Elf Bar CR5000 Review – A Stylish Disposable Vape That Performs

elf bar cr5000 review

The new Elf Bar CR5000 brings together sleek aesthetics and robust performance in one competitively priced disposable vape. Our in-depth review covers the features that set it apart.

A Sophisticated Look

Disposable vapes often have cheap, toy-like designs. Not so with the Elf Bar CR5000. Its crystal-clear casing exudes elegance and gives the vape a substantial feel.

Smooth curved edges provide an ergonomic grip that’s comfortable for extended vaping sessions. The sleek silhouette slides easily into pockets and bags for portability.

Even the packaging stands out. The CR5000 arrives nestled inside a clear crystal display box that shows off its stylish profile. It makes a refined gift for vape enthusiasts.

11 Satisfying Flavor Options

One major advantage of the CR5000 is the wide selection of 11 mouthwatering flavors that come pre-filled in each device. This extensive variety ensures there’s an option to satisfy every palate.

Fruity choices like Peach Ice and Raspberry Watermelon provide the perfect balance of sweet and tart. Juicy peach combines with cooling menthol for a refreshing blend, while raspberry adds a pleasant tanginess to sweet watermelon.

Other options like Mango Ice cater to those who enjoy a touch of chill with their fruit. The rich creamy mango base gets topped with an invigorating icy finish. Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava blends multiple tropical fruits for a getaway in a vape.

Beverage inspirations are also available for vapers who want their device to taste like a favorite drink. Blue Razz Lemonade captures the fizzy sparkle of the classic beverage. And for a pick-me-up, the CR5000 offers a bold Coffee flavor.

In addition to the fruit and drink varieties, the CR5000 comes in classic vape flavors like icy cool Mint and Menthol. And pure Watermelon or Strawberry flavors provide a familiar fruity experience.

With so many diverse flavors in one device, the CR5000 allows vapers to switch up their taste experience whenever they please. The extensive options make it easy to discover new all-day favorites.

Improved Performance

Inside the sleek exterior, the CR5000 incorporates advanced technology for robust performance.

Its proprietary mesh coil design provides exceptional heating. This generates more intense flavor and fuller vapor production compared to standard disposable vape coils.

The CR5000 also houses a higher capacity rechargeable battery. While most disposables last around 300 puffs, the CR5000 keeps going strong for up to 5000 per charge. And it recharges rapidly via USB-C.

How It Compares to Other Disposables

The CR5000 stands apart from other disposables in a few key ways:


Its crystal casing and swirled colors are far more refined than cheap plastic competitors.

Flavor Range

With 11 options, the CR5000 offers more flavor variety to suit diverging tastes.


The advanced coil and battery enable intense flavor and 5x more puffs than average.

Ideal for Cloud Chasers

Cloud chasers prioritize robust vapor production from their devices. The CR5000’s mesh coils and optimized airflow deliver dense, satisfying clouds.

Each smooth puff packs intense flavor too. From fruits to menthols, every taste comes through clean and authentic.

For vapor and taste on demand, the CR5000 is an ideal disposable choice. No fuss or hassle required.


The Elf Bar CR5000 hits a sweet spot between form and function. Its stylish design stands out in the disposable vape market. But the real value lies in its performance upgrades.

With mesh coils for fuller clouds, a variety of flavors, and 5000 puff capacity, the CR5000 provides an exceptional vaping experience. For impressive performance in a sleek package, this disposable vape delivers.

Matthew Ma