intermingle for a sunny medley, while juicy papaya provides depth evoking swaying palms against blue skies. Lush layers ensure ripeness rounds softly without aggressive acidity marring mellow moods emerging effortlessly. This rates beachfront bliss bottled bountifully.

Banana Cake

Indulge guiltlessly when inhaling Banana Cake’s swirled richness. Fragrant bananas foster fabulousness initially before velvet vanilla bean cascades carry cradle cakey consummation craveability home. Whipped creamy dreaminess then blankets banana beautifully for fully frosted flavor decadence sans added dessert debris. Sheer mouthwatering magnificence making magical mornings daily.

Berry Burst

When seeking sweet-tart berry blitzing, Berry Burst bounty beckons bigly. Plump blueberry pleasantness peppered mildly by raspberry radiance kicks off affairs fabulously before traces of strawberry and blackberry intermingle intensifying interest excitingly. Nothing overpowers proceedings miraculously; instead luscious layered lovingness lingers long after puffing ceases reluctantly. It’s Baskin Robbins in vapor form folks!

Blue Razz Ice

Blue Razz Ice envisions timeless candy store nostalgia chilled sensationally. Initially sugary sweet raspberry raises eyebrows before cool crisp menthol magic manifests, locking flavored pleasure wonderfully without weakening warmth appreciably. Exhales issue blasts beautiful reminding simpler times fondly when rocket pops refreshed summer sensationally. The perfect chilled fruity throwback vape holding attention happily.

Cherry Strazz

For vapers valuing lightly vanilla-laced fruit fusions, Cherry Strazz deserves early shortlisting. This satisfying medley issues modest cherry cues initially before almond and vanilla bean tonics tickle tongues trumpeted by cherry recapitulations retaining starring fascinations throughout. An intriguing arrangement highlighting balanced blending boasting waves of alternating deliciousness dueting divinely never disproportionately dominant single flavor. Nothing competes – only compliments continually amazingly.

Citrus Sunrise

Seek zesty zip igniting early mornings metabolically through Citrus Sunrise suggests? This perky profile piles prolific citrus produce potently, effortlessly harnessing orange opulence, lemon radiance and grapefruit gluten glories galore adroitly. Nothing overwhelms uniquely despite stacked brightness baking palates beautifully. Instead ripeness rounds each facet for cumulative mouthwatering magnificence sans sharpness shadowing proceedings annoyingly. It’s daybreak through disposables, with ballistic vitamin C catalysis consciousness craves!

Dr. Cherry

When desiring deliciously juicy cherry renditions addition, Doctor’s orders demand sampling Dr. Cherry’s curative concoction competently capturing quintessential Quinn essence magically. Initially modest maraschino merriment graces receptivity receptors subtly before evolving eventual explosions suggesting succulence sourced straight orchard origins organically. It oozes authentic produce without utilizing artificial assistance common compromising candy centric imitation inaccuracies notoriously. This rates revered flavor wizardry warranting tastebud salivation surely!

Miami Mint

Miami Mint envisions bicoastal blend merging East’s tranquil tropics and West’s breathtaking beachfronts seamlessly for geographically agnostic enjoyment fired fondly. Cool garden mint greets instantly suggesting springtime serenity subtly before sun-soaked Key Lime infusion invades, cascading zesty electrification through imprinted imagery imaginatively. It inscribes grins grinning ear-to-ear lovingly by capturing imagined placemaking wonderfully flavorfully.

Nana Coconut

When seeking tropically-tinged tasty treatment, Nana Coconut cure-all calls immediately brimming blessedly with soul-soothing Polynesian personality. Banana cream comforting richness rounding softly soon surrenders spotlight toward toasted coconut concupiscence conjuring carefree calm imaginably. Neither overpowers proceedings fortunately, instead interplaying alternating attendance keeping palates guessing gleefully through enduring experience echoing blissful getsaways getaway physically presently impossible. It’s psychological staycation simultaneously satisfying both mind and body brilliantly!

Strawberry Kiwi

Why settle singularly when strawberry and kiwi fruit tag team terminally tantalizes tilting tasting thresholds exponentially? This tailored pairing presents perfect proportions platforming prominence parity proudly – neither assuming alpha status solely. Instead they embrace equitably, strawberry sweetness coalescing kiwi zesty zippiness seamlessly for rounded mouthfeels meeting wider preferences predictably. By bridging berries and tropical delights insightfully, vapers value versatility versatility greatly. Masterful modern marvel meshing magic magnificently!

LOST MARY MT15000 Turbo flavors

Sleek, Compact and Travel-Ready Design

Despite its robust feature set, the MT15000 Turbo maintains a slim, pocket-friendly design. Its ergonomic shape and lightweight body ensure comfortable handling. Vapers can take it anywhere for potent portable performance.

An integrated e-liquid and battery display lets users monitor levels at a glance to avoid unexpectedly running out of juice or battery. The MT15000 Turbo delivers premium vaping without compromise.

Lost Mary’s Commitment to Quality

As an established industry leader, Lost Mary adheres to rigorous quality control and safety standards. The MT15000 Turbo uses top-grade materials and cutting-edge vape technology. Extensive testing ensures optimal performance and reliability.

Vapers can feel confident in the MT15000 Turbo’s construction. Lost Mary built this device to deliver the ultimate hassle-free vaping experience.

Experiencing the MT15000 Turbo’s Excellence

The Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo represents a dedication to excellence in disposable vaping. This all-star device blends robust 15,000 puff performance, flavored variety and a travel-ready design. It’s built for vape enthusiasts who appreciate exceptional engineering.

LOST MARY MT15000 Turbo vape


With its unmatched 15,000 puff count, flavor variety and commitment to engineering excellence, the Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo takes disposable vaping to new heights. It’s the ultimate device for vapers who value convenience and performance. Discover for yourself why this E-Cig is dominating the disposable vape market.

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