Elf Bar Pod Kits vs Disposables: Key Differences Compared

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elfa pod kit vs elf bar 600 disposable vape

Elf Bar pod kits offer a more sustainable way to enjoy classic Elf Bar flavors versus disposable options. But what defines these refillable Elf Bar vapes? This guide explores Elf Bar pod kits, how they function, critical specs, and how they stack up against conventional disposables.

What Are Elf Bar Pod Kits?

For the uninitiated, Elf Bar pod kits like the ELFA Pro and old Mate 500 are a type of vape kit composed of two parts: a reusable device and refillable pods, either pre-filled or user-refilled. They present a cost-effective alternative to disposables by allowing device recharging and pod replenishment once e-liquid runs dry.

In essence, Elf Bar pod kits provide a convenient pod system tailored specifically for signature Elf Bar nic salt flavors.

How Do Elf Bar Pod Kits Work?

Elf Bar pod kits require two central components – the rechargeable battery device and accompanying pods:

Battery Device
The device houses an internal battery for powering the system. You’ll charge via USB-C when depleted.

Pods Pods contain e-liquid and function as the mouthpiece. Most Elf Bar pods ship pre-filled with nic salts, while some enable manual refills.

To operate, first recharge the battery if needed. Then remove a pod from packaging and connect it to the device with a satisfying “click” – magnets prevent sliding or drops.

With power and a filled pod, the kit functions much like standard Elf Bars. All utilize draw-activated firing for familiar automatic operation rather than buttons. And the streamlined designs and airflow optimization make for consistent MTL hits. Vape away until the battery or pod empties, then swap pods or recharge as necessary.

1706981513 Elfa Pod kit

How Do Elf Bar Pods Work?

As outlined above, pods furnish e-liquid to pod kits. Most ship pre-loaded with nicotine salts, engineered specifically for the device power profile to guarantee ideal flavor and vapor production.

To insert, simply couple with the device – magnets pull and hold everything firmly to complete the electrical circuit. Signature “click” noises confirm proper setup.

Continue vaping as usual until the pod runs dry. Then remove by tugging it out and replace with another pre-filled option from the same line.

Comparing Elf Bar Pod Kits and Disposables

With the basics covered, how do these refillable pod kits differ from classic disposable counterparts? We compare the leading originals:

 Elf Bar ELFA Pro Pod KitElf Bar 600 Disposable
Contents1x Device
1x Pod
1x Pre-filled Device
# of Flavors24+30+
Nic Strengths20mg0mg, 10mg, 20mg
Puff Count600 per pod600 per device
E-liquid Capacity2mL per pod2mL per device
DesignSlim vape pen,<br>ombre colorsSlim vape pen,<br>color matches flavor
Lifespan~1 year (device)<br>~600 puffs (pod)~600 puffs
CostKit: £5.59<br>Pods: £4.39 (2 pack)£3.30 per unit
Elfa Pod Kits vs Elf Bar Disposables

Key Differentiators:

  1. Battery life – 500mAh (pod kit) vs 350mAh (disposable)
  2. Sustainability – device lasts ~1 year (pod kit) vs single use (disposable)
  3. More nic strength options with disposables (0mg – 20mg)
  4. Pod kits prove more cost effective long run
Looking for Replaceable Pod Vape Kits?
Ecigator Sticky Prefilled Replaceable Vape Pod Kit

Ecigator Sticky Prefilled Pod Kit

The Ecigator Sticky Prefiiled Replaceable Vape Pod Kit is new kind of vape kit which the prefilled disposable pod can be changed.

That means you don’t need to throw away the whole kit but just change another pod. Also you can change the pods to taste different flavors.

Elf Bar Expert Compares Pod Kit and Disposable Experiences

But how do the actual vape experiences compare? Our resident expert Beth evaluates the Elf Bar 600 disposable against the ELFA Pro pod kit, both using Blue Razz Lemonade pods. Here’s her breakdown:

“Both contain ELFLIQ e-liquid so the flavor profiles are quite similar. Main differences emerge in longevity and consistency. The ELFA Pro pod edges out the 600 disposable, delivering reliable performance to the finish line while the 600 started waning midway. Device build impacts functionality too – the draws differentiate noticeably.

The 600 furnishes a more classic, airy MTL draw in line with expectations. Meanwhile, the ELFA Pro pod offers appreciably tighter pull, creating a vacuum effect drawing in additional e-liquid. This explains the subtle performance fluctuations.

In summary, comparable flavor experiences but key decision drivers around sustainability and value. For frequent vaping, the refillable ELFA Pro kits simply provide better mileage at lower costs long-term. But for intermittent use, the 600 disposables supply familiar Elf Bar satisfaction without fuss as a pick-up-and-go solution.”

So in closing, both Elf Bar disposable and pod kit options have merits around convenience with the pod route optimizing expenses for regular users through sustained device reusability.

Matthew Ma